Trump Claims He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine As U.S. Deaths Top 91,000 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump Claims He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine As U.S. Deaths Top 91,000 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The president says he's taking a drug his own FDA and a slew of medical experts advise against to try and ward off the coronavirus as more U.S. states reopen despite a continued increase in the nation's COVID-19 death toll. Aired on 05/18/2020.
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Trump Claims He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine As U.S. Deaths Top 91,000 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. yes he makes 3 different claim in this press release.
    “I am taking the drug”
    “I’d take it”
    “i don’t take it”
    Just listen carefully for yourself.

    1. Tas_Dev, IKR? Brian’s delivery…”mice not consulted” made it even funnier! Thanx Brian….we needed that

  2. He also claimed he didn’t know any Russians and he would love to sit down with Robert Mueller..

    1. Herlinda Wordley
      How can you question Trump telling the Truth? That’s the only thing he is famous for, since getting in the W.H. ….Liar, Liar.

    2. @Herlinda Wordley How can everyone believe the lies of MSNBC ???????? You know how I knew since September that Trump will be president in 2016???? I watched MSNBC and CNN and I saw that they were with Hillary And I don’t lie to you in that moment I was sure that Trump will be president!!!!!!! When MSNBC says something the opposite is the true!!!!!!

  3. Did you hear that?

    Trump: ” I get a lot of POSITIVE calls about it; the only NEGATIVE I’ve heard was that study where they gave it, was that the VA would, you know… people that aren’t BIG Trump FANS…”


    1. Frank Uher He made them all up. Nothing surprises us anymore no matter how ridiculous those statements are.

    2. Jeannie Winters
      A quick answer to your question , it causes labile behaviour, in other words………. yes. It also causes erratic heart rhythms that can lead to death. There’s no proof whatsoever that “hcq” is either an efficacious treatment or cure for Covid 19. No matter, just encourage him to keep taking it & we can all watch the Madness of “King” Donnie .

    3. @geofo60 Geof Harris Exactly!! Don’t discourage him from doing anything that may lead to either his political or physical demise.
      I wouldn’t normally wish ill on anyone. But this human isn’t normal!

    4. It’s ok man, relax and breathe… Hydroxy is FDA approved, been around for 40 plus years.. it’s safe as long as your doctor prescribes it.. relax and breathe.. you are OK

  4. Why is he taking it if he don’t have the virus tho ..he needs to take it down with some Lysol

    1. Because it is an effective prophylaxis against catching the virus. It modifies the functioning of active transport proteins in the cell membrane which the virus uses to infect you, making it so the virus cannot take hold. I have a friend that works as a nurse in Maryland and they are all doing the same thing for the same reason. I’m astounded that the news is trying to hide this from you they must really want people to die. It’s not about the virus, it’s about weakening this country and its civil liberties.

    2. @xXSk8nGokULeGolAs_4_LFE_69_YOLOSWAG420BLAZEITFAGGITXx This is no scientific study showing efficacy against Covid19 either a prevention or cure. I has been proven that a good dose of cyanide would stop Trump’s lying.

    1. Unlike Pelosi and your Dumbocrat pals who say something stupid af every time they open their mouths.

    2. @Bernie Demuth You’re thinking of Pelosi and these “news sources”. How many lies have the libs been caught in now? Too many to count. Those Flynn docs have their heads spinning. Can’t wait to see Obama and his husband Mike in prison orange.

    3. @giftofgab247 Ask yourself why The Orange Barking Hate Pumpkins enemies haven’t been “locked up”? Gee. No evidence?

    4. @Bernie Demuth Plenty of evidence. Why do you think they’re sweating these documents? Why hasn’t Trump been locked up since 2016? Gee. No evidence?

  5. I love how he throws out a bold face lie like he’s casting fishing bait out to the water to see what happens I think he gets off on it

    1. @xXSk8nGokULeGolAs_4_LFE_69_YOLOSWAG420BLAZEITFAGGITXx Is that the same physician that said he wasn’t obese?

    2. @xXSk8nGokULeGolAs_4_LFE_69_YOLOSWAG420BLAZEITFAGGITXx willingness to lie shamelessly for the Fuehrer is the basic requirement for any job under Trump. Any other qualification is secondary in Trump world!

    3. Baxtar1963, He DOES get off on it. Didn’t you hear him say he was just waiting to see their eyes light up when he made that announcement?
      There isn’t a pill on this planet that can shield him from dying of STUPID. Maybe from COVID, we’ll see…. he does have a huge dose of stupidity and that alone puts millions in their graves every year! Please let him be one of those stats….THIS year….please!

  6. 1:41 “Did the White House Dr recommend it?”
    “Yeah. (Lie) The White House Dr.”
    Then the exact opposite answer (the truth) in the same breath.
    “He didn’t recommend it. No. I asked him..He said ‘well if you’d like it, OK’”

    Good to know the White House Dr is willing to give POTUS any drugs he wants despite knowing it can only do harm when used for the condition he prescribed it for.

    Michael Jackson’s Dr had the same attitude. We all saw how that ended.

    1. Brian Nooning Hey—Trump himself said he wanted it prescribed to him, and his doctor complied. If something goes wrong, it’s his fault. Move along, there are more important stories.

  7. Trump’s doctor: “You like it?”
    Trump: “I like it.”
    Trump’s doctor:”take it.”
    Trump:” I’ll take it.”

    1. Hydroxy has to be prescribed by a physician.. It’s not death pill.. it’s harmless of prescribed by a doctor… been around for 40 years.. RELAX man breathe… it’s ok.. I know you think you are a doctor.. relax… breathe man

  8. Geezuz … you’re still here after taking hydroxychloroquine for a couple of weeks??? You should TRIPLE the dosage so it works 3x better!! Whaddya got to lose!!??

  9. Trump: drink bleach and don’t wear mask. We need everyone going to work and infecting others.

    Trumpers: he’s doing a great job and is a genius.

    Me: I’ll pay for your bleach drink.

    1. Literally every state (except the liberal NYC blue shithole) is doing better with Covid-19 than any other country on the planet. Thanks to President Trump!

      Texas = 30,000,000 people, 1200 Covid deaths

      Canada = 37,000,000, 5700 Covid-19 deaths

      Germany = 80,000,000, 8700 Covid-19 deaths.

      I can keep going if you’d like?

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