1. @liberal halfbreeds you don’t know how much is my iq! Not like a man who filed Bankcruptcy 7 times in his life

    1. @unlisted junk Right, to your point, they are good at business. If they were as bad as Trump, they’d be 7 bankruptcies deep like Trump currently is.

    2. @toxic wastetoid Right, to your point, while Trump represents the worst our society has to offer, Biden represents the other side of the coin. The best of us, what we can all aspire to become.

    3. @toxic wastetoid I believe in you. You may have wasted your entire life up until now, but it’s never too late to grow and learn from our mistakes, and grow into something more, something positive.

    1. @Doogie Bear I’m busy registering DEMOCRATIC swing State voters every single day while you cry on social media. Brilliant! ❄️🌎❄️🤣👌❄️

    2. Lmao when did Trump literally say to terminate the constitution? 😂😂 Show us the video that shows he literally wants to the constitution gone without taking anything he said out of context. That’s why CNN is losing so many viewers. “Go march peacefully and patriotically to the capitol and make your voice heard” Trump. CNN, “Trump incited violence”😂😂 Now CNN = Clown 🤡 News Network.

    1. @I lie I cheat I steal I call it Democracy I was cozy last night, but I wasnt in your moms basement 😉 No, you cant call me dad.

    2. @I lie I cheat I steal I call it Democracy where did you get the thought that somehow, communism bans religion? Can you name one communist county in world history that actually banned religion? Do you actually know and understand what communism is? I will give you a hit, it has nothing to do with religion.

    3. ​@I lie I cheat I steal I call it Democracy You know, facts matter in the real world. Why dont you look up how Israel voted in the U.N when condemning Russians actions in Ukraine. While you are actually looking up facts, why not look up how Israel is actually helping Ukraine. I really wish people like you would actually look things up before pulling crap out your asses and treating it as though it were true.

  1. This is what he wanted all along. He has always wanted to be the authoritarian leader with the unlimited power it holds. He already believed he was. He actually said as president he can do anything. He doesn’t believe there are any limits. He thinks he should be able to get away with anything he does.

    1. @James Lewis Because twitter files are the next rw bs in a long line of desperate rw bs? And there’s no such rhing as a “Biden regime”. Biden hasn’t send ANYONE to prison for speaking their mind and hasn’t taken a single gun away. I’m sad your alternate reality scares you so much. Must suck to be you, so sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. @Birb Luv no worse than them. That lunatic has no control and no good in him whatsoever just
      pure evil. He would constantly run around doing f kd up things to people and country non stop.

  2. Trump saying that we should terminate the Constitution will haunt him in ’24! He may win the primary but he certainly won’t win in the general election.

    1. Nope, I think he finally blew it for good with that statement. True patriots understand what he said and we believe in our government AND our Constitution. We would die to defend and preserve our country. Our federal government was created with the main goal of consistently striving to create a more perfect union. If the parties cannot function, or live up to this goal, because of discourse within themselves and refusal to even respect their opponents,, then America suffers. Watch and pay attention so that we can replace those that need to be removed, next election. First we must eliminate trump from politics and reinstate Roe.

    2. @James McDonald obviously you don’t know Joe. He’s had multiple brain aneurysms he molested his own daughter Ashley and has been laundering money through family members.

  3. I am A CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE and I say this disqualifies TRUMP from seeking further office! THANKS!

    1. I’m glad that this comment has 1k+ likes.

      You’re one of the sane ones, it would seem. Do everyone a favour and spread the word in the right wing circle. 2024 should just be accepted as a loss right now. Instead, look at 2024 as a chance for the American right wing to determine what kind of identity it wants going forward. That’s what you’ll be voting for. Well, people like you, anyway. There’s gonna be some folks wearing red hats that sink with the ship because they refuse to admit they bet on the wrong horse. Those folks will cost you the election, unfortunately. But you can decide what sort of platform will succeed going forward 👍

    1. At that point I would rather die in a battlefield than live here in the US under that regime. I would move to Canada or join the “civil war.” No way could I live with and accept Nazi tyranny in the United States. This could get really bad.

    2. 2A owners: ❤️ you 45
      T R U M P: The constitution is canceled.
      (some time later after realizing 2A was canceled…)
      2A owners: WTF

  4. The first thing an ELECTED PRESIDENT does before he’s put into the WHITE HOUSE is TAKE AN OATHE to HONOR the CONSTITUTION and defend it at all COSTS! This comment by TRUMP shows his true colors and probably disqualifies him from running in 2024 too! ADIOS TRUMP!!!!

    1. @Eduardo Oliveira go ahead and vote for him, then. Most of the rats have already left that sinking ship, but a few of you need to stick around in order to hand the election to the Democrats when the right wing splits 👍

  5. If I was prosecuting Trump I would use his statements as a witness to his overall willingness to ignore constitutional boundaries and that it speaks to his willingness to ignore laws. Making it more likely that he did knowingly incite crimes on Jan 6 and that he did indeed mishandle classified documents with no regard to the law.

