Trump Campaign Really Did Pay Fake Supporters To Attend 2015 Campaign Launch, Aide Admits 1

Trump Campaign Really Did Pay Fake Supporters To Attend 2015 Campaign Launch, Aide Admits


Rachel Maddow looks back at how the Trump campaign denied reporting that they had paid actors to fill out the audience at Donald Trump's presidential campaign announcement in 2015, only to confirm, now that Trump is out of office, that the story was true after all. 
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    1. No this clip stated that you were paid at the end of nearly 3 hours, of standing and clapping, better than going to the gym

    1. @Comically Unstable i was under the impression that what you dont understand is your choice. Trump campaigned on a platform of reviving US manufacturing jobs after we lost over 4 million to China and Mexico after the Clinton administration allowed China to enter the WTO and passed NAFTA in the 1990’s. People understood the corporate money and influence on past presidents from Clinton to Bush would rather have manufacturing use cheap offshore labor and that no one stood up for them. They saw nothing form the Obama administration so after 30 years of plant closings and towns dying…they voted for someone who campaigned on a platform called Make America Great Again to bring back manufacturing jobs. They also understood that Latinos on average vote 70/30 Democrat and that this decades long scheme to import future democrat voters across the border in order to flip swing states from red to Blue, like California, Arizona, Texas and Virginia, they felt it was unethical and a scam to import votes across the border, which would have the effect of helping more Obamas and Clintons that didnt give a crap about them and they didnt like it.
      Thats why they voted for Trump
      And he delivered low taxes, low inflation, low unemployment, rising wages and low illegal immigration.
      Thats why they loved his policies and stuck with him. Even if he tweeted too much. They put up with it because he helped them when no one else would.

    2. Top Wall Street Executives Say Inflation Could Be Worse Than Predicted
      BY July 18, 2021 Updated: July 18, 2021

    3. @Raptango_NA the manufacturing jobs haven’t come back tho. All we got was the biggest tax cuts in history. Again. I understand voting for trump. IF YOURE RICH. but he has the lowest class of people’s support.
      Trump severed ties with WTO gave up American power and influence all over the world and segregated America again while doing it.

      On top of the fact the Trump was one of the business tycoons that initially shipped the jobs off in the first place.
      Like I said. You see the lie. You recognize it as a lie. But you can’t fathom it coming from Trump.

      Most of the people in his crowd HAVE Obamacare. He never INTENDED TO dismantle it. But he sold it for 4 years. No border wall built but he got funded. Started a war in Israel. Negligently killed 600k + with misuse of office and hired liar after liar after liar.

      Case in point. The qualifications for being American in trumps America. Was to love trump. And that’s as unamerican as it gets.

    4. @Raptango_NA white Americans HATED Obama. But he never questioned their patriotism for it.

    1. @II nosferatu II You tried to tell us but we couldn’t understand a word you said with that little orange popsicle in your mouth.

  1. He was always yelling that the people in Democrat audiences were paid actors. He always deflects

    1. @Prof. Scheere I would love to see Trump have to choose between Ivanka going or he himself going. That might actually be a tough one for him. I’ve said from the beginning, though, Jared had better keep his antennae focused in his father-in-law’s direction. There could be a massive bus coming his way if push comes to shove.

    1. @4saken404 Yes, that was my impression too. Trump may not have known it was all faked by Lewandowski and his subordinates. If Trump ever asked about the expenses listed for his opening event for which he paid, it could easily have been included under “Decorations,” “Food” and “Security.”

    1. Damian Leah: I’ll bet his wives could teach him a lot more than he cares to learn about this topic.

  2. This is why I can’t stand the term “Fake it till you make it”. That type of shat mentality really does everyone wrong

  3. Trump is a master at gaslighting and projection, when he opens his mouth he’s either confessing or projecting.

    1. @Chad Simmons yeah cause Trump was a total word smith couldn’t even pronounce origins and anonymous

  4. After living through 4 years of him as president, no, this doesn’t sound crazy. On point, actually.

  5. Trump always calling others fake when he is as fake as they come, fake billionaire, draft dodger, liar etc etc.

    1. I was really confused which Rudy you were talking about, I didn’t notice the “G” at first. And I’m still not positive which “Rudy G” you mean, maybe next time use the whole last name?

    2. @other side How many Rudy G,s you know that’s associated with the Con man? That deflecting is getting old

    1. Really looks good on their resume- to ghost appear at 45’s campaign and appear that you know or care anything about his highness.

    1. @Victoria Johnson I believe Trump is one of the Anti-Christs. And a man most people love to hate.

  6. Again, everything the GOP accuses others of doing, they are doing themselves. Every single time.

    1. @CBSR nothing like the GOP is doing now. They have taken lying and corruption WAY past anything it’s been before.

    1. Poor girl! ONCE A YEAR? I almost feel bad for her, but then I remember “I DONT REALLY CARE DO YOU?” and I get over it quick.

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