Trump Calls Russia's 2020 Election Interference A 'Hoax' But It's Very Real | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump Calls Russia’s 2020 Election Interference A ‘Hoax’ But It’s Very Real | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Bernie Sanders blasts Putin as The Washington Post breaks news that Russia is trying to help his campaign while Trump blasts news that Moscow's trying to get him re-elected as a 'hoax.' Aired on 2/24/20.
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Trump Calls Russia's 2020 Election Interference A 'Hoax' But It's Very Real | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Trump’s campaign rallies are nothing more than bitchfests for the insecure clown. Even worse, there are thousands of folks lame enough to take the time to go and listen to him complain for hours on end.

    1. Whatever it takes to drive you scum and Dems down to the bottom of the outhouse where you all belong and soon will be

    2. You’re just mad your side is losing. It’s endlessly entertaining, expecting a lot from you in a in the hours following the election.

    3. @Professor Moriarty The subject of your username is a fictional evil genius; yet, the intellectual level of your retort seems to reflect that of a high school under achiever. Irony much?

    1. @Marlowe Dugger You haven’t provided any facts. Just anecdotal evidence and your very biased opinion. Go on youtube and watch the senate grill IG Horowitz on his findings about Obama’s DOJ lying to the FISA courts to spy on Trump. Then get back to me with your opinion on corruption. You’re very misinformed

    2. @alaffia rose all we can do is look at. Reality. I live in a real world, but when I choose to get out of reality
      I do. Like Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia. If I want severe violence ,maybe the Chronicles of Riddick. Just saying. I live in our world, but if I choose to live in fantasy or fiction, I can. I have been here many years. And Truth and fact. Fullfills me. Lies and division does not. My wedding anniversary is today. I am cooking for my wife. She is 72 years old Christmas Day. Supported our troops in Vietnam war. More balls than Trump. He would not fight for you, nor his family. We volunteered. I am a 10 US Navy injured on active duty status on unimployability status. I voted for Trump in my ( ignorance) neither of us approve of Trump. Ok! I am cooking anniversary dinner for my wife. At least I pay for it. You , myself and America pays for Trumps fake anniversaries. And it sucks.

  2. For years I was mystified over how Jim Jones was able to convince his followers to give their kids cyanide laced punch, and then drink the same poisoned punch themselves. The entire thing seemed fantastical and inconceivable. And then I saw a clip of Trump at one of his rallies, and then all of sudden, it all made sense.

    I am 100% certain that Trump could convince his cultists to do the exact same thing that Jim Jones did.

    Trumpism is a dystopian slavish cult that worships at the alters of hypocrisy, alternative facts,
    pathological ignorance, self-righteous bigotry, gaslighting, authoritarianism, doublespeak, and blind dogmatic obedience.

    1. I believe that when Trump supporters. Doing that sort of thing it will not be called suicide will be called Self Rapture

    1. @Hildebeast Clinton Get back to your Fair and Balanced Fox News
      Try not to think about the hundreds of millions of sexual harassment compensation payments
      (from Fox or Trump) $130,000 for a 6 minute roll around with Stormy Daniels???
      Losers love a loser, I suppose.

    2. @The Death Twitch You support Trump because you share his prejudice more than you want to benefit from fairer taxes. You’re a poorly educated, low information voter, who never checks the issues against a variety of sources. Now you can go back to posting racist comments about Kobe’s death.

  3. When it is related to him, Trump the dump thinks it is a hoax. But when it is related to Mr. Bernie Sander, Trump the Dump wanted an investigation into it. Such an a-hole.

    1. @john emeigh Typical, you spew aspersions; when aspersions are cast back at you, you cry like a snowflake. #tRumpForPrison2020

    2. @Hildebeast Clinton Here’s why you voted for tRump. Because you are an emptyhead. #34IndictmentsFortRumpCriminalCronies #7PrisonSentencesFortRumpCriminalCronies and…tRump and the Clinton’s have been friends for years. “Nobody could be that stupid, yet here you are…”

    3. @kaleilw Aspirations? You best buy a dictionary. At least 4 Senators have unqualified family members on the board of Burisma, along with Whitey Bulger’s nephew. You have a clear lack of knowledge; that’s not sin. You can’t make correct statements on any situation when you only get the incomplete and incorrect information. Open your sources.

  4. When your an egomaniac, you can’t let the truth be known that you needed the help of our enemies to get elected…even though that enemie owns you..

    1. Russian election interference is real. They interfere in my middle school class president elections. If I can do it there they can do it anywhere.

    2. Steven Stone
      Not only do you ingest the TV Corporate news media and their Russia propaganda you mindlessly believe the propaganda and repeat the propaganda. Nobody could be that stupid, yet here you are..

      The Russians? Meanwhile Chinese cash pours into the DNC.

      The real Roger Stone

      Here’s why we voted for Trump. In October of 2016, the FBI released these files.

    3. Emily Xiong
      Not only do you ingest the TV Corporate news media and their Russia propaganda you mindlessly believe the propaganda and repeat the propaganda. Nobody could be that stupid, yet here you are..

      The Russians? Meanwhile Chinese cash pours into the DNC.

      The real Roger Stone

      Here’s why we voted for Trump. In October of 2016, the FBI released these files.

    4. @Thomas Bonse that’s my meaning..we all know putin hates America because we got the Soviet union to break up..he wants to turn back the clock,and be the new stalin and control the vast empire of long ago..and trump wants to turn back the clock to the 1930,s when companies can pollute and destroy just to get rich…and he wants to be king of America..we all know Putin has dirt on trump and trump has gotten money from Russian mobsters and they use his properties to launder money for them…its all just a big conspiracy..

