Trump Blames 2020 Loss On Bad Judges And Indians Paid To Vote | MSNBC 1

Trump Blames 2020 Loss On Bad Judges And Indians Paid To Vote | MSNBC

During an interview with Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker for their new book, 'I Alone Can Fix It,' Trump embraced a slew of conspiracy theories blaming 'bad judges' and votes from 'dead people,' 'illegal immigrants' and 'Indians that got paid to vote in different places' for his election loss. Philip Rucker joins to discuss.

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  1. Trump loves walls. He should have three around him. And if he behaves ha could even have bars out front.

    1. Three walls?? No no no. Better idea, just to make sure it makes him a little crazier. Just one wall, a circular wall. Once he’s locked up within it, tell him to sit in the corner.

    2. @Nigel Faulkner normally that would come under the heading of “Cruel and Unusual Treatment” but since Trump is an unusually cruel individual I say go for it!!

    3. @My opinions are secretly facts fat jokes ! THE CORE ARGUMENT YOU HAVE AGAINST TRUMP IS WHAT ? THE TV SAYS SO?

    1. @Willy Bones — they could write an entire psychiatric textbook on Dumpie — call it the “Bozo Manual”

  2. Let’s not forget the thousands of Martians and fourth dimensional beings… including the dead ones.

    1. When I voted I saw a Martian in line and he had a MAGA hat on. I called the Trump fraud line and they didn’t want to hear about it.

    2. @Roger Longhorn you could not have seen the martian, because it was uncle martin with the antennae out. Maybe you saw the Martian Manhunter. Other aliens voting: Mork from Ork, Alf, ET, Superman, Supergirl, Galactus, klingons, romulans, the borg, mr Spock……

    3. @Hubert Sang don’t forget the thousands of squirrels that snuck in and cast there ballots for the nut

    1. @Ant you know a famous saying: if you ain’t done anything wrong, why are you afraid of a little investigation?

    2. @Ant all it took was showing video of trumps words and actions. ..that put him on display….STOP THE WINNING!

    1. He always has, he’s a child, a manchild. He was born a Caucasian male to a wealthy family in America and led a pampered and privileged life, never having had to account for his actions. He was always afforded the opportunity to fail forward. He’ll never accept responsibility like a grown man. I think the term is, “arrested development”.

  3. Why can’t Trump claim ninjas and aliens were illegally voting. The man has so little imagination.

    1. Which Ninjas? The Cyber Ninjas are all helping out with the fraudit in AZ…and most of the Teenage Mutant variety wasn’t old enough to vote at that point. He should go with the Samurai’s perhaps? I can’t help but wonder why the rise in number UFO sightings hasn’t been blamed yet, it’s just like sitting there waiting to be thrown into the loop of disinformation (it’s a beautiful word)…UFO signals messed with the voting machines algorithms, giving votes to Biden, causing Donnie to lose the election. Winner, winner, chicken dinner *cue pillow crackhead bursting into song, belting out “And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free, and I’d gladly stand up…” donning a chicken costume.

    2. @Rob Maynard like I said…I’m thinking at one point someone on that side is going to draw the conclusion that the signals from UFO’s, recently sighted, messed with the voting machine algorithms, ‘giving votes’ to Biden, costing Donnie the presidency.
      Aliens , and perhaps cicadas, cheated Trump.

    1. Political correctness says. Indians are people that live in India. Those that were living here when the white man arrived are Native Americans, not Indians

    2. @David Cat also you’re right. Imagine the army of the United states of America handing out lollipops laced with covid. There were over 52 million Indians when us so called white Christians came. Took no time at all to decimate a whole group of people.

    3. @zdcyclops1 lickley idk if I’d call that PC, its just the names of the groups of people (if I had to guess Id say Trump was referring to Native Americans, but that’s the closest I want to get to the inside of his head)

    1. IKR? The most DAMNING Judgement he got was written by the Pennsylvania judge, who was an ex-FREEDOM CAUCUS member! The one’s who refused to hear the cases, did so because Giuliani came to them and said OUT LOUD, “I am NOT claiming malfeasance, fraud or wrong practices on the part of ANY DNC member, or ANYONE involved in the election process.” He was claiming they, “MAY HAVE make mistakes!”!!! So, if you bring a FRAUD CASE and claim NO FRAUD to the judge, you’ve just tied the court’s hands! There’s NO CASE TO HEAR! WTF? Why isn’t the base screaming, “Hang Rudy!”? Because they DON’T F’KING READ! . . .

