Trump Claims Children Do Not Spread Virus Easily | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Fat chance. First to take the vaccine or sell it for a profit is more in tune with their family motto

    2. Even better, have Trump the orange moronic criminal go himself. Let’s see if he can even pass 3rd grade level classes?

    1. Hey, you stole my Trump poem idea… it’s ok, I like yours too. Here’s mine.

      The bull strolls into a field
      On the ground he leaves a deposit
      Trump stumbles up to a podium
      He slurs some dimwit comments
      The actions are different but the stench is the same
      The world accepts one as nature at work
      The other an abomination of nature itself.

    2. @Rasta Lives Matter only idiots and Russians are happy with Dirty Don.
      Worst handling of pandemic in the developed world
      Civil and/ or World War a genuine possibility.
      This is the America Dirty Don has created.

  1. Fall isnt that far away. Parents sending their to school must hate them like chump hates his creepy kids

    1. Well in all fairness you can’t blame him for hating those……. I don’t know what you’d call them.

    1. @Jean Engstrom scuse you.
      as a retired nurse, you should follow the science.
      the science indicated children are not at risk.
      i guess you think every household has grandma in it.
      there is not.
      and guess what.
      my grandma is smart enough to take the proper precautions.
      and as a nurse (retired) you should simply look at what other countries have done.
      that’s called ” observation, ” also part of science.
      other countries are opening schools.

    2. New York City’s Department of Education have been caring for, collectively, tens of thousands of children since March, and both tell NPR they have no reports of coronavirus clusters or outbreaks.

    3. @gray man You need to pay attention to DETAILS. Kids can’t be expected to keep their masks on for the duration…
      But feel free to send YOURS. You brought them IN & you can inadvertently usher them out. 😘

    4. @gray man BTW…the other countries are NOT rushing things like the states who’ve jumped the gun & are now paying DEARLY for it.

  2. Trump: Children don’t spread Covid. Reality: Children above 10 spread it as easily as adults.

    The Covid briefings should be done by scientists! Not by a proven pathological liar! 😳

    1. @Radley2612 Children are getting very very sick with Covid19 and many will have long term, potentially permanent damage. Children should not not not not be the sacrificial lambs to the myth that is her immunity and nor should teachers.

    2. @Tom Doran Or teacher’s children, partners, grandparents, friends, neighbours, shopkeepers. It is like these Trumpanzees think they live in a vacuum.

    1. @Patti Tinsley You’re absolutely right. One child is too many. Just read that 85 newborns in texas have tested positive.

    2. New York City’s Department of Education have been caring for, collectively, tens of thousands of children since March, and both tell NPR they have no reports of coronavirus clusters or outbreaks. via NPR

    3. case studies from France and Australia but wrote that, “So far there have been no reports of COVID-19 outbreaks in Swedish schools,”

    4. @Sean M they don’t test if you don’t have any symptoms, and that goes for kids as well. I wouldn’t trust any school openings until a year has passed. Opening schools during a raging pandemic is utterly insane. What about the adults in the schools. Is anyone positive that Covid 19 won’t mutate and start hitting the younger people 10 and under? 85 newborns have tested positive in Texas which tells me we need to look deeper before sending our kids back to school.

  3. Why are we listening to the moron in chief in what he “thinks” about the virus? He also “thought” the virus was just going to “disappear “. How did that little “stable genius” knowledge nugget work out?

    1. It’s important to underscore his position because it obviously affects how things are run

    2. Put the moron on a potty in a corner, n let him ponder what his lecturer said about him..” the most darndest stupid student he had ever taught in his life.”

    3. “It’s just another Democrat party hoax, believe me!” – dumb dirty Donny explains his Covid-19 theory

    4. “I take NO responsibility at all!” – lazy loony Donny explains his idea of leadership

  4. I worked in an office with individuals who were parents. Yes, they did bring their cold and flu symptoms from home and their kids to the office with multiple people getting sick.

    1. @Pipe Wrench Depends how lethal the disease is doesn’t it? Covid’s pretty bad, I’ve had one friend die and two others still sick months after getting it.

    2. @Pipe Wrench Thank you, and you and yours too.
      It is a nasty disease. My friend’s daughter got it three months ago and still has no sense of taste or smell, that’s scary because it means nerve and/or brain damage.
      Another friend is a senior nurse in an ICU and she has seen friends die and has had to intubate her boss. He returned to work recently and they tried to stop him coming in, but he insisted that he had work to do (and apropos of nothing, he’s a Muslim).
      What’s worrying about it is if it follows the pattern of the ‘Spanish flu’ of 1918, that started off with a high mortality rate, then seemed to go, then came back later in the autumn in a much more virulent form.
      Don’t forget, all this stuff about social distancing and mask wearing isn’t so much about preventing the disease, it’s about making sure we don’t all get it at once, overwhelm the hospitals and die in the car parks waiting to be admitted.
      It’s my nurse friend’s stories that most impress me. She is, btw, about as left wing as Attila the Hun so she has no horse in that race. She said they normally get about 2 deaths per month in her ICU, and at the height of the pandemic they were getting 50. She said they were devastated. Student nurses in the wards were lying alongside dying patients trying to console them because their families couldn’t touch them.
      So, f*** politics, wear masks, and stay away from crowded situations.

