Trump blasts Macron for ‘very nasty comment’ at NATO summit

Trump blasts Macron for 'very nasty comment' at NATO summit 1


French President Macron criticized the U.S. withdrawal from Syria and the comments prompted a response from U.S. President Trump.

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21 Comments on "Trump blasts Macron for ‘very nasty comment’ at NATO summit"

  1. Trump sucks.

  2. Trump is the best
    Trudea is a goof

  3. Trump forgot more than justin knows if justin had a clue he would be on the floor trying to play with it lol

  4. Trudeau the nanny whats with the kid

  5. What other ways is the POTUS able to participate in the UK elections, aside from verbally supporting both Johnson and Brexit … before promising to stay out of the elections?

  6. Trump sucks

  7. Macron the best. USA can not do with out NATO.

  8. They both need to work together Trudeau and Trump. They can save Mexico . Send in the Troops now . Enough is Enough. 🤔☝️

  9. michael cameron | December 3, 2019 at 7:12 PM | Reply

    So what, he pushed because only he can bad mouth NATO?

  10. Everyone shown and spoken about are cumbags and criminals.

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