Trump Casino Executive: He's Gambling With Economy On Impulse | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

Trump Casino Executive: He’s Gambling With Economy On Impulse | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


The Wall Street Journal reports on ‘Warning Signs’ pointing to a ‘Global Slowdown.’ One factor of the ‘shutdown,’ is Trump’s gambler's approach to international trade. Former Trump Casino Executive, Jack O’Donnell tells Ari Melber Trump is operating the government in the same manner as he did casinos, impulsively making decisions without ‘strategy’ or ‘economic discipline’ and adds he doesn’t understand tariffs it was ‘just the thought of the day.’
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Trump Casino Executive: He's Gambling With Economy On Impulse | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Cadet Spanky McBonespurs is an imbecile…
    this orange con man won’t stop until he runs this country into the ground…
    the Donald is proof that money can not buy you any class…or intellegence…

    1. John Preston you failed to explain how can the orange con man can run the country into ground? I want to know when the the US goes underground, I want to be there at Fort Knox to collect all the 9000 metric ton gold to become instant Trillionaire. Please tell me when US is going into the ground?

  2. Trump has no idea about hard working families trying to save and invest for their future….he just doesn’t care! Dump Trump 2020!!!!!

    1. Jeffrey Binder sorry bud, Obama saved the economy from the Great Recession. He handed trump the ball on the 2 yard line. Then trump passed massive tax cuts for corporations and the highest earners which goosed the economy in the short term but also increased the national debt by $2,000,000,000,000,000. Granted, Obama had an 800 billion stimulus package but that was during a recession. Obviously, to essentially offer a stimulus package in the form of tax cuts to the rich when the economy is already good is foolishness. It’s also foolish to then impose tariffs, which are not paid by China, they are paid by the consumers. Maybe you should do some reading up on these things before you comment publicly and expose yourself as a complete and utter moron.

    2. That would make a great bumper sticker for the election. Except all the deplorables would trash your car or steal it.if they drove it over a cliff but stayed in it, it would be worth it

  3. How do you inherit an economy on the upswing, and in less than 4 years manage to place it under scrutiny?

    1. Daniel P Lol yup there it is like clockwork…”Bbbb But Hilary..But thhe Clinton’ but Obama.”

    2. @Timothy Kozlowski And keeping the US banks afloat was useless ? I would like to see you comment in 2009 if he had let the banks file chapter 11.
      You would be living the same nightmare as in Argentina. The US GDP following the 2008 crisis was at minus 2.8%. It peaked at 2.5% after a year and stayed above 2.5%
      2 years in his last term. 1.5% was the lowest growth during is 2 terms.
      It’s always easy for imbeciles to comment from the side line and pull out only the numbers that fit with their dumb narrative
      I would like to see how you would fare in an economic crisis at the helm of any country big or small. No doubt it would be a wreck

    3. @Mark Keller You’re welcomed

      I am baffled, all these numbers are at the tip of anyone’s fingers. Information age yeah… my axx…

    1. @mark harrowfield now…if we can just get rid of all the brown people who worked in our agricultural production…done.

    2. Chatty Cathy if you were farming water melons, can you explain, how you will be in trouble by Trump’s tariffs? I am learning from the experts!

    3. mark harrowfield You’re acting as if the cornerstone of American foods can collapse and you won’t be effected.

    4. Francis Godinho The attack on migrant workers will…. Watermelons are picked by hand by migrant workers. Nice try though to pretend he’s not a disaster for American food growers.

    1. Robert Jeglum I was always wondering why at all McDonald they have clown welcoming to buy a burger?

  4. Bill O’Reilly – “people, Trump supporters, gotta pay attention to this, the president I know, I know, is all over this”
    Lol – how the heck do you think we got to here Bill, Trumps hands all over it? Ya think? Ya can’t fix stupid BILL.

    1. Ned Delley Bill O’Reilly should close it. His buddies at Fox have supported this SOB as he has been destroying our country.

    1. @Francis Godinho We no longer gold standard here. We issue bonds. When the US can no longer sell those bonds and can’t pay our bills we are bankrupt.

  5. Trump has the impulse control and the decision making skills of a toddler, plus he likes really big big BIG trucks, so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.

    1. David J. your comment tells you Mama could not afford to buy you the Big Truck because she was single, no father and broke.

  6. Anyone that has went bankrupt as many times as this loser shouldn’t be trusted with giving you change for a dollar.

    1. He’s so stupid, he would give you change, for a 3 dollar note. BUT check it, It might only be change for a 2 dollar note!

  7. I never thought your smart and intelligent peoples would elect trump, shows how stupid I am. at the same time I am very happy to live in Canada. with my free health care. good luck my southern cousins, you’ll need it.

    1. arcemedies macdonald. The Canadians are the most stupid people who elected Justin Truduo who goes to India dancing with the Turban Mullahs and praying with them by tying to his head with orange bandana. Canada population is 30 million. US is 330 million. Do you have an idea how to give free heath care for 330 million, plus over 30 million illegals hiding in Sanctuary cities that is equal to Canada population who have crossed the US border. Why not give your Canadian idea how to give free heath care for 330 million? Talk is easy. Delivering is impossible! Come and show how you can do it.

    2. @Francis Godinho stop being stupid. Quantity of people dont have anything to do with this. 30 milions people are paying healtcare for 30 million people is exactly the same as 330 million people paying healtcare for 330 million people. same ratio stupid american. Do you think its free. All canadians are paying for this.

    1. Cheryl R Leigh, not even that, allegedly. He just wants to feed his childish ego with the hope that it will someday stop screaming abuse at him.

  8. Chapter 11 trump……. we were warned……. chapter 11 America…
    Now we’re seeing the fall of America under trump the liar.
    Everything trump touches DIES!!!

    1. terry baker when you die, you will turn in dust by maggots & worms. Better buy a steel coffin so no creepy bugs can enter to eat you up.

    1. PennyWise stupid brains with Wanky hands, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha tells the world is tanking. Ha ha ha ha ha .

    1. But he has a LOT of those… blue really need to back each other up if you want to make a change…

    2. Regina Kelly you voted for Hillary Clinton, and the Imbecile won. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Who will you vote in 2020? Ha ha ha ha ha another imbecile?

    3. @Francis Godinho the imbecile cheated and colluded with Russia. Hillary won more votes. He’s an imbecile and apparently so are you

  9. He is just a lying CON ARTIST who is a PSYCHOPATHIC NARCISSIST! Hitler’s protégé! Wake Up America!

  10. Casino …….?? Here in Australia, sometime ago Trump was refused a casino license due to his mob/criminal connections…..yet he can become a US president!!?? Crazy eh?

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