Trump: Capitol Rioters Were 'Zero Threat' To Lawmakers | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Trump: Capitol Rioters Were ‘Zero Threat’ To Lawmakers | Morning Joe | MSNBC


On Thursday, former President Trump said that rioters at the January 6 Capitol Hill attack posed 'zero threat' to lawmakers. The Morning Joe panel reacts to Trump's remarks. Aired on 03/26/2021.

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Trump Claims Capitol Rioters Posed 'Zero Threat' To Lawmakers | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Trump continues to lie. Lies to try swaying public opinion. That was America’s largest lynch mob

    1. Every City is Democrat controlled and the Democrats have turned them all into corrupt, crime-ridden, blighted, depressed ghettoes… Every single one…

    1. @End The Matriarchy You again. I guess your moniker says it all. Raspberry from a matriarch.

    2. End The Matriarchy you need to replace your hearing aid, and get someone to explain what was happening at the Capitol building. Or you’re as moronic as the former guy.

    1. Yeah. The voice is hideous. Its only competitors? The hideous yammerers on Fox. For the sake of your dogs, and for the rest of us, I’m praying for those horrible voices to magically go away.

    2. @Billy Joyner Thank you. If we ignore the threat, as Blind Bat’s supercilious comment suggests we should, the threat is free to grow and flourish.

    3. @Megan Sainsbury I wish I could have flown away to get away from his voice. I just fast forward.

  2. The GOP at this point is like well…we’re already neck deep in raw sewage after 4 years with guy, let’s just dive in head first!

    1. @Victor Pradha Everyone knows there was Chinese interference in this election. Everybody knows Democrats falsified vote counts in their districts. It’s OBVIOUS. Libs know it too. They just don’t care.

    2. @End The Matriarchy Sounds like a different language because those of us who refuse to make common cause with those who wave the confederate flag, carry a swastika or brandish a noose will sound alien to those that do!

    3. @End The Matriarchy So Russia didn’t screw with the election in favor of tRump, but China somehow miraculously managed to swing MILLIONS of votes in Biden’s favor. Also…you can’t falsify vote tallies because hard copy ballots are kept for recount and audit purposes. And you can’t fabricate ballots because they all have special water marks per county and individualized ballot control numbers the ranges for which are assigned on a per county basis. Thus, without knowing the ballot control number range, nobody can fabricate a ballot for county and NOT get caught. Also, each ballot has a bar code which is specific to the county and there are 2 steps. The bar code validates the ballot as being for the county AND then the ballot marks are read into the system. The hard copy ballots are kept as well. So THERES no way to invent dozens, much less hundreds or thousands of fake ballots or fabricate vote counts because a paper trail is there as a safety check.

      Let go of your delusions. tRump lost because he played the violin as 550,000 Americans died from a virus he denied existed, then kept insisting was going to “disappear” by April, then June, then August, then October, then by Christmas. And he pushed snake oil remedies like hydroxychloroquine and injectable disinfectant. The guy literally stood there dumbfounded and clueless as people died by the thousands, even tens of thousands weekly. Duhnald tRump LOST due to his incompetence and willful dereliction of duty!

    4. @Victor Pradha WoW!
      That was a fine demonstration of the use of
      WACK-A-TROLL ®
      Keep up the good work

  3. I’m seeing soooo much love….. You would have to be disturbed to see any love there. It IS beyond sick.

  4. Hugging with a flag pole. Kissing them with fire extinguishers. Holding hands with bear spray….
    Cant you just feel the love……..

    1. @Yeesss Sirrr There were BLM protests around the world you know, in dozens of countries, all without issue, well there were a few incidents in London but nowhere else that was reported. Have zero idea what chop/Chaz is.

    2. @Jonas P On June 9, an area of around six blocks in downtown Seattle became known as CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. It was formed after several nights of intense, sometimes violent standoffs between police and protesters ~ Source CNN

    3. @Jonas P Thank you!!! I have been saying that from day 1. They just don’t want to think that their actions can make America look like a shithole country.

    4. @Yeesss Sirrr
      Most of the damage caused this last year was by looting; which had nothing to do with the protests in the vast majority of cases. You’re conflating separate phenomena just because they occurred at the same time.

  5. I definitely didn’t see any hugging or kissing. I saw bearspray and windows and doors being smashed. I saw a guy with his feet on the speakers desk. He lies like no other

  6. It’s worth remembering that Fox News let him say that, unchallenged. All your networks can be criticized – but Fox News alone tacitly condones domestic terrorism.

