1. “No credibility”, says a pathological liar who fakes a hurricane’s trajectory with his magic wand named sharpie.

    1. Edited your comment and it still sounds like your an angry 12 year old. Sorry but no one can’t fix stupid, not even Donald Trump can help you. Hopefully your parents have child proofed their home so you don’t hurt yourself. P.S. good luck at your McDonald’s interview, God Bless!

    2. Mats K – Well Fox should just turn them on permanently, what are they afraid of? There’d be less trolls on Fox than here I’d warrant

    3. Well I’m not a trump fan but he was 100 percent right about where the hurricane hit 😑😑 jesus christ there is no fucking hope. The generation coming up is full of actual fucking retards. Retards by choice, mind you. It’s like you all can’t just think for yourself. Not even one time

    1. @Without Jesus Hell Awaits another dumb, blind demon spawn is throwing his shot opinion around….hell awaits you…

    2. Sayys the snowflakes.. Who stried steal election and set him up steadily trying to downgrade what he has done in odffice but somehow he is still there with giant base and still winning.. While snowflakes still melting

    1. @b k Donald Trump never destroyed anyone in the debates with facts or policies, he simply reverted to name calling and ridicule, and his ignorant base called that a “win’.

    1. @morganbesh he didn’t hold office when he did it, if he did it those bitches would do anything for money, Sanford was in office when he did it, you know what’s better than fake news? Remembering when Sanford did it and while in office.

    2. @Aesthetic Medic Whenever Trump takes an indefensible position, his supporters ignore it & try to move on to something else. This is a video about Trump attacking a Republican for having an affair of all things, and you guys can’t even admit how idiotically hypocritical that is. On one hand I’d call Trump an idiot for thinking that’d work, but nobody thinks less of Trump supporters than Trump himself, he thinks you are all stupid enough not notice the glaring hypocrisy and that somehow it’ll make him look better by comparison.

    1. The fact that you have to point to his affair(s) rather than policy decisions shows that you really have nothing to hold against him. The fact that you’re watching and responding is a win for him. He puts the bait out, and you eat it all up.

      Lest I remind you what a slut JFK was? Or the Clinton/Lewinsky fiasco?

      Horn dogs have been in power for ages. If that’s your best shot, I hope you’re prepared for another 4 years of him.

    2. The only Latinos that voted for trump are republicans who didn’t want Hillary.. if you actually support this madman through a through then By the power invested in me I revoke your latinoness. You’re now an orange trumpanzee.

    1. I have a suspicion that a guy like Trump wouldn’t nail a porn star without MAKING a porno in the process. I bet there is a tape – one I would NEVER want to see.

    2. @Tucker Carlson False. While your homelessness claim is true, Pew data shows citizens of red states have a larger fraction of their income in the form of government transfers/assistance. Red states also have lower median incomes and education levels

    1. @Cenk Uygur – What Bill and Monica did was consensual and their business + Hillary’s. But Republican’t were outraged and did impeach Bill over that. I wouldn’t normally care if Donald screwed Stormy if it was consensual… but for a few things: Republicans were outraged at Clinton and now they are not, so I see them as the hypocrites. I don’t care who screws who whom but if you are outraged over Clinton you should be even more so over Trump because Trump adds a few extra factors: a list of women who say he was improper with them, molesting, groping and even raping – not consensual. And Trump made improper payments.

    2. @Robert Mueller – Leftist hypocrisy? I do not care if Bill and Monica screwed around or Donald and Stormy screwed around. But Bill got impeached by Republicans who have Trump’s back now. That is hypocrisy! No one is looking to impeach Trump for having sex with Stormy and lying about it – they have a whole list of more important issues being discussed for impeaching Trump.

    3. he is not, he is just saying that liberal whores love it when he grabs their pu$$y, because he has money, that is the whole story. stop making a big deal of it

    1. He’s just ‘nasty’. Stormy Daniels porn star and Karen Mc dougle playboy center fold …he affairs with both at the same time for almost a year…Baron was an infant. Melania $$$$ doesn’t care. Obviously, his base doesn’t care either.

