1. @Hayden Williams you guys out of your minds. So glad I switched sides last year. Republican are much more sensible.

  1. The way all these people are willing to display themselves in front of the WORLD only to satisfy their greed on power and money is mind-blowing.

    1. @Erik It said Trump violated the Impoundment Control Act. As Ben Shapiro explained, the remedy for such a violation is written into the ICA and it ain’t impeachment. It’s not imprisonment or anything of the kind, either. Somebody has to write a report stating the violation occurred and then the courts get involved, blah blah blah. The constitutionality of the ICA has also been questioned by a lot of people but no one’s actually challenged it in court yet. There’s also some questions as to details in the ICA and exactly how they’re interpreted, etc. Don’t let your hatred and desire to impeach cloud your reasoning. Do some research instead of just jumping to conclusions.
      And don’t you think it’s quite convenient that Pelosi held the impeachment charges and the day she decides to send them to the Senate you get the GAO story and the Lev Parnas deal with MSNBC??? There’s an awful lot of collusion/coordination between the Dems and the media the past three years, dontcha think?

    2. @Erik Let’s see if I can find the clips where Dems said things like “I’ve been elected. Now let’s go impeach the mf’er.” or how about this gem, “If we don’t impeach him he will be re-elected.” or Maxine Waters holding a press conference every other day saying Trump should be impeached, and never giving a reason. Those are the fools who voted for impeachment. Tell me minds weren’t made up three years ago, long before any phone call to Ukraine.

    3. @Erik You know you guys like to burn everything down to get your way and then when it’s turned around on you, you cry like the cowards that you are. Deal with it. If you want to be treated fairly, start by not being assholes and constantly destroying everything in a fit of rage.

    4. @Erik Maybe the Democrats should have used the 3rd branch of government. Congress subpoenas are not worth the paper they are written on. Only the judicial branch has the power to subpoena.

    1. @Erik  .. William H is not only an intolerant lowlife prick. He loves Nazi ideals and wants to put LGBTQ people into camps …. The @FBI should look into his account …

      Or William is gonna end up to be the next dude who attempts to plant bombs at CNN or Democrat avenues.

  2. Well they have something in common they’re both lunatics and I’m sure he’s a pathological liar just like Dirty Don

  3. Trump likes to confuse things so getting dodgy lawyers he can tell his base that he was not properly represented

    1. LOL 😂 LOL 😂 LOL 😂 LOL 😂 LOL 😂 LOL 😂 LOL 😂 LOL 😂 LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎

    2. My thoughts exactly. Hard to believe adults are sitting here talking about this crap that happened two decades ago. A LOT has changed since then for a lot of people. Dems are now for open borders when they were for strong immigration control during Obama’s tenure in office. Go figure.

  4. Why was he even on the news commenting…he wasn’t in politics he was just a person on TV show, a terrible tv show. Weird right there

    1. @William H Music 2020 you can try to change what you said, but you said Trump likes corruption. I’m not a liberal, ok snowflake, but you’re still a bigoted idiot…😘

  5. Trump talking about Ken Starr in 1999 — Trump is consistent in one regard: he’s been projecting since the late 90s

    1. What none you realize (mostly cuz your too young) the reason he was talking crap about Ken Starr was because Trump was a staunch Democrat and a friend to Bill Clinton at the time. And that is how this biased media outlet frames it’s information.

    2. @Gunner Patry Gunner, Patriots are delusional fools. You can scream Civil War on your fellow citizens and you can wave your flags all you want. But you’re not controlling the narrative. Same goes for the Libs.

    1. @smackdowner the dems yes the do.for even starting this FAKE stupidity and the russia hoax.
      Theyve wasted 3 yrs doing nothing while trump and the reps have got everything but infrastructure done and thats coming in his second term .
      Its all good in trumpies neighborhood

  6. Ken Starr is a washed up nobody that thinks getting involved with defending a 2 bit grifter will jumpstart his career. (sic)

    1. @Erroneous Monk
      Americans also prefer presidents who dont get peed on buddy 😀 russia if you’re listening release the pee pee tapes

    1. With the exception of Iran Trump has done a decent job the Democrat’s seem to have went on vacation anyone who complains about Trump just loves to complain I guess 😂😅

  7. We should not be surprised. Epstein’s ghost approves of this pick. As Epstein’s, lawyer Dershowitz helped negotiate a “non-prosecution agreement” under which Epstein served just 13 months in a county jail, much of it spent on “work release” in an office. There are also allegations by two women who say that they were forced to sleep with Dershowitz by Epstein. And since Epstein and Trump were so close, it seems only fitting that Dershowitz would represent Trump as well. Perps of a feather perp together.

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