    3. Badgersj You are absolutely correct. This disease has no party affiliation it affects everyone. Wife is an ER nurse here in NY so I know what you’re saying. Compliance with wearing masks is very important. You’d be amazed at the number of people that I see in one day a few trips on the subway not wearing them

    4. case studies from France and Australia but wrote that, “So far there have been no reports of COVID-19 outbreaks in Swedish schools,”

  5. Trump has worked harder to help this virus destroy our nation than he has helped any other group. Some of his people should probably let him know that covid-19 can’t vote.

    1. If Covid-19 could vote, it would vote for Trump.
      Because with Trump back in office, Covid will have a grip on the USA for four more years – while the rest of the world laughs at us!

    2. New York City’s Department of Education have been caring for, collectively, tens of thousands of children since March, and both tell NPR they have no reports of coronavirus clusters or outbreaks.

  6. Let’s be real here, Trump does not care about these kids education. All he cares about is having somewhere for children to go so their parents can go to work.

    That’s it. Trump sees every single one of us as a cog in the machine of the economy. He doesn’t care if this causes a further 100,000 cogs to die off. So long as the other cogs are back in the machine, the stock market will bounce and he’ll have a talking point come November! That’s literally all this is about!

    1. But talk about short-sighted…when the kids start coming home with it, they will pass it to their parents, who will then carry it to work. Businesses shut down for sure, then.

    2. @Nancy Howard When I first mentioned trump being a fascist ,3 years ago, their reaction was ” Nah, this is a different world compared to Hitler’s , that’s not going to happen ” and yet here we are. I knew it and no one listened now everyone is scared .

    3. New York City’s Department of Education have been caring for, collectively, tens of thousands of children since March, and both tell NPR they have no reports of coronavirus clusters or outbreaks.

    4. @Type R Trumps entire strategy has been short sighted. He pressured states into reopening too early and whilst this may have provided a small economic benefit in the short term, it has screwed them over in the long term because now cases have spiked and they are having to shut down again!

      Despite heavily prioritising the economy over human life, the US is going to suffer way may economic damage than it needed to. Way more than what other countries who now have their outbreaks under control will suffer.

  7. Children are our future, sending them to school in the middle of a pandemic, they will have no future if they’re infected..

    1. A recent poll of children suggests they agree with Donald Trump because as one put it If i don’t go to school how can i learn & get a good job and look after my mum & dad when there old.

    2. So sad using our children as test subjects to see how far , and fast the virus spreads when we send them to school & plus they will be bringing it home to infect the rest of the Family…

    3. @Radley2612 I am not against go back to school BUT I am against go back school not prepared. Poll does not mean anything. COVID-19 is a virus (new without been studied enough so far). the problem is no one can tell what will happen when children are sent back to school, DO a TEST RUN instead of open all at one time. Because COVID-19 does not care who you are, what you are and can NOT be reasoned. COVID-19 wants to survive just like us. Patience is the most important virtue so far. “not to accept defeat until at the end of one’s rope” – that is something I don’t want to have American future to face.

      Area: 3.797 million mi²
      Population: 328.2 million
      USA the most futile land w/o any war damaged to it. Central Valley alone in CA can produce 2/3 fruits and vegetables for consumption in the USA.

      The pandemic will NOT lase forever but damaged to our next generation will.

    4. @connie allen Yes fund the responsible parents to choose as DT suggests but Palosi wont have it making them suffer, Its tragically evil

    1. case studies from France and Australia but wrote that, “So far there have been no reports of COVID-19 outbreaks in Swedish schools,”

  8. When 30% of the school adult population gets sick and has to quarantine, who do you think will cover for them until they can return? …… NO ONE! Within a month schools will go virtual and close again. More people sick and dying.

    1. @Lilac Lizard That sounds like a sensible and even beneficial plan — for Australia. And while your curve may be at its highest at the moment, the caseload in all of Australia pales in comparison to places like California, Florida and Texas. Opening schools would be downright dangerous right now in parts of those states.

    2. ​@Zebra Zagadore On one hand I agree re the dangers, on the other hand I wonder if it would be better than the current situation. What is the situation for children too young to be left at home alone, with parents that are essential workers & about to be evicted & needing food banks to feed their kids?

