Trump Campaign ‘Encourages’ Masks At Next Rally | MSNBC 1

Trump Campaign ‘Encourages’ Masks At Next Rally | MSNBC


President Trump will provide masks at his next rally in Portsmouth, N.H. This is a change from his past rallies where he did not encourage wearing a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump Campaign ‘Encourages’ Masks At Next Rally | MSNBC


    1. @Denise Hall yes because a natural immunity is always better for humanity then depending on vaccines for everything.
      99.98% survive just fine and you will too.

  1. Donald Trump’s incompetence, ignorance & indifference has made him the most deadly job-killing president in our history.

    1. Who cares. Yesterday Kanye West secured 4 more years of Trump. Now that is news worth celebrating!

    2. Trump hasn’t killed any jobs, the lockdown (WHICH WAS PUT IN PLACE BY DEMOCRATIC GOVERNORS) did.

    3. @Francis Spitza Did OBAMA separate the country and spew hate on twitter. Trump has opened the door to racist people

  2. So he’s admitting to the first crowd in Tulsa he didn’t care about them or their health at all, and put their lives at danger. Stay classy Bunker Boy.

    1. @Rune – Thorne He has a responsibility to the Constitution first and foremost. Complicated issue! Just remember there’s a trade war going with China in an election year which a virus was released from a lab in China that the Obama and Biden Administration gave a 3.7 million dollar Grant to.

    2. @Rune – Thorne Republicans don’t have to take responsibility. Donnie said he doesn’t so why not follow the leader?

    3. @Pete one The scientific community debunked that, there’s no proof it started in that lab and even if it had, the grant was given for studies of viruses, to be able to develop vaccines, and there are multiple labs given those grants every year to try and prevent pandemics. George Bush was actually the first person to give the WuHan lab a grant, Obama just renewed it. As far as the Constitution is concerned, I’m actually a part of the Federalist society. When I wrote what I wrote there’s already legal precedent for doing exactly that, but most recently the imposition of Federal authority was imposed in Puerto Rico, and as far as the actual states, it was during hurricane relief. Most times it’s times it’s during hurricane relief, but even the Spanish Flu epidemic became a national emergency with the Federal government mandating practices and response, because it crosses borders, meaning it affects more than one state.

    4. @nobody that you know funny, back in the day, they were all about responsibility…but now when you stand for nothing.

  3. He Lowered the bar a month ago now folks think he’s become mainstream? Tens of thousands will still die do to his tragic policy

    1. @Ricky Spanish
      They pathetic thing is that you actually think that would be an effective lie

    2. @Ricky Spanish Ohhh, I thought the pandemic was a democrat hoax! But now it’s the BLM protesters fault? Noted…

    1. I would rather be stupid then governed by communists… sorry it’s 2020 they are called progressives now… my bad.

    2. @perp1exed so you are in favor of genocide and full spectrum oppression… good to know.

    3. @perp1exed nope I just don’t see a reason why we should surrender the country to foreigners or to communists, can you think of a good reason why we should?

    1. @Jock Young you are right you were talking about “trump supporters” and I’m sure there is no racial connotation to that phrase… right?

    2. It’s already happening. Trump has Fox and Fiends so confused they don’t have a clue which of his B. S. to back up from day to day. Now they all look like complete idiots. as if they haven’t already to most of us.

    3. Keep in mind Fox News has attacked Trump before, they don’t agree with everything he does, unlike MSNBC which will NOT DARE say anything bad about democrats, and will NOT DARE say anything good about Trump.

  4. The irony, of course, is that Trump’s base are likely to turn out in smaller numbers AND the ones who show up STILL won’t bother wearing masks. Then, Trump will reverse course and stop recommending masks.

    1. They’re getting sick now…it’s not just an international city problem anymore. It’s coming to the sticks.

    2. +Richard Owens
      I think they’re prone do anything he suggests. If he said everyone should wear a mask then I think a great many would. If he said they should take to the streets with guns and round up democrats…I think many of them would do that too. Weird mass pathology going on. Cult of personality…a dream we can’t wake up from…whatever you want to call it. It’s all very goddamned weird.

    3. @olrik parlez Your describing the GOP PARTY Platform
      Enslave the illinformed segment of America & frighten them with boggie man stories & xenaphobic bigot hate .
      Vote Biden !
      Vote Blue !
      Vote Democracy !

