Trump Compares Himself To Lincoln And Questions Protesters’ Motives | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Compares Himself To Lincoln And Questions Protesters' Motives | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. Obama on Netflix….I still laugh when he and all his hollyweirds butties said, Trump will never be President….now that was a dem whopper for his followers.

    2. @mikey fiftythree If you had both parties attacking you from all sides, one side Dems terribly devious, the other Repuks smiling with a knife ready (Romney, McCain rip) You would of said in your first month as Prez, who needs this? Trump certainly doesn’t.

    1. That’s because every time you merely hear his voice, let alone listen to his words, you ARE you place yourself in danger of getting stupider. Hear him speak too many times, and you become an irrecoverable red-hat-wearing maga moron. Have a care, my friend, the end may be nearer than you think.

    2. @Bo Bo Knows i guess if we want to reminisce about the good ole days, Obama is certainly a fine example.

    1. As someone who has ptsd due to something that happened to me in the 6th grade that involved a similar hold I say NO!

    2. Yeah I don’t know how the word “choke” makes anyone think of something besides uncomfortable. And not even just chokeholds, but it immediately thrusts ideas of lacking air, which is a deeply scary feeling.

  1. “These aren’t my voters.”
    Trump has never been a president of the US.
    He is a leader only for his own voters.

    1. @bella roja cult base? You literally have people like Jussie Smollet faking assaults.. You believe whatever Anderson Cooper tells you to believe..

    2. @GuSuBu Tribe Dude, the difference between mos tpeople here and those who watch fauxtoshop news is vast.
      Ya’ll think that 22 hour per day ‘infotainment’ is the news, you skip the two hours that really is, kind of, to go read deep dark stupid stuff.
      We, mostly, read the real news, you know *MSM* AAssociated Press, Reuters, Forbes, NYT, WaPo and come here for our two hours of analysis and left-leaning bias confirmation

    3. @#reboot# honestly, there is a very small number of leftists who have bit the hook. The majority of Liberals are peaceful, and trying to make sense of all this. Don’t believe what you see here, Social Media is generally utilized by specific personality types, the majority of Left and Right leaning citizens don’t interact much on any Social Networking. I am a Libertarian, and I believe that anyone who infringes upon our rights should be held accountable, and ANTIFA needs to be held accountable, the Dems who support the rioters, and leave them be, broke their vow to protect the Constitution and the American people who do not agree with the rioters.. We are not Black, We are not White, We are Americans. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. God Bless America

  2. “Trump Compares Himself To Lincoln…”
    Geez, tRump doesn’t even compare to Lincoln’s chamber-pot.

    1. Trump is in dream world if he Compares himself to Lincoln for him to say he’s done a better job than Lincoln he is so diluted schizophrenic and deranged

    2. He will say n do whatever to keep the networks running. They pay royalties like the book authors.

    3. @Silvia Delariva the 💵💰💴rush because they are all corrupt gold diggers. Ah Karma, Karma! Just wait God is watching

  3. “These are not my voters” shows that Trump has only ever considered himself President of his rally crowds. If we’re not cheering him on, we may as well not exist.

    1. Those people are the actual deplorables and Trump is 100% correct. They are your cousins not ours

    2. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it.
      trump WORST most CORRUPT president in America’s history. ..

  4. He’s done a lot for black people’s fitness we haven’t marched this much since the 60’s 😎

    1. Luke Humes …by denying it for months, calling it a Democratic hoax at his rallies, and golfing while it was raging.

  5. Reporter: “But we are free Mister President”
    President White Guy: “Yes, we are free”
    Um, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t counting you in that “we”.

    1. Llama King what’s your answer ? Biden ? Biden was brain dead before he got dementia. I’m not a big Trump fan either but a fricken brick would be better than Biden.

    2. Lupin the 3rd and Biden’s a hair sniffing, South African convict, professor, who hasn’t said anything in a year that didn’t make him look stupid. He is a little girl grabbing, corn pop killing, outdated machine without fuel & operator. Don’t take my word for it. Go to 3 0 33 0 dotjoe and see for yourself.

      Better hurry because the little boys will be swimming soon with joe showing them his leg hair. (I think he wants them to become creepy sniffers to)


    1. He exists in a different universe and a different timeline. I feel like i am watching a science fiction show 😣

  6. His ignorance can’t wait for his mouth to open, then it comes at us like a freight train

    1. YW what would you do Einstein??? Send them love threw meditation maybe ? Friken Democrats geeeesh

    2. @Donkey Kong the tallest president in US history, hard working, self educated, never hid in a bunker.

  7. Jesus man, listening to him just ramble incoherently on and on to that reporter during that interview is just so embarrassing. For us, for our country.

    1. what’s embarrassing is you supporting the leftists who just burned down 3 cities i live between, in the name of a cause that has no statistical basis in reality. F YOU!!!!! from an independent.

    1. @Bo Bo Knows that can’t be true. We all know Trump hates a lot of things and he dont even have a working brain.

  8. “When an officer is on his own maybe a choke hold”
    But that officer wasn’t on his own.

    1. And the state government that says NO to the President allowed that bad cop to continue. Dems are lame.

  9. The US don’t need an election, they need an exorcism, I’m afraid. STARTING WITH THE DEVIL AT THE WHITE HOUSE

    1. Martinez, say thank you if you were let to live in the USA, having all the rights original white founders of the country had.

    2. @#reboot#, WHY?! How do you know if he was born in America or NOT?! Just BECAUSE they’re Spanish, DOESN’T mean they are automatically illegal, or an immigrant!! They could be Puerto Rican, which makes them American citizens!! Also, if we REALLY get down to it, Mexican’s have more rights being here anyway. Just like the Indian’s, Mexican’s were here first!! They had been here for 100’s of years UNTIL the white people showed up and stole TX, CA, AZ, NM, and the rest of the southwest from them!!!

    3. I noticed that you copy and paste the same comments on multiple videos. Just wanted to say hi, hopefully the weather is nice in Russia today 🙂

    4. @Lu Lu that’s why we are opposing this so-called President and vote him out of office for good. Don’t lose faith. You have God, Jesus and all Angels looking after us. We should be fine. We’re getting close to November.

    1. @Luke Humes that took all of 5 seconds. What was the rest of the garbage he voiced. He should of stayed on point and brought the American people together. Unfortunately he doesn’t know how.

  10. “The end result was questionable” Sounds like he’s saying that blacks should still be slaves??????? WOW! WHat a bafoon

    1. @#reboot# I dont think so. Theres many other people who think the same thing. You wouldnt know becasue you live in a Fox news bubble that sheilds you from the REAL world

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