      The decision on schools in Australia was made right at the start, before we had a clue how bad the pandemic was going to get, the feeling as we went into it was we weren’t in the position NZ was in, we were too far gone for eradication, we were going to be attempting to keep cases below the 7,000 ventilators we had in the country, so below 700,000 or so simultaneous cases & riding it out for the next 6 months until we’d achieved herd immunity & cases started to ease in the September spring. Worst case scenario said up to 40% of the population would be off work at any given time due to illness or caregiving responsibilities, causing HUGE disruptions to even basics like food supply lines. The hope was that keeping schools open was going to reduce this & additionally, prevent children from being sent to vulnerable grandparents for care. There was a HUGE focus on that early on! The PM was VERY VERY clear that children were to be sent to school NOT grandparents if those were the 2 options as that was seen as the only way we could stagger the elderly cases of the virus & prevent mass deaths. Additionally, I think the PM watched the film contagion & that scene where the Dad is out & so the 2 teens meant to be in isolation decide to make snow angels & kiss, cause again there was a HUGE focus on NOT allowing that to happen! Parents were allowed to keep children home if they wanted to BUT ONLY if they could provide adequate supervision & if kids/teens were found hanging out unsupervised, police would be involved & serious action taken.

      For us, the initial decision was all about providing appropriate supervision for children so as to keep the economy functioning. Everyone in the country with young kids got free childcare for 6 months too!

      It was never admitted to by the PM, but many opinion pieces were written on the “real” reason for schools being kept open, which was said to be herd immunity. Kids & young people were, by this time, able to be seen to be not getting as sick & so it was speculated that the aim was to infect as many kids as possible as fast as possible so as to try to build herd immunity with the least possible deaths. Of course that would have caused at least a handful of deaths or disabilities in children, a never win political move, so it was never admitted to.

      Nowadays we keep schools open overall because we’ve got it figured out & don’t see any problems with it, but we didn’t know any of what we do now when we first made that call.

      I don’t in any way support forcing children to attend in America BUT I do honestly wonder if opening would be any worse than the current situation, especially given the school lunch nutrition. If you deny kids nutrition for 6 months, do you really think that won’t impact on covid death rates?

      Most countries around the world, including those that have had significant outbreaks, have kept schools open at least for children of essential workers throughout. In many cases it has been like it currently is in Melbourne, where all children are completing the same program, with a teacher in an empty classroom, teaching the lesson remotely, but any children who cannot learn at home, are in a large room such as a school hall, with young teaching assistants supervising them & making sure they are safe as they complete the same work the kids at home are doing. Isn’t that better than grandparents or starving & evicting the children because their parents cannot work & supervise them? By all means educate me if the poor in America have better options in place that they are already using & that are sustainable long term – cause it is long term! It’s going to be like this all through winter, no changes (other than getting much worse) until at least mid-January.

    3. @Lilac Lizard This is such a thoughtful analysis, I really feel it ought to be circulated to school superintendents throughout the US. I have heard that young children, up until the age of 8 as I recall, show no signs of spreading the virus. That changes, however, as they grow a bit older. And I think therein lies the problem. But yes, I definitely agree with you, when parents have no other options, sending their children to school is better than unsupervised young children at home. However, I have not heard this formulated as succinctly as you put it as an argument for keeping schools open: those who can’t care for them at home, send them to school; everyone else, remote learning it is. Also, such a policy would alleviate over crowding, which would certainly help prevent the viral spread. (I am so grateful to not have school aged children at this time and my heart goes out to everyone who does.)

    4. ​@Zebra Zagadore Thanks for the compliment 🙂
      The info I’ve read on age is 10 & slightly above that doesn’t seem to be a huge problem. Generally 12 is considered the age where children can be left unattended for at least some time, so I think around that is a good age to be looking at for changes, which here at least also corresponds with primary & then into high school, so if it’s the same there, that’s something that can work well with looking at the different needs of different ages. We went to remote for all universities here, because there were no care issues & the students should be old enough to be able to focus on their work at home. To some extend mid-age teens should have that capacity too & be able to stay at home alone doing online schooling. Older ones there’s some issues with final year exams & study requirements, but that just might need to be “fixed” we were told here “there will be no year 13”, as in our usual is year 12 final, the government was going to ensure no-one failed & needed to repeat to get their desired marks. Never got to that, so I have no idea how they were going to do it, but that probably needs to happen there to fix that issue.

