Trump Blames World Health Organization For His Coronavirus Response | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Trump Blames World Health Organization For His Coronavirus Response | The Last Word | MSNBC


President Trump’s latest target to deflect responsibility over his coronavirus response is the World Health Organization. Ron Klain and John Heilemann tell Lawrence O’Donnell it's just the latest attempt in a pattern of “blame shifting.” Aired on 04/09/2020.
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    1. Actually some did use their connections, but allegedly barred by the “government”, ie: out sourced. 45 Could use the DPA. He didn’t but arranged for Russian imports.

    2. @Dina Brown i mean as much as I don’t like Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, he is putting his money in to aid the pandemic.

    1. andrew my guy. Trump didnt ignore anything. Trump literally put together a task force and he was already aware and he is trying to get rid of the virus sooner.

    2. @Brodorbis There was already a task force in place when he took office but the moron disbanded it. Had there been one in December or January perhaps we would have been better prepared. This is on Trump and his incompetence.

    3. excuses………..lies after lies after lies……*FACE PALM* little suggestion before opening his mouth he should have a concrete evidence to prove his point before going all out…

    1. Yes. My family stayed in Chevy Chase when I was young while my cousin was in Bethesda Naval hospital.

    2. Yes. It was incorporated in 1910 so it was not named in honor of the comedian whose real name is Cornelius Crane Chase. “Chevy” was a childhood nickname that stuck.

  1. I think everyone is loosing it due to this virus, the fear of the virus itself is even more contagious to allow you stock up tissue papers without knowing why.

    1. @wheeler vontae no race bs,it’s just the mutation in itality is far more lethal i mean it’s killing kids now

    2. Claire Humphrey thanks for this, I got signed up yesterday after doing a thorough research on it.

    3. @Rebecca Miller …
      Thank you Rebecca. I love the story of your daughter saying your parents were dancing. Please thank her for me. May God bless you & your family. Lynn

  2. New Zealand is coping well, only two death’s among 4 million people why, we follow instructions despite some idiots who just don’t listen. Well done
    New Zealand
    William Percival
    Gardenia Band Kia Orana.


  3. I like to thank the healthcare workers at the nursing home where they have been living at the nursing home for several weeks to protect the residents from the virus getting in. My hat goes off to you for the sacrifice you are making.

    1. I absolutely agree, any of the people still working at the moment deserve recognition for the personal risk and sacrifice they are making.

    1. @prav777 It’s what I’ve learned, it’s what I believe, and I’m totally willing to act on it. You have no argument against it, because it’s true, and I figure that you lot will face the consequences of that truth.

    2. @darknightoftroy You think Trump emerged from a vacuum? People like you have told these LIES over and over to the point where simple observable truths are obscured by the airy drivel you posted before… It’s still a big pile of stinking BS but hey, you are entitled to believe in it…..

    3. @prav777 Wait, scratch that, if I saw a Trump supporter drowning, I’d throw a roll of paper towels at them. It seems like the most fitting action, all things considered.

  4. Wait….blaming WHO for his late response? yesterday he said “people were surprised by how quickly I took action” Hmm, I’m confused, which is it

    1. WHO held information to help china..and Trump ban flights from china while the democrats were trying to impeach him

    2. Anthony
      Trump said it was a hoax Fox that it was a hoax then when it turned out to be real they all start lying and blaming and making up stuff like usual.

    3. @Antho Jones he didn’t say it was a hoax..he said it was another Democratic hoax to try to impeach him.. Ny times even said he never said that.. By the way that was before Nancy pelosi was tell in people to go to China town and when NYC mayor said to keep supporting local business because it wasn’t serious


  5. Of course he does, everyone else is ALWAYS responsible for his incompetence especially while an escalating number of lives are lost with more to come, all thanx to this malignancy in the WH.

    1. Whatever you have to tell yourself he can’t be all things to all people have the benefit of hindsight and get everything there where everybody wants it especially considering all the people that have hoarded hundreds of thousands of PPE he’s done a lot of stuff to try to Ward this off and taking care of people lot more than anybody ever has in the past with all of these benefits and coverages and everything so like I said whatever you want to tell yourself have had it

  6. I need some amusing videos to watch during lockdown. Any chance of one showing Trunt being thrown into a car shredder?

    1. It might be more effective for a million people to descend on 1600 Penn Ave NW and whisk 45 off to jail. No amount of troops could murder that large of a crowd.

  7. I live in an African country and we have acted decisively with urgency we are all doing our part to curve this pandemic and a first world nation is dragging it’s feet, “Go Figure”

  8. When I was in military service 50 years ago, we had a joke about the passing out parade, where an adoring Mom observes “There’s my son Bobby, he’s the only one of the thousand of them that’s in step”. How ironic. Virus POTUS-45 Trump declares himself the only one who knows what to do, everybody else is wrong! He’s INSANE!

    1. @Martin Smith that’s fine, it secures his position. it may not be right but why would I vote for someone that’s weak and shows leadership inexperience. If you are discussing politics and expecting truth and honesty you’re on the wrong show. it’s just a fact.

    2. First, what arr you refering to that he has done wrong and passed the blame for? 2nd if the blame lies elsewhere it is utterly rediculous not to point that out. This is politics not a mechicle error that requirs the captain to go down with the ship. Which is fone because any error his crew makes leading to a ship sinking, was his lack of educating and training his staff and if his failure leads to a death, his death is the pennants.

  9. When you take no responsibility how can you claim authority? Govorners and States realize the can better by themselves.

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