Trump Becomes More Unhinged As Legal Woes Worsen, GOP Devotion Deepens 1

Trump Becomes More Unhinged As Legal Woes Worsen, GOP Devotion Deepens


Rachel Maddow looks at the latest fallout from the indictments of the Trump Organization and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg, and how Donald Trump's public ranting seems to have become even more radical and distant from reality and yet the Republican Party's devotion to Trump has apparently grown only deeper, an unhealthy circumstance for U.S. politics. 
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    1. @Mike Vigil if you knew anything about Trump he was a die hard Democrat for decades but they change their underwear and bam you can be a Republican lmao

    2. @Mike Vigil if would be like you being a Democrat for many decades and one day you get a President you don’t like and say I am a Republican lmao so that’s how it works lmao

    3. @S B you must not be following along but when Trump takes Pelosi’s spot as Speaker of the House….. lets just say the TRUE USA will be back soon!!!!! Maybe before the end of this year…

    4. @Mike Vigil Have you heard of the pandemic and virtual rallies? It’s you geniuses who showed up in person for Trump rallies unmasked.

    1. @Nick Bierman it is well known that the “majority” of Scotland isn’t found of trump for obvious reasons as there has been many past protest about keeping him out of their country. “No hate, no fear donald trump’s not welcome here”. He has even been asked (told) by the First Minister herself on several occasions … “cheerio, don’t rush back” these are the facts and another fact that need’s to be dealt with by certain people is Joe Biden is now our elected president, he’s doing a hellava job and I can’t be more proud to say my vote counted for morals, integrity and intelligence rather than hate and ignorance. God Bless America

    2. @Nick Bierman ….Some of these halfwits couldn’t point Scotland out on a map , even if there was a big arrow pointing at it saying this is Scotland . As for this Kay Surf nonentity , he’s been recognised and been awarded ‘ Halfwit Of The Year ‘ , he’ll be delighted I’m sure about winning something ; considering his flawless ability at losing every argument he enters.

    1. That is especially true for insane libbies. Oh, ALL libbies are insane. Libbies = biggest threat to the USA and the US Constitution.

    2. @Joe Yamaoyaji manafort didn’t collude. Manafort worked for the Ukraine a decade earlier, while working for Podesta. So you are already wrong.

      As for your second one, the fbi is looking at him for “obstruction of justice” in 2018, nothing in 2016, so again, you’re wrong.

      Why do you insist on pushing insane conspiracy theories, QAnon?

    1. @Demon King Badger almost got it replace qanon with socialism and leftists with the right and yup you d be spot on

    2. @Demon King Badger the only difference from then and now is we’re ready for the Chump supporters to make the first move

    3. @S Naz lol counting you there are at least 12 other trolls here talking about her low ratings. Now do you see the irony in that?

    4. @Shirlee Eldridge with your obsession with Qanon, i suggest you research the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. Then, compare. Be honest with yourself.

    5. @Shirlee Eldridge These opinion news programs (Rachel Maddow, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, basically everything on CNN) is no different than the Colbert Report or the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (and the new guy who isn’t the least bit funny). This crap is not news and anyone taking this garbage seriously is a moron

  1. Maddow: “Trump’s kids are gonna run the business!”
    Sane Peope: “You mean.. like they have thru Trump’s ENTIRE presidency..?”

  2. She speaks about being unhinged from the wealth of her experiences. As being the Queen of unhinged.

    1. @Joe Yamaoyaji yes I have been paying attention and our intelligence agencies didn’t say it was fact they said they where mildly confident. Not fact. The Russian are accused of making ads on Facebook that attacked both sides.

    2. @Thomas Harte hahahahaha no it wasn’t and it is taking so long because they have had to stop at least 4 times now. Because Democrats are scared of what will turn up.

    3. @Thomas Harte even if trump gets put in the White House, he only has 4 more years. Are you going to go this blindly hard for the next guy?

    4. @Thomas Harte Imagine believing what you say and then Dems turn around and cry that the elections are broken….*see New York mayor race* You pea for brain!

    1. @poop Agree 1000%!!!!!! Liberals are insane! The real domestic threats to the USA are progressives, neo-libs and too many angry blacks.

    2. “Hitler-loving Trump Fears He Will End Up In A Ditch Covered In Petrol”. There, now it makes more sense.

  3. They’re panicking with all these full forensic audits about to reveal that they cheated Biden into office.

    1. Do you think that is why? I think they are trying to distract people too, i was not sure why tho.

  4. Hey MSNBC Quislings, here’s an idea. Why don’t you tell everybody how much better their lives are getting now that Joe Biden is in charge?

    1. @Kevin McDuffie Our enemies put a $100,000 bounty on the heads of our soldiers, and Trump said that was okay. Our enemies are the MAGA hat-wearing terrorists who killed a cop when they attacked the Capitol. Our enemies are the 150 Republicans who sided with the Nazi-loving devils who wanted to destroy our country. Our enemies are professional liars like Carlson, Hannity, and FOX and Friends. Our enemies are the people who desperately want to have a second Civil War, but for some reason, they can’t figure out that the first one failed because more Americans are in favor of freedom than are in favor of fascism.
      There are a lot of Americans who are fed up with jackasses trying to destroy America, just because Trump owes Putin millions of dollars. You want a war? Wear your Trump hat, and find out how few you actually are.

    2. My life is better now because millions of MAGAtards are dying of Covid because they won’t get a vaccine. 99.7% of the latest deaths were unvaccinated. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. And more surging cases in red States, my heart leaps with joy.

  5. This is coming from the anchor that gave us 3 years of nonstop RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! Every. Single. Night.

    1. And don’t forget the Ukraine, the begging to find 14000 votes, and now the love fest at the Capitol that sent policemen to the hospital and so much more, what is wrong with you people. I suggest you read the Mueller Report before you judge!

  6. Why don’t Democrats demand that Biden takes the same cognitive test that they demanded Trump take (and he aced)?

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