Trump Blasts 'Witch Hunt' After News Of Criminal Grand Jury 1

Trump Blasts ‘Witch Hunt’ After News Of Criminal Grand Jury


The Washington Post was first to break the news that the Manhattan DA has convened a grand jury in the criminal investigation of the Trump Organization. Trump quickly responded with a lengthy statement blasting the developments. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Barbara McQuade, Ashley Parker, and A.B. Stoddard.
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    1. Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you’re glad you’re not Trump!

    2. Nothing is free. Stealing is wrong. The Democrats will give you nothing. Free bees bite you in the behind.

    3. Donald Trump is solid gold, don’t get it twisted dementia puppet Joe China Biden. He can’t even talk with his false teeth always slipping around his mouth. He couldn’t campaign, he stayed in his basement. Hahaha. Pathetic puppet.

    4. @Kyle Rhein If I’m simple, why is it that I hold a graduate degree in abstract math, as well as undergrad degrees in BOTH chemistry and physics, and all you hold is your pathetic wee-wee in your six-fingered hand?

  1. He will be forever be remembered as a president who was impeached twice and to cause insurrection on January 6. Never forget.

    1. And murdered 500,000 plus Americans In a deadly pandemic by mishandling a deadly virus that killed so much Americans that he always wanted to downplay

    1. @DJ Jones >>> THANK YOU, D.J. Jones. You can ALWAYS tell the true/blue liberal/leftists because they pick their politicians according to what hand-outs they can get out of the deal.
      It’s NEVER about policies.
      It’s NEVER about what’s best for the future of the country.
      It’s NEVER about lower taxes, and a brighter, more secure future for our children or grandchildren.
      It’s ABOUT ME, and what the nanny state can provide for me.
      Prior to the Total Boondoggle of Obamacare, we had Medicaid for lower income. We had Medicare for seniors. We did not want or need Obamacare. It just took money from the two social coverages mentioned above.
      And I guess it’s just INCONCEIVABLE to leftists that they could work (WORK?) in a big company with an affordable group health plan!? The bigger the company, the more affordable the health plans they offer. And nowadays you don’t even have to work full time to participate.

    2. I get the strong impression the left just wants justice against Trump, but not against biden…

    3. @magnuB Eido Only 6% actually died from the virus alone. CDC facts… Blame china- they started it.

    4. @truzar100 Trump was ridiculed by the dems and called xenophobic for shutting down travel to china- so they would have been slower…

    5. @truzar100 Mr Trump blocked travel from China and you libretards called him xenophobic and racist!

  2. About now, a good lawyer would be telling Trump “You better start paying your attorney fees….or you will be defending yourself”.

    1. I love these witch hurts that go after the criminal Trump. When criminal Trump complains about the witch hunts, then we are nearer to him, Trump, the criminal, going to jail and best of all they are making Trump, the criminal panic. Sweat Donny. Please pick up the soap Donny.

    2. @Rudy McCoy I would in a heartbeat. This is an easy case to show that the entire investigation into him was pushed by politically motivated people and that it was an investigation in search of a crime. It is exactly like when Obama had the IRS go after certain Republicans. The GREATER CRIME is the abuse of power shown by the NY AG. if they decide to charge. Any defense lawyer would demand proof that the investigation did not go above and beyond what they would do for any other citizen. They have already admitted they did go through “millions of documents”.
      And then if they do find some “Real Estate Misrepresentations” any normal prosecutorial negotiation would be a settlement out of court to those individuals that feel they bought something that was misrepresented. To skip that and say “no the purpose of this investigation was not to bring justice to those harmed individuals…the purpose was to make Trump guilty of a crime”…..that just makes our justice system look like a kangaroo court from one of those s-hole countries.

    3. @Paul Beezum I love “witch hunts” too. Every citizen should be subjected to them.

  3. The people failed to “get him in Washington” because he had instilled one of his henchmen as AG and purged the agencies of anyone who is not beholden to Trump retaining a position of power. When you pursue whistleblowers, career justice officials, and journalists who aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade, it is difficult for justice to be served, but hopefully in this case it was just delayed by about four years…

    1. There was absolutely nothing against him in the past four years lol. Democrats where actually guilty of what they where accusing him of.

    2. Yeah, that’s it. He had people out in power that could help him, rofl. You are dumb. You really believe what you said?? Rofl.

    1. It’s not a Biden administration policy that allows unaccompanied minors to request legal protection at the border

    2. What? They have been moving the Children to either they’re parents are or sponsor families. You haven’t heard the republicans objecting to that? They have been in the news about that. The republicans are saying they’re moved in the middle of the night. Which turns out is not all true..And to different States. The republicans don’t like that either. They wanted them to stay in cages….

    1. If you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself. Also found this translation: People who set traps for others get caught themselves.
      They tried quoting Proverbs 26:27 as of what I found from a quick Google search. Also themself is a word, it’s just not generally accepted anymore as it was replaced by themselves.

    2. @Renee Reinhardt
      Rudy told them “Truth isn’t Truth”
      All they have for acquiring any information;
      is a filthy dirty old cardboard box, with a bunch of scribbled notes in it. They found the ‘gross lookin old ugly box’, in a dumpster behind the capitol building, on 1-6-2021.
      There are initials and dates written Inside of a heart shape, in red crayon, on the right side of the box…KAC+DJT 2016-2020… ?
      Ask Anybody, it’s a fact, the gospel truth.

    3. If there’s any trap here it was set by Satan and donny boy trumpster walked right into it along with half of the fools in America.

    4. @MTN17 Their god works in simplistic ways, he’s Qlueless.

      Seriously speaking:
      In this age of deception, discernment is crucial to knowing;
      who is who, and what is truth.

  4. The only way Trump’s narrative has any impact is if media gives it energy – don’t! This kind of discussion on media gives Trump’s cause, energy. He is of no consequence now. He has been muscling his corrupt processes for many years. That he held Office for 4 years just made it easier. He must be made accountable. The world is watching.

  5. Why do you repeat every word he says. Ignore what he says. Talk about all the obstruction in Washington.

  6. The 4 year’s Trump run IRS department was a well oiled machine AND couldn’t get it together enough to audit a rich man’s taxes, makes sense to me.

  7. This thumbnail is the best Trump picture of ever seen in my life this is exactly how the President should be treating fake news media.

  8. How is this guy still allowed to be a news anchor after getting caught lying about being shot at in a helicopter?

  9. A man who publicly boasted about avoiding paying taxes is now under investigation. Some ‘witch-hunt’.

  10. When they go after Trump – it’s because they are deflecting from something else. Be careful and alert Americans .. we’ve seen this many times before

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