    1. You’d have to use his whole statements. Not just one sentence, but the whole paragraph, which means you couldn’t take the sentences out context

    2. @Thomas Jackson wow… quid pro quo, SA children, assault, buying drugs, insurrection, and more. But you responded without taking the time to watch the Bidens commit the crimes on video. You have been brainwashed. Good job. But even CNN is reporting what I’m saying so catch up. LOL good night

    3. @B Loopy that’s right! Biden, Nancy, Harris and Hunter all committed crimes. Check out his quid pro quo or Biden bragging about SA kids. He even showed us how they touched him. But I’m sure you are the type that defends NAMBLA stuff. Good night

    4. You need be more alert 🚨 read 1791 USA constitution 💪🏽now Trump means the real 🇺🇸 we the people” Constitución. The e corporation ended w joeb 🎉was fraud

    1. Orange boy has given the rest of the world years of unrivalled free entertainment. Popcorn sales are up 500% here in Canada. Now we get to watch him crash and burn and try to take your country down with him. You just might let him do it, too. Probably not, but maybe. We’re all waiting for the final act.

    1. KING trump 2024….the reason we say that is because it makes you democrat/commie snowflakes go crazy and cry more.

    2. @Pokey In all fairness, Trump’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia at the same age Trump is now. It’s pretty clear at this point.

    3. If Trump declared that he would never consider being a dictator or over throwing The Constitution, rabid liberals wouldn’t believe him.

  6. I want Donald Trump behind bars 100%.
    Equally , I want all of his co conspirators who enabled him, to be placed behind bars as well.

    1. @Mark Brooks oh? Yet hasn’t seen a judge or had a trial. No evidence or a chance to defend himself in the court of law. Just Democrats and media conspiracy theories

    2. @Cosmic Djinn He pleaded the fifth
      (Trump – “Cowards plead the fifth”) over 400 times in a deposition, he is named as a thief of classified documents he took to his gaudy beach house, told the MAGAT’s to go to the Capital, wanted to go there himself and be the hero, fraud in everything he does, on trial for tax fraud in NY…. shall I go on?

    3. @Cosmic Djinn He has lawyers who make mistakes every time they file, they can hardly get to court. He lost the Special Master this week, he has been criticized in courts all over the country.

  7. What in the hell!!! Anyone who says that should be automatically barred from having anything to do in Federal Government ever again

    1. Adolf Hitler did – and look at the harm he was still able to do ~ the problem isn’t Trump, its those who hold his rotten and poisonous mindset aloft. America has shown its true colors by letting this dangerous psychopath walk free.

    1. @A J Jimmy Carter was a great president.
      Bill Clinton was a great president.
      Barack Obama was a great president.
      Joe Biden is a great president.

    2. @Doogie Bear Oh I know how to read and I been around for 6 presidential terms and only 5 of them never did what that Traitor did on Jan. 6th because back in the old days, Traitors like Donald Trump would have been shot for Treason by Firing Squad for what he did and don’t call me an idiot, you don’t think I know what idget means.

    1. @Electron826 it’s one thing to propose amendments to the Constitution. But you cannot swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, then call for its abolishment. Just….no

  8. If there’s any Trumpers, Conservatives, or Republicans in general that go along with this, they better not ever THINK of calling themselves patriots.

    1. @Turtle If you’re willing to sacrifice the Aryan race for some piece of paper, then you’re the traitor. What is the USA’s pathetic 200 year existence over a thousand years of White civilization. The constitution or any political piece of paper for that matter did NOT build America nor did a piece of paper build European civilization. If the Constitution is a hinderance for the survival of whites, then by all means throw that trash in the shredder. The French Revolution and the Enlightenment were a mistake anyway.

    2. I can say that I you are destroying the country that I love. I served 20 years in the military and I can’t believe you are transforming our country is into something I hate. A woke military, paying reparations to countries like China and India for “Climate change” Why should we pay money to the UN for the pollution these 2 countries over 1 billion in population? I don’t mind helping out people, but do it to an extreme. You think conservatives like myself are sheep, look in the mirror. All of us are to pay for it dearly if this doesn’t stop

    3. You know the old saying: “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. That’s why checks and balances are so important. One of those is the majority vote.

      Without that, you could have a situation where, say, 30% of the populace appointed a leader that 70% did not want.

  9. After all these years, why isn’t this grown man responsible for what comes out of his mouth? As president, he had people who would “explain” what the president meant. He is a danger to our country. LOCK HIM UP !!!

    1. @M&M well, he shouldn’t have any support from Americans ar this point. If he somehow wins the presidency he did warn us what he’s going to do.

  10. The man has completely lost what little is left of his mind. Mary Trump did say he would try to burn everything down. She hasn’t been wrong yet. Everything he says is some form of call to action for the crazies.

    1. the more cornered he is the craziest he goes, its a matter of time befiore he uses his twiteer again to call his armed morons against someone or everyone.

  11. Seeing Trump go completely unhinged as MULTIPLE criminal charges are imminent is the best Christmas present ever!

    1. You poor thing trump will always stay in your mind and you will never understand that the news isn’t trying to inform you they are called programs they are trying to program you. I hope one day you step away from the programing if not I hope you seek therapy and find joy because this unhinged belief that trump is the problem is really confusing. You think trump is the evil? Do you really think trumps going to get you or something and get rid the constitution do you realize how absurd their entire premises?

    2. @H K S They stand NO chance against the actual keepers of the oath. If the MAGAt cult tries to rise again they will be slaughtered. Plain and simple.

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