      & yes it did address overcrowding here 🙂 One of the keys was to make sure the program was the same for all, & teacher in a separate room to kids sent to school. Federal government here wanted schools open, some states didn’t, was one of our few divisions between the 2, anyway states did that so as to discourage parents from sending kids so as to get a “better education” while federal was pressuring for schools to be open. Worked perfectly in the end, all parents that could, chose to keep their kids home, but all had that peace of mind of availability of school.
      Many parents sent kids 1 or 2 days a week if they were working part time or working from home & had some stuff they just really needed kid free time to do (video conferences etc) & many single parents even used it as childcare while doing their grocery shopping, so as to keep kids out of stores & safe. Helped for “at risk children” too, in cases of domestic violence, the mothers could take the child to school to get help & in cases of child abuse or close to it, parents could get a break before reaching the point of hurting their children. It’s also been a key location for identifying the virus in “virus hoax” people, as well as providing them with education on the virus, attempts being made to do so before they got into full blown denial. For non-English & different cultures in particular, schools have provided a community hub of accurate virus information from a source the families trust. There’s been a lot of benefits found with the school openings at least for essential need. The mental health benefits for the children & the chance to run around & get some exercise has been important too, especially for kids that live in apartments, all public playground equipment was closed here during the restrictions, but schools supervised & cleaned so as to keep some of it open in some settings so kids would sleep at night.

      Full opening wouldn’t, in reality, work there right now, not safely, but there are some families who really need it & even systems like 1 day or half day a week attendance for all kids that want it, in divided groups might be a good option if this is going to be long term. We did that on return to full functioning, started the kids 1 day a week, then 2 as schools figured out how to manage it. We don’t distance in schools when they’re operating at capacity here, schools are “exempt” from social distancing requirements. We really don’t get virus spread in schools BUT we do get closures due to cases. We’ve had 6 closures in NSW in the last 2 days. That’s a record by a LONG way, it’s normally 1 every week or 2 somewhere in the state, but if you tried full re-opening now in the US & followed our protocols for closures, you’d be closing schools more than they would be open, which completely negates all the benefits of childcare for working parents!
      Our closure procedure is basically if a child coughs, the school is closed for 24-48 hours, all parents called to collect all children immediately. Coughing child is sent for testing, tests results are back the next morning, deep clean is organised & begins during that time, if negative, the school is re-opened to all but the sick child the following day, with further education to parents not to send their child to school if sick. If test is positive, contact tracers go to work & identify all “close contacts” (generally the child’s class & teacher with primary schools, varies with high schools) & all close contacts go into home quarantine for 14 days & everyone else returns to school the next day, or day after, depending on contact tracing requirements & time needed for that. The 4 schools closed today (Friday) will re-open Monday. The 2 closed Thursday will also re-open Monday. If a case happens on a Monday, the school will generally re-open on Wednesday, but sometimes Thursday, depending on time of day case happened & size of the school & contact tracing needs. I think you can imagine that that system would be a total fail in America right now with the level of cases in the community!

      And yes, we seriously have no coughing Nationwide in the middle of winter here! Was the only way we could keep on top of covid, so we had 34 deaths from flu during summer & it was looking like a really bad winter coming, with 20,000 cases by March, but since mid-April, we’ve had no more flu! We literally eradicated it from the country by accident alongside covid. Presumably common colds are still out there, but no-one’s allowed to leave home if they have one, so just no seeding. You’re going into winter with a leg up on doing the same, no seeding from us or anywhere else in the southern hemisphere, but I can’t honestly imagine you’re going to pull off the same thing & unless you do, you really can’t dump social distancing in schools like we have & you can’t find cases before they spread. Still should be possible to do the essential worker & at risk kids though, plenty of countries did that before they eradicated colds & flus & during bad covid outbreaks, but full re-opening just won’t work in the way it has here & in most countries (especially if parents circumvent temperature checks with panadol, like some do here at normal times)

    5. @Lilac Lizard Honestly think the best solution would be a tongue test for Covid, even if it is not completely accurate. If it could be done daily, it would help each and every one of us mitigate risks. And would go a long way toward safe re-opening of schools and businesses as well as virus containment in general.

  9. If we would just inject children with disinfectants, then they would never spread any virus to anyone. Science!

    1. Now should inject rat poison into all Democrats and the virus that they created will go away .

    2. @Abolish democrats Abolish communism sociopaths of a feather sh*t on others together… is that you, don jr.?

  10. First it was just “let old people die” to help the economy & now it’s “kids get sick” for Trump’s reelection bid!

    1. New York City’s Department of Education have been caring for, collectively, tens of thousands of children since March, and both tell NPR they have no reports of coronavirus clusters or outbreaks.

    2. case studies from France and Australia but wrote that, “So far there have been no reports of COVID-19 outbreaks in Swedish schools,”

    3. @Sean M I am a teacher in Melbourne. 40 schools closed this week. Covid cases in students as well as teachers. Covid is not picky, even when you wish it so.

  11. Why would anyone think Trump isn’t a complete failure?
    ( where it said FAILURE, it should have been.. yep, that’s right.. a failure..)

  12. Trump has 4 friends:
    1. Himself
    2. Putin
    3. Kim Jun Un
    4. Corona Virus
    Everyone else is f_____!

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