Trump Complains Supreme Court Justices Upheld Obamacare 1

Trump Complains Supreme Court Justices Upheld Obamacare


While president Trump repeatedly tried and failed to undo Obama's signature piece of health care legislation, the Affordable Care Act. Now that the ACA has again been upheld by the Supreme Court, Trump went on TV to complain that the Justices he named didn't vote against it. Melissa Murray joins to discuss.
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  1. Trump probably told his DOJ to investigate members of SCOTUS when he lost court cases while in office.

    1. @J funny you guys always wanna switch it around and call the democrats the racists but as Jesus said “a tree shall be known by it’s fruit” and we all have seen who pushes the racist legislation and racism in general around here and it ain’t the DNC

    1. @Don Sobasky I know he lost like 90% of world does…. it’s just him and his cult that think otherwise lol

    2. He is going to show us….soon…’s coming…..and he is going to get reinstated as president….soon…. it’s coming….maybe it will happen this time…..

    1. Please do not use “man” and Donald Trump in the same sentence…………………..he is a sorry excuse for a “man”, for a human being for that matter.

  2. Why do we even care what Trump is saying? The kid throwing a temper tantTrump is best to be ignored because they seek attention and the best way to deal with them is to ignore them!

    1. @J M back at you.. qhere was the democratic incitement? Is it when Biden labelled looters and rioters as. Criminals on national t.v… he didn’t say we love you

    1. @The Seeker I’m certainly more impressed with their character than I am merrick garlands right now. such a disappointment. I’m glad he didn’t get a scotus seat if he don’t even got the backbone to investigate the doj he was just put as head of.

    2. Ya, because he got them a job that pays phenomenally well, has LOTS of really good perks, huge benifits excellent personal protection and…… CAN NOT BE FIRED. EVER. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol HA!)

    3. @Timothy Davis exactly why that clause is in there. they never need to worry about getting elected or fired. Now, should term limits be implemented? That’s a tough one. But expanding the court IS a good idea, not for packing it, but for getting more ppl with different ideas on it. But not so many it becomes a circus. Along this line, you can have some pretty long term limits, and still have a constant flow of new judges.

    4. Trump never counts on democracy. He counts on fealty right or wrong. But for him most entirely on wrong.


  4. We call it the affordable care act.
    It helps many ignorant tRumpers.
    It’s humorous.

    1. @Greg Peterman the reason healthcare is so expensive is that the ones at the top of the heap make it that way. It’s really not bc of the affordable healthcare. Republicans are the one who own the healthcare corporations. It’s just the truth. I wish everyone who shares your opinion would find out all the facts.

    2. Do your research….go out and ask the common man/woman just how “affordable” it is today!! Bankrupting the citizenry in order to save a former presidents “legacy” is idiotic!!

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Other than an unconstitutional mandate being removed by the Supreme Court…what “gutting” was done?

  5. “I fought very hard for them”… Trump just can’t get out of Quid Pro Quo mode… he thinks they owe him something for appointing them. This is why he is so dangerous… corruption and payback is ALL he understands.

    1. Exactly, trump always leaks his intentions and his true feelings on how he expects things to go his way as pay back. He’s his own worst enemy at exposing his crimes.

    2. We saw what happens when he gets a say over health – 600,000 dead, worse than a war. Thank goodness the partisans he forced onto the Supreme Court are not complete sociopaths: he misjudged them like everything else.

  6. If he thought that was disappointing, wait till he see’s what’s on the menu at what ever federal prison he lands in !

    1. @Mr SlimeE I doubt that he can remember anything of import. Not exactly “man woman place city dickwad….”…..

  7. He is probably disappointed that they do not seem to be at his beck and callm he does not ‘own’ them

  8. Trying to take health insurance away from 20 million people during a pandemic is pure EVIL… there’s no other way to characterize it…

    1. @MTN17 you are correct it was 2017. Thank you for pointing that out, I didn’t realize my typo and have edited my response to reflect the correct information.

    2. @Rachel Watley the point of the case was to remove the ACA in its entirety as unconstitutional based on the individual mandate clause alone. So yes, it was to remove the health care of everyone covered under the ACA. Including those covered under the medicaid expansion.

    3. Pure Evil is what pure evil does…………………….Donald Pure Evil Trump…………………….

  9. If he’s Disappointed, that means, I’m very, very happy.Bobby approves of this message…..

    1. And I approve your message of being happy about trumps disappointment, I to am very, very happy the liar in chief is sooooooo disappointed

    2. I couldn’t stand Trump in the seventies with his lies . He was always in court for doing something illegal

    3. @Mikey Polstein Right? The Trump Disease is a hard one to shake. Maybe once he’s six feet under or in shackles at GITMO it’ll pass for the rest of us.

    4. @Mikey Polstein Id be happier if he would simply leave this reality, and move on to his next blockbuster hit…. “The Jailbird”…we have the best orange jumpsuits…..

    1. @JJ E By not having silly gerrymandered states and having standardized polls requirements and having pollsites properly equiped to handle beyond the expected turnout. Plus who said anything about cutting voting times? You could legnthen them as long as it’s fair and not have amazing disparities between counties or voting blocks.

    2. @Jeff
      It s
      It is not new that Democrats commit crimes then blame others. See Russia Collusion and crooked Hillary’s fake dossier from Russia.

  10. He think if he appoints someone that he owns them. Everything is like business transaction to him

  11. “I fought very hard for them.”

    He did no such thing. He was told whom to nominate and he did what he was told. Mitch McConnell did the rest.

    Chalk up another lie.

    1. ​@big buck yeah, he tried to become King! There are two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe, and racists. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    2. @Juan Fortharoad your stellar grammar and commitment to conspiracy nonsense proves that you’re intelligent and thoughtful

  12. The only reason Trump wanted to scrap the ACA is that it has the popular name of the man he envies the most.

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