    2. Yeah, but he expected them to bend the laws to his will. Most of them are soulless people, but I’m glad they didn’t go along with his bs.

  4. The stupid S.O.B. literally thought being President meant that he was King; sorry buddy, wrong country.

    1. @David Atkinson Without a doubt. Most people begin to learn as children that you don’t always win and you accept that fact, preferably graciously. Seems trump cannot achieve what the majority of children have. Aussies would call it a dummy spit, but in the case of trump, the dummy is gigantic and the process is continuous. If it wasn’t so appalling, it would be hilarious.

    2. @Julie Ring It is annoying but look at the funny side. The projection and the “what about’s” just demonstrate the lack of facts. The sad aspect is the lack of critical thinking skills that is so glaringly obvious.

    1. @Domino EP If they were his own “bad” judicial nominees, then Democrats should’ve voted no, correct? They didn’t. So either the judges weren’t actually bad and Dump is lying or the Democrats helped the GOP install bad judges who were bad at the time they were nominated by the dotard. Either way, it seems like a problem of the Orange Hutt’s own making.

    2. @Diana Prince they didn’t need the Democrats votes, they’d have been confirmed either way… Trump never should have been Elected President to nominate them to begin with and it ultimately is the fault of everybody who didn’t vote against him that he became President…

    3. He thought he was going to get yes men who’d bend the knee, kiss the ring, and give him whatever he wanted.

    1. @Ginger Miller instead of go on with an overloaded words, there’s already an appropriate pronoun to describe him, which is _hostis humani generis_

    2. Trump was working for united state dont believe fake media I’m not american but I khow something form outside of yard

    1. @TingTing Guo Using lizard brain rhetoric appealing to other lizard brain dominated halfwits, he’s pure genius. For anything that actually requires thinking, the moron is, …well, a moron.

    2. I say give Don the Con a stage and microphone, and ask him questions about his presidential campaign all through his presidency. He’ll admit, and even brag, about his criminal decisions and violations of oath of office. The list of crimes will be long…

    1. Yet he refused aid to the Navajos when they were hit harder by CoV than NY (per capita). South Korea, not USA their own country, sent med and supplies. Thank you South Korea. Never forget!

    2. Yes he was exposed by the teen shaking his head at his rally to all his lies. Then had to be removed n said they gave us MAGA hats n told us when to clap n cheer..

  5. Trump really thought if he picked judges they had to rule in his favor. He’s in the wrong country.

    1. No, no he isn’t. Look at the number of people that BELIEVE the things he says. Over 40%. These people do not know how our government works. They should stop marring their mothers, brothers and sisters and go back to school.

  6. So in Trump’s world, if a President nominates a Supreme Court judge they are your pocket forever?

    1. I don’t think people grasp the magnitude of what you just asked. He literally believes that the law was what he wanted it to be. So, this was just the election, but what about other things? War? Anyone he doesn’t like? Business?

  7. That “thing” is the worse thing that ever happened to the U.S. and people still love him. God help us!

    1. @le canarddor pretty sure God would not approve of that “Thing” He’s the worst leader of a country behind only one…and we all know who that is. I Hope at least.

    2. @Chey W. Well you would be surprised if The Thing from Fantastic Four would call him a “thing”. ,

    3. God help us all help the planet… 200 years from now he will be remembered as the dumbest president

    4. @Pink Honey 41 That’s actually a disrespect to “the thing” from the fantastic 4 bc he was 1 of the good guys…

  8. He tried to disqualify Joe from running against him.
    He tried to ‘call it off’ before the election he knew he’d lose.
    And he has tried to un-do the election results every day since his historic, tantrum-filled loss.

    1. There are multiple accusations and some pending litigation about how the draft dodging coward cadet bone Spurs couldn’t take the word NO from multiple woman. One says she has his DNA on a dress….

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