    4. personally i avoid trump supporters they are now our countries worst nightmare “”CARRIERS”” of the trump pandemic civid 19 and the stupidity of trump is a very dangerous pandemic

    1. LAST CALL case count are increasing rapidly. Death always lag behind case so expect lots more death in the near future

    2. @LAST CALL
      It can take you up to two months to die, especially if you’re younger.

      The mortality rate we’re seeing now is from the Shutdown. Unless Remdesivir is as good as we hope it is August will be scary.

    1. @Patricia

      Did you ever worry about wearing a mask before this year? How many people have you infected with influenza during your life?

    2. @LeMar Meezy Hayes my daughter when she was alive saw another girl chug bleach in juvie and the girl literally threw up her stomach.

    1. It’s all a democrat hoax. Trump doesn’t exist, and we’re all just tripping on hydroxychloroquine and disinfectants.

  5. Its funny how his following dont see his scam.
    Remember he stated that anyone who wears mask are against him.

    1. These are the same folks who fell in love with Pallin & were used as slaves by the Koch Family as tea party Zombies.

    2. @Boogaloo Bill we are in a hole and listen to Trump speak about other Americans while he praises Putin.
      Find one example of him critical of Putin.
      This should be a red flag.
      Find one example of him criticizing Putin.
      You cant because he doesn’t. Yet American citizens he doesn’t have any problems

    3. @Boogaloo Bill How about the GOP fear mongering ( based on make believe nonsence)
      Deep State , Obamagate , Pizzagate , Qanon , CIA CONSPIRACY etc…..
      What’s that all about ???

    4. @Hull Style Produtions Change the World
      The entire GOP Platform is now just make believe nonsence & fear.
      Obamagate , Pizzagate Deep State CIA media conspiracy garbage etc…

    1. Boof a bottle of bleach and seal it in with a lit 100W UV lamp. It’s a Dear Leader approved cure.

    2. Jesus, would these idiots make up their f’ing minds? It’s a hoax, it’s serious, we need to go back to work, wait we need to shutdown again, it isn’t that serious, it will go away once it is warm etc, etc, etc. This is what happens when you worry more about staying out of prison than you do about your country or saving lives.

  6. Still some of his supporters will reject wearing masks “because this is a free country” and “it’s just a hoax from the dems and the main stream media”.

    1. If you can fart and smell it through you panties and your jeans, the mask won’t stop you from catching coronavirus.

    2. LAST CALL thankfully, evolution , by killing morons, will put you and Trump out of our misery

  7. tRump only knows how to dismiss and how to destroy. Let him wear a LEATHERFACE mask; no one will be able to tell the difference.

    1. LAST CALL … Trump’s following cannot cognitively think for themselves, even to save your life. Your answers result in name calling and perverted nursery rhymes.

    2. @Calvin Green

      You brainwashed idiots will do whatever the talking heads tell you to, dance little puppet.

    3. LAST CALL Right, while your every utterance mirrors you know who…but I’m the puppet? Okie dokie…can you say something that makes sense and without a petulant moniker in tow? Doubt it…anyway, have a great evening…I have to get up in the morning.

    4. LAST CALL … how are those poll numbers, how’s Trump’s fundraising going? I know BIG money is dropping him. Wait until Maxwell starts singing like a bird. And though I get my information from many news sources, I don’t totality rely on one. Speaking of which, FOX is a joke. Trump is done and Hannity cannot quit him no matter what.

  8. Who cares? Damage already done. 0.5% of the maga people will be wearing masks at your next rally

    1. It’ll be one person out of 100 who’ll be wearing half a mask, with the nose and mouth cut out

  9. Trump has spent most time as RALLIES….NO other President has EVER spent so much of taxpayers money…Trump leaves a trail of debt and UNPAID RESOURCES at HIS EGO festivals…fire dept, police dept, ambulances….his weekly GOLF at HIS RESORTS his Trump crime family VACATIONS etc etc etc

    1. Unpaid Debt is the Trump family brand .
      They don’t pay thier taxes , or debts or anything.
      Scumbagedry at its finest !

  10. I will not wear a mask, I’m so slimy that the COVID can’t stick to me, I have a BS mucus coat protecting me.

    1. If you are pretending to be Trump, you need to throw in some serious spelling and grammar errors.

    2. I was wondering about that. It makes sense now. It’s the impenetrable slime coating that he slithers around in. Everything slides off.

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