    5. @David Rodgers yes..our enemies are always trying to cause us trouble in any way they can.and with a traitorous egomaniacal coward in charge, he will use the American taxpayers in any way he can to line his pockets with money,and at the same time,putin will use the coward to do his bidding..trump own son said the trump criminal organization gets most of its money from Russians that are controlled by Putin’s criminal organization..trump is a user and abuser that gets used by a stronger abuser.

    1. Carol Irvine
      Doctors recommend it – He breathes through his nose to keep his throat moist – it’s a trick to avoid sipping water on stage.

    2. @Carol Irvine Yes, he’s an addict, and he doesn’t do rallies. He does angry hate rants. Only thing that’s soothing to me is he can’t last forever, unless he’s a minion of Satan. How old is he 74? And what’s with the white bags under his eyes? He doesn’t look so good to me.

  5. It’s always mind blowing to watch him do his fifth rate carney huckster routine on these crowds, barking & whining at them as if they were simpleton children. He comes across like some washed up nightclub comedian peddling old worn out jokes to a few late night drinkers & yet here he is at an arena full of folks he clearly loathes wanting to see a reality tv character in the flesh. Jeezus America

    1. @Wrangler 4×4 I wouldn’t trust a republican with my health care as far as I can spit , I am voting for BERNIE SANDERS , nothing you can do or say can change that . As for bills , Trump said he would protect my pre existing then did everyting in his power to destroy it , and now he’s protecting it again , yeah right . No way Jose , BERNIE ALL THE WAY . FEEL THE BERN MAN FEEL THE BERN .

    1. @Avery James Eaay to do when Bush signed the patriot act enabling surveillance on Americans. Anyone who has “access to” how anyone commits crimes, can easily get away with breaking the law; by using the ways and means devised by criminals.

      It wasn’t a mystery to me! Just look at everyone policing each other!

  6. Trump, as a Psychopath, knows all about “Hoaxes”. His fancy, dyed and gelled comb-over is one. His robotic third Trophy Wife is another. His carefully constructed facade of “greatness”, which includes mansions, golf courses and golden towers is another. Bone spurs were a hoax. Educate yourselves on psychopaths. Google the PCL-R by Dr. Robert Hare.

    1. T-Rump isn’t just your Run Of the Mill LIAR… His Outrageous and Outlandish, Easily Fact Checkable LIES… Come from ALL His Multi-Mental Disorders, Like from his Narcissistic Sociopathic Xenophobic Egomaniac and Demagogic Disorders!!!


      For Our Country and The World’s Sake… VOTE HIM OUT AMERICA!!!

  7. These are Trump’s people he installed that he now wants to say are Democrats? HIS administration is now going to cover up intelligence that could keep us all safe!!!!???? WTF!!!

    1. @Chad Nelson So, you reached back in the stale bag of lame replies. You are shockingly unimaginative. Flame away, comrade. You’re on “ignore” now. Have fun.

    1. no not no matter who, pick someone thats actually good for America, which in all likelihood would be Bernie

    2. How pathetic do your canadits have to be to come with the disclaimer “I don’t like X” and “Vote blue no matter who”…

    1. moomoofish 1 President chaos? The nation’s stability is on the rise. War rhetoric has fallen. And he only just made his deals. Is Nancy disrespectful for tearing the state of the union behind the president? Are the democrats being undemocratic for their unprecedented investigations resulting in impeachment on no crime, that’s ironically against the Constitution they are basing it on?

    2. moomoofish 1 his rallies are nice, Antifa, who too much of the left won’t condemn, is who are really full of assaults and lies by comparison.

    3. @Toward Treatise yeah which is why most of the domestic terrorism in this country is from the right. I am not a fan of black blocks but they don’t run people over with cars or want to destroy whole races. Antifa is nothing. Right wing extremism is very much on the rise and is a cancer to democracy and to all that is good. Also, your golden calf has told over 16000 lies. “You just tell them and they believe you.” Like good little sheep.

    1. @Eyo T news is proven fake, when its disproven through a set of verifiable facts and can be successfully disproven…not just because trump doesnt like it.

    2. @Eyo T actually, which privileges? Trump reversed protections on LGBTQ and allowed states to ban legal matrimony…the amount of americans with health insurance has been almost cut in half since 2015, less legislation pertaining to water quality testing, threats to withhold emergency aide for states that critique him (literally the idea that the government owes loyalty to him personally)…literally jails and separates families seeking the legal process of asylum…wow…what progress!

    3. @Eyo T So having gun control laws is a more clear indication of dictatorial tendencies than every correlation I just cited to you?

    1. @Aaron Fahr Her crimes remain as does the criminals who let her off and are attacking my president.I will not get over the fact that she and obama sold this country out and spied on the president.I have an idea,why don’t you tell Durham to get over it

  8. Everytime Trump gets caught in one of his corrupt dealings he cries hoax! The real hoax here is Trump and his presidency!

    1. Square Hammer I don’t think it, I know it because there has not been a single piece of evidence presented that Trump colluded with the Russians. Point me to some evidence. You won’t, because there is none and if there where, the media would be all over it. Schiff has yet to release his mountains of hard evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. He didn’t release it during the Mueller fiasco and not during the impeachment – either of those would have been a great time don’t you think? Does that not make you wonder, even a little?

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