Trump Calls Taliban 'Smart' As They Take Over In Afghanistan 1

Trump Calls Taliban ‘Smart’ As They Take Over In Afghanistan

Former president Trump appeared on FOX News to give his take on the situation in Afghanistan calling the Taliban 'great fighters' and falsely saying they've been fighting for 1,000 years. Fmr. Obama official Ben Rhodes joins to discuss.
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    1. @W Hooley right i show how you are literally projecting in the context of this conversation and your amazing response is “i know you are, but what am i?” sheesh dude….are you like 10?

    2. ​@Linda Sterling trump tried to bring troops home from day one and top generals and officials told him they were doing it and lied to him and went against him. trump is responsible for the taliban? biden and obama started the drone strikes on civilians, and later biden came back to completely abandon any one in the region that helped us by withdrawing over night. do you know what is going to happen to those people in the country? but every thing is trumps fault, orange man bad, because he stood up to the establishment you side with while attempting to blame trump for their actions. you have demonstrated that you are really good at repeating other people’s insults and false information, but are you capable of thinking for yourself and observing first hand knowledge? you still think trump praised white supremacist and refused to condemn them in Charlottesville, dont you? even though you can go and watch past the 15 seconds the news shows, then spend a half hour telling you what to think about it, and see immediately after the news cut him off he said “now i am not talking about neonazis, white supremacist, or white nationalist who are and should be condemned totally.” lol you are spouting lies. blatant lies and arguing with baseless insult to assert dominance in an argument instead of just presenting something smarter because you do not exist on the side of truth.(edit also biden and obama literally funded taliban while bombing their enemies. are you freaking joking trying to say trump is responsible for this? biden is responsible for the build up, and what occurred today, trump was in office 4 years, biden has had almost 9 in the white house and 47 total years in office. are you freaking joking?)

    1. @thom wessels But they were laughing at us before because a clown was elected, before this! AND THAT WAS THE GREATER EMBARRASSMENT! BAWAHAHA!

    2. @midnight moon Afgan wont attack anyone no more , the repupublicans cant steal from them no more ha hah

    1. @erick holguin Actually, are you sure it won’t be the Trump execution Hall? It’s going to have a 1000 rooms (cells) where they will hold their prisoners before execution. Seems the Talibans are already going door to door to recruit tenants.

    1. Anyone in that kind of position of power is probably smarter then you think. He didn’t say he likes them he just said they are smart big difference

  1. OMG, now he expects his supporters to embrace the Taliban? Talk about being on the wrong side, who needs enemies when you’ve got Trump?

    1. @Fletcher Reed facts. He’s not praising them. He’s saying they’re smart. Which they took over the entire country under this coward Biden in charge. Liberals will take every chance they can to bash on trump. Any chance they get they’ll bash on Trump.

  2. But the Taliban are smart… that’s why they are still standing after 20 years… how is that an endearing term to you people? Does your social programming have limits?

    1. Democrats give praise to Biden for the good stuff like “ending the war” while simultaneously putting the blame for death and destruction on “a plan” that was in put in place by Trump.

      You can’t have it both ways. It’s either all on Biden or none of it is right? Who does the buck stop with?

  3. The conman’s grasp of world events is only matched by his grasp of the English language and the world around him.

    1. @Paul Lee You think Biden staring out into space for almost 10 seconds, not saying anything when he gets “lost’ is good communication?

    2. @Janice Hotchkiss It’s not likely we can have a dialogue with someone who uses the term “tRump” either. So yeah I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

    3. @Defenestrate I live on Long Island NY. I’ve had dealings with tRumps lawyers in court; (he never shows up himself) We won. Stopped him from opening a restaurant on Jones Beach, Nassau County, NY.
      Look it up.

  4. Imagine if Obama called the Taliban “Smart” The right wing would be so outrage it would fold spacetime into itself.

    1. @Live 4today For starters you don’t leave weapons unguarded. Secondly and more importantly, your don’t leave AMERICANS stranded while allowing the runway fro planes to be taken over. Among other screw ups Biden disregarded.

      That answer your question? Biden is in charge. Stop making excuses. The buck stops with Joe (as he said himself).

    1. Not smart, but they are prepared for fighting , talibán got help from pakistan ,the mujahideen and bin laden got help from usa,uk m16 and pakistan ,operation cyclone .

    2. @Franco legacy spanish miracle mostly from the saudis……basically all of his support was saudis

    1. @Robert Evitt Don’t bother they’re trolls. Probably liking their own comments. When you see name calling and their comment has one like it’s a dead giveaway they’re trolls.

    2. @Robert Evitt why would he not set up a meeting? Setting up a meeting doesnt mean agreeing with them. It is normal for a leader to set up meetings with any power in place.

    3. @Robert Evitt I have seen them also provide you with no facts just screaming fake news and name calling. Not much of an argument to have. It’s sad really. Have a great day. Let them talk to a wall.

    1. No Biden didn’t. A.Eric and are out but we should have gotten women and girls out too. Their men mistreat them .

  5. Remember when everyone on Fox and the right would have called someone out for complimenting terrorists, meeting with dictators, saluting them, or bringing terrorists to camp David to negotiate with them…

    1. Ohh imagine If President Osama had invited The Taliban to Camp David. Fox would’ve gone off the rails about his Muslim ties!!

  6. It almost seems like we left all out equipment there for them to use?! We paid for it, being it home yesterday!!!

  7. If he was in power in sure they would of kept their side.

    Their victory was inevidable though…im sure nost many who we trained supported them

  8. Keep digging that hole, donnie. Listen to his word soup.
    You were one of the presidents that kept us there.

  9. Joe Biden: “In my heart I’m confident I could be a great president..”
    Also Joe Biden(About Afghanistan): “That was four days ago..”

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