Trump Blames The Media and Democrats For Coronavirus Stock Slide | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. I’m actually surprised Trump didn’t blame the stock market drop on windmills and people flushing toilets 10 to 15 times.😄

    1. @John Bender Lol, i guess all that Twitter is exhausting him since he doesn’t do anything else from what i can see.

  2. Isn’t Trump directly responsible for the Stock Market fall? As soon as he became President he scrapped the US Pandemic Response Team. Along comes a Pandemic and Stocks fall. Is it just a coincidence?

    1. Andrew Jenkinson the stock is reflected of a global economic cross related to the virus but hey blaming trump makes the most sense out of everything else for the uneducated I guess.

    2. This is very fair from a pandemic! Another scare tactic from MSM, to get more UNNECESSARY American funding. What ever happened to the Ebola virus? EVER year it’s something different! 14000 people have died in the US from the cold/flu in 2020 already. 2 Americans have died from coronavirus!

    3. It’s ironic how the Democrats want to open all the borders and are still trying to but they’re so worried about this pandemic 😱

  3. I’m the best at viruses, no one does viruses better than me believe me.
    Everyone else is to blame, it’s a conspiracy to make me look bad.
    All about me……

    1. Wich is worse coronovirus or trumpovirus for the US? At least their’s a cure for the trumpovirus on election day. Vote him out.

    1. It’s not time to panic yet. Only 3 percent of the people infected have died whereas 28,000 or about 35 percent have recovered out of the 80,000 infected. That’s an extremely high recovery rate so far. The cause of death in this new virus has been pneumonia, so just take precautions if you get sick to prevent pneumonia. Take precautions, get ready by getting some few weeks of food stores, water and flashlights. But it’s really not time to panic.

  4. “The coronavirus outbreak is a gigantic hoax. Fake news!”
    “If anything is a deadly threat to Americans, it’s me” said the personification of raw sewage in the White House.

  5. Idk why this was recommended to me but I laughed at the title so hard I choked.
    Edit: I didn’t see the last two words and thought it was just the virus oops. Don’t judge me I’m a dummy on this kind of stuff.

    1. Right, Trump continues to be a buffoon on the world stage. At any other point in History, news stories like this about a POTUS would be satire. Sadly with Trump, it’s reality. Most corrupt, criminal, and incompetent POTUS in American history.

    1. Trump would just blame it Obama and Democrats. Our president of the United States of America, is a spoiled little brat.

    2. @LAST CALL no I’m not but I’m sick of trump taking credit for something he’s not doing just like tonight the market went down so he blamed the media and the Dems they had nothing to do with it

    3. @Mike Joseph

      *You want the stock market to crash, that’s pretty un American.*

      *He called them out for their fear mongering political stunt.*

    1. Liberal media running Trump in the ground every day don’t you see Obama is the reason you got Trump in the first place and wicked liberal media will keep him there till 2024. Did you watch your democratic socialism debate.? It was a circular firing squad.

    1. Brilliant. I missed out on the 2008 crash when Bush was at the helm. I am ready for the Trumptanic to sink. I’ll be looking for property/land. Time is on my side.😁

  6. “One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.” –Arnold Glasow

    1. @eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.”
      ― George Orwell, 1984

    2. @eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 I guess President BoneSpurs thinks the Secret Service will keep that virus out of the White House. Haha! What a fool.

  7. Trump says a “brilliant team will handle the coronavirus” and then announces that — wait for it — the uber-useless Mike Pence will lead the team. If there were ever two words that do not belong in the same sentence, its “Mike Pence” and “brilliant” (unless, of course, the sentence is “The exact opposite of a brilliant person is Mike Pence.”)

  8. When trump & that plane load of trumpanzze creatures came back from India they brought more of the corona virus back with them.

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