    1. Oh I guarantee you if Mr Orange went on OAN or Newsmax or one of those propaganda mills right of Fox “news” they would do the exact same thing!

  7. it is absolutely necessary to show this. do not allow any gap for people to slip into an alternative reality

  8. When the insurrectionists were repeatedly shouting “Hang Mike Pence !!” as they attacked the Capitol Hill, I’m pretty sure they posed “zero threat”. LOL !.

    1. @Milton Bradley their reaction would be nothing but non stop spamming on youtube “you’re next….blah blah blah”. In reality, if they had, our military would’ve been called in and put some lead into those freaks. I would’ve loved to see a few Apache helicopters unload their 30mm’s on that crowd.

    2. @Milton Bradley if people were killed you would have dealt with a much different situation, especially if the Vice President and the Speaker of the House would have been killed and congress people. For one, the electoral college votes would have likely not been counted and the democratic process would have stopped. For second, at that point that would have been a full on, unquetionable coup attempt, somewhat successful and It might have brought similar crazy people to create chaos all around the US. At that point the Lord knows what Trump would have done as a response. Maybe martial law, which according to some he was considering anyway. It could have been much worse, that’s for sure.

    3. @Heather Dequetteville Sorry, we were talking about congress people, or the VP or someone like that, I know people died. Read the rest, you’ll get the context.

  9. They Built a GALLOWS w/ a NOOSE hanging from it on Capital Grounds… Said on a National News Channel that Pelosie and Schumer needed to be led out and Hung for TREASON and they were CHANTING …”Hang MIKE PENCE” while they were storming through the Capital Building… JUST HOW IS THAT “Zero Threat”

  10. “Persecuting those people.” No, they’re prosecuting those people. Nothing could demonstrate Trump’s disregard for the law , more than this quote.

    1. @Heather Dequetteville I haven’t seen any of the BLM and Antifa insurrectionists who caused 2 billion dollars worth of damage to the country, and murdered dozens of Americans being hunted down. They were most definitely trying to effect a political change with violence. If you don’t know that’s the definition of a terrorism, you should. I wonder if the FBI hadn’t been so busy hunting down, and persecuting Joe Biden’s political enemies, would they have had more time to keep an eye on what Amaud Al Assisi was up to. If your doing one thing, you can’t be doing another. Can you?

    2. @Henry Feilding Okay, you, clearly don,t understand the definition of insurrection or the meaning of antifa. End of.

    3. @Heather Dequetteville I understand that BLM and Antifa were attempting to topple the government, and bring Donald Trump down. That’s the very definition of insurrection.

  11. “They’re persecuting some of those people.” THey should start at the top and persecute the lunatic.

    1. He meant ‘prosecuting’. But that would be uttering the truth, and he would burst into eternal flames if he spoke the truth! So he had to change it. You know Donald, he has all the best words. He knows words.

    2. @Phil Groves No. He definitely meant “persecuting”. They are being prosecuted, but Trump cultists (including Trump) have created a culture of straight, white, Christian conservative grievance, where they’re always the real victims, even when they’re literally maiming & killing people. To them, prosecution, or any other forms of accountability= persecution of the “righteous” right/ white.

  12. Trump didn’t even have the common decentcy to pay his respects to the officer who died when he laid in state.

    1. Don’t have the words, or at least I can’t put them in the comments of what I think of Orangeman. Despicable is a mild start.

  13. Trump doesn’t realize he can’t lie his way out of his actions anymore. He doesn’t have Barr shutting down legal actions against him.

    1. They hugged & kissed them to death! Hundreds ended up in the hospital. Officer Sicknick died & more. There’s a real zero–Trump–always was a ZERO! Prison is too good for that air-head!-Or anybody who backs him.

    2. everyone (and I mean everyone) needs to realize Trump is insane – he has absolutely no touch with reality ~ his mind is gone.

  14. He’s a chronic liar who uses the excuse, “if “I” believe it, it ain’t a lie”. Hope he has the opportunity to scrawl that on a prison wall someday soon.

  15. Trump still using Hitler’s playbook: lie, lie, lie and eventually people will think it’s the truth!!!!! Let’s put him in prison where he belongs!!!!!

    1. You know what…I have been saying the same comment for FOUR YEARS. The only step Trump didn’t start-up…is the concentration camps.

    2. yes! imprison these cons–including McConnell whose actions for decades has severely damaged Democracy.

    3. We are sharing the same whispers of fear and disgust as the common German people during the 1930s who were cast in the shadow of the Nazi Regime.
      We need to remind ourselves of history and the cost of turning a blind eye.

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