    2. @Trump 2020 TURD BERNIE will not get the Nomination… his CAMPAIGN is now in a DOWNWARD SPIRAL… (Moderate Dems and Independents don’t want a SOCIALIST) he peaked too early and LIARWATHA WARREN has taken half his supporters already. I think it will be a SHOWDOWN between PLUGS BIDEN and LIARWATHA WARREN… and unless the MEDIA completely turn on PLUGS, he will limp across the finish line in the Primary with his MODERATE POSITION and NAME RECOGNITION…. Either way, who ever wins the D-BAG NOMINATION will get Trounced by TRUMP…

    3. There is a part, a very small part at best, way deep down inside me that thinks that Trump must have had a really terrible childhood that the only way he can feel good is to put down others before they have a chance to attack him or on the other side, make sure he takes every opportunity to let people know how great he is, how smart, how rich…a all part of me feels sorry for him but than the other side kicks in and says a better man would overcome it all by 70.

    4. Trump 2020 trump is a racist hateful evil orange wig wearing clown…an you trump supporters act like brainwashed little dumb kids

    1. @Trumptard Cuckservative exactly…they look at everything like our team vs blue instead of the reality of the hypocrisy and foolishness happening right before their eyes…sad smh these easily influenced people who are hatefilled and violent like at the rallies will revolt if trump is not elected again. thats why they treat nim like their king who can do no wrong. Protect yourselves ppl of color come 2020

    2. @Chris C remember when pizzagate was a thing and some wacko pulled a gun on some kid in a pizza joint? What’s your point? Both sides have their conspiracy theories it happens when your government does the bidding of the rich and leaves the poor masses to feed on each other lol

  2. OMG. 3 Trophy Wives, an affair with a porn star and god knows how many sexually promiscuous encounters Trump, the Psychopath, has had and he’s pointing fingers.

    1. You sick miserable lesbian 😷 😫! You are just jealous he didn’t bang you 😂✔️💀 💀😂😂 ✔️💀 💀😉😜😉

    1. Even ugly cunts like you can pay for a super model pornstar if you had the right amount of money. But you don’t so you’re stuck beating it to trump.

    1. I have a suspicion that a guy like Trump wouldn’t nail a porn star without MAKING a porno in the process. I bet there is a tape – one I would NEVER want to see.

  3. Is this real? I don’t think Trump is really in a position where he can call out other people for their love lives. *cough* Stormy *cough*

    1. @Trump 2020 it’s all just WHAT ABOUT?WHAT ABOUT?WHAT ABOUT? WHAT ABOUT? WHAT ABOUT? With you people. I wish you were Canadian because at least you’d sound funny when ya do it.

    2. Sandman 123 Yeah, Trump can bring Sanford’s one mistress to the debate, and Sanford could bring Trump’s two ex wives, the porn star, the playmate (I’m sure there’s more) he cheated with and the 19 women who accused him of sexual assault.

    1. @matt stockton There is also a politico article published later about how the lawsuit he references was withdrawn which Dakman won’t mention because it doesn’t fit into his narrative.

    2. Molon Labe Why do you conservative want to use The military and the treasure of the United States to prop up a racist country that murders the people that protest it policies, I tell you why that exactly what we do here, we kill or imprison people that protest the discrimination, oppression, bigotry, inequality, of the corrupt capitalist state. Not 1oz. Of gold or 1 drop of American blood for Israel.

    3. @Dave Smith exactly, anything from Politico, Buzz Feed, Vice, etc,etc, is pure left wing trash. These idiots think that Trump somehow was accused by 16 different people of rape, but was able to become President.

    4. @Dave Smith the man’s history was reported BEFORE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT start fucking googling his history and don’t try to LIE TO YOURSELF there is NO DEEP STATE, TRUMP IS SCUM, always has been always will be. 12000 lies that are fact checked while in office……for your own sake stop lying to me and to yourself…….

    1. @LaBelle424242 My doctor told me to cut back on fat. That pretty much locked me out of the modern dating market. It`s dangerous as it is going shopping! What if a woman steps on my foot? I had to dig out my old steel toed work boots just to go to Walmart last week!

  4. Trump is having a go at someone for having an affair.
    Oh man you’re one to talk Spanky!

    1. @TheFoolinthe rainn Hey, its ok to admit when someone you support did something dumb. That’s part of being a human.

      What Trump said is pretty objectively hypocritical, stop trying to downplay infidelity, it’s literally the antithesis of marriage.

    2. @TheFoolinthe rainn Trump did it in his own time? It was a huge distraction policy and media wise…it’s stunning you try to excuse his flaming hypocrisy for slamming someone’s infidelity. Party of family values just glosses over a guy who can barely cite Bible verses and sleeps around with porn stars just after giving birth to a son. The Trumpist excuses are utterly pathetic…can they EVER be intellectually honest about their cult leader? You’d think this would be one instance

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