1. Anybody comparing themself to Lincoln has most assuredly fallen off the deep end. I see a straightjacket in his future.

  2. 70% of Americans hope he ends his presidency just like Lincoln…then we can compare him to Lincoln. Oorah!

  3. Does he know Lincoln didn’t retire to the countryside in Florida? He wants to follow Lincoln’s footsteps?

  4. Abraham Lincoln didnt name call like “loser Sleepy Stonewall Jackson” or “ Useless Ulysses S.Grant”

    1. jack frost Prove it, use direct quotes. I read plenty of books on Lincoln, he never stooped that low

    2. @David Jimenez you’ve never read, “Lincoln, the man of many insults”? Great book in fact it’s the best book ever made its incredible,best book ever. That’s my best Trump impression

    3. The guy …Thank you so much! I learn something new every day. I am heading out the door now to find that book.

  5. When Trump makes statements like this, you know he’s been sipping the Clorox again.

    1. Trump should compare himself to Pol Pot. You think this liar ain’t killin us? Use your brain.

      At the very least, he’s a Mussolini. And I know he’ll meet the same demise.

  6. Abraham Lincoln: the most revered US President in history.

    Donald Bleach Trump: TRASH TRASH

    1. Trump is the greatest President ever! I have lived through 8 so far. What about yu? Oh that’s right. You are still a kid.

  7. Now we need „historians“ to tell us Trump is an idiot? Like we need „experts“ to remind us not to drink bleach? We’re truly lost.

    1. No. We need more Hillary supporters to poison their husbands with fish bowl cleaner. By all means. Try toilet bowl cleaner too.


  8. Wait a second, that was George Bush speaking? He sounded so, what’s the word I’m looking for, oh yes yes I remember, presidential.
    Wow never thought I’d hear myself say those words.

  9. He’s probably compared himself to God, also. He, himself, said he’s “the chosen one”.

    1. He has said he has done more then Jesus Christ and that he is Z”God”. Yet The GOD i serve is about love…. And Is Love.
      Jesus commanded us to feed the hungry, care for the sick and take care of the widows. We are to love our neighbors as ourselves. trump is worried about himself and money, not about humanity. trump asked a question “what do you have to lose in 2016 and he asked it again…. WE HAVE OUR LIVES TO LOSE! Also if you believe that your freedom is being taken away because you can’t get a hair cut i feel sorry for you! If you really hear what some of the Governors are saying then you would know and understand that they are trying to keep your a** alive! You can still go to the store, take short walks. You Need to do it safely with others in mind. You may feel fine, it’s not about you… It’s about what you can pass on to others. That is why we need MORE TESTS to find out who has or had it. And those that want to work..
      Walmart Acme Hospitals and others are hiring front line workers! Yes it’s hard, however deaths will be far worse. And All ages are dying! Now i ask…. HOW MUCH ARE YOU WILLING TO LOSE and ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE ANOTHER 4 YRS. OF THIS?

  10. Trump: “Hey Vlad, it’s Donald.”
    Putin: “I know this, you show up on caller ID as “Recent Purchase.””

    1. H A H A funny, if it wasn’t pure fantasy of you lunatics. I guess 3+ years of anti Trump leftists’ investigation with 0 evidence of collaboration wasn’t good enough you’ll always let those fantasies live in your head when the facts were that the DNC was the one that colluded & spied on the Trump campaign

    1. He’s playing to Fox and fans. I hope even some of them are seeing his ignorance. A lot of them actually care about old people and are old people.

    1. Trump did compare himself to Jesus! Remember how he said he’s the “Chosen One”! Only he can save the nation!?! What a joke!!

    2. Well jesus was born to a unfaithful wife and then the cuckold josef made a cover story that unfaithful maria gave birth as a virgin.

    3. @Jonathan Sanders Its only been 2000 thousand years. Which is now almost a quarter of the 7000 years you idiots say the Earth has existed. Hold your breath and believe!@!!!

  11. He cannot compared himself to no one. He’s a special type of inept in a class by himself.

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