Trump Confirms Reporting He May Use The White House As Backdrop For RNC Acceptance Speech | MSNBC 1

Trump Confirms Reporting He May Use The White House As Backdrop For RNC Acceptance Speech | MSNBC


Donald Trump floating the idea of giving his Republican nominee acceptance speech on the White House grounds shows yet another norm of the president’s office he may cross Aired on 08/05/2020.
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Trump Confirms Reporting He May Use The White House As Backdrop For RNC Acceptance Speech | MSNBC


  1. I can understand why a Nationalist or White Supremacist would vote for Trump, … because Trump himself is a racist, just like his father. And I can _(almost)_ understand why someone like a Coal Miner would vote for Trump if he promised them the dignity of a job, even though they know it’s a false promise. And I can _(almost)_ understand how the ‘Double-Haters’ might vote for Trump as the perceived lesser of two evils. I don’t agree, but at least I can understand why.

    But I cannot fathom how someone would vote for Trump out of perceived financial self-interest and sell your country for a red hat; nor Evangelicals who would vote for a man who uses the Bible as a prop, attacks women, and rapes a 13yr-old girl; nor the Active Military or Veterans who vote for Trump after Helsinki, Kurds, Germany (McCain, Mattis, Comey, McCabe, Vindman, Yovanovitch, multiple Inspectors General’s, et al) and The Bounties – when they took an oath to _‘defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic’;_ *_Nor_* how anyone could vote for a person who sees the Pandemic through a pair of Red and Blue colored glasses; who gives praise to criminals and traitors; who subverts our right to free and fair elections that are without interference from foreign governments; who seeks the council of television personalities instead of conservative voices such as George Will; who sells canned goods from the Oval Office in violation of the Hatch Act; who publicly bullies members of his own Medical Team and instead believes Witch Doctors; who does not provide Tax returns and commits bank fraud, tax fraud, and corporate fraud such as Trump University and nonpayment to contractors such as the Taj Mahal Casino; who is a compulsive liar with a record of +20000 lies. But finally, I cannot understand how anyone could vote for a person who does not love our county – only himself, and says +150,000 lives ‘is what it is’.

    The rant was due. A former Republican.

    1. @Paul Gotti Trump lost by over 3 million in 2016… and he has done nothing to attract new voters. Sooooo, good luck w that fantasy. But… I am surprised, after your fascist declaration, that you believe in elections when you obviously have no respect for the system, the law, or the Constitution…

    1. @Mike Smith Ok you do that.. fortunately you won’t need a very big ” street ” 6000 people will fit in a small square!

    2. @Cyndi Sherry You probably don’t even pay taxes, but instead draw food stamps and welfare, Obamama is not your President and your free ride is over!! Never in the history of this country will you see another black President in our W.H.!

    3. @Paul Gotti I have found that usually people of immigrants are the ones who have had everything handed to them and have not worked much in their lives. They’re also the first to point the finger at the actual people who provided those things they take so much for granted.

  2. What number “I’m above the law” instance is this? This sheit is the new normal & that’s dangerous.

    1. @Wigg Picker get a life weirdo.
      What happened to your comment nose picker? Rethink it? Wise choice. There must be a couple of brain cells still in your noggin that fox hasn’t fried.

    2. This country would be so better off if there were no democrats. The lefts ideology is a cancer eating away at the soul of the nation. Thankfully the left will lose again in November. No one wants the lefts culture of censorship, violence, racial division and their religion of wokeness.

    3. @Atticus X What is wrong with you ?to much Bleach ?to much Lysol ? to much Trump?to much MAGA ? to much fake Religion ? you pick .

  3. We the People need to PROTEST on the White House grounds. Trump is distracting AGAIN from his criminal activities.

    1. @Daisy Dieguez How could we get it done!? I’ll wear a spacesuit if I have to. Got to stay safe during this pandemic.

    2. @Rick James5678 Really?? Do your own research if you do not see criminal activity!! One of his enablers… trump is evil and if you dont see it no one can help you… list goes on with corruption!!

    1. Atticus X Java man calm down…pick up your sling shot and fig leaf and they’re going to let you vote too that’s a promise…WOW your membership in the International OIA confederation is in very good standing…in fact your front runner for Fred flintstone award

    2. @Atticus X Why are amercans confusing socialisme with communisn? why don`t you think all americans needs health care? why don`t you think homeless people shoul have a home? sorry to say egoism is all you stand for!!!!. Finally if you vote for a person who thinks his tax returns should not be public before he/she is elected. Is one trusthing the mirakeleleksir from the salesman or any ponzi schemes.

    1. FLORIDIANS maybe won’t be twice fooled. Trump is guilty of the death of covid victims and those poor souls can,t VOTE. Maybe Floridians could speak for them.

    2. @John Nordby You’re right. I don’t think a lot of seniors would vote for trump again. They’ve been sequestered since March can have visitors can’t go out and a lot of them are WWII vets fighting against Nazis.

    1. @Atticus X Exactly. All hail the Chosen One. A great Christian, man of the people, great manager of Covid, respected round the world, brave military record. Donald J Trump.

    2. @Ilia Smirnoff ignore this troll….
      He has literally put the exact same comment on almost EVERY f***ING thread…

    1. Those reasons mentioned apply too. But he always takes the path of most disgraceful. He does not care. I won’t watch wherever it takes place. So he can perform for Fox or for a mirror. I don’t care.

    2. He can use a Russian hotel room…they apparently have good video and audio technicians

  4. The Republican senators are responsible for this monster. He should have been impeached and removed for abusing his power now if he gets re-elected imagine what he will do.

    1. @Mike Smith Do you think failure trump will have overseen 200 thousand US dead from the virus by then, or before that?

    2. If he gets in, hopefully there be so many Democrats his first little smugfest will end in his 3rd impeachment and removal from office… I just have a feeling, no matter what, there won’t be 4 more years of tRump.

    1. Trump is Biden’s best supporter by default. We are witnessing a complete meltdown of a cornered sociopath. Pop some popcorn. This Trump reality show is about to get real for the entire Republican Party.

    1. *^ yet another stupid shallow comment followed by a plethora of stupid shallow comments.stupid shallow must never get old for you people. stupid shallow is the norm for you folks, I guess.*

    2. @gongills As long as his slave appears on his knees, groveling before the Master he adores, Putin will probably let Donny try to act presidential there.

    1. @Rick James5678, 2011: While Trump suggested that Obama wasn’t born in the US, he also argued that maybe Obama wasn’t a good enough student to have gotten into Columbia or Harvard Law School, and demanded Obama release his university transcripts. Trump claimed, “I heard he was a terrible student. Terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?”

    2. @Christmas Lore Like burning books, censoring free speech, burning buildings, violence, burning the flag, rioting for a false ideology…oh wait, that’s the democrats. Otherwise today known as Socialist Democrats. Good luck with your movement. I can’t believe how many people are pulled into identity politics by the left. Hook, line, and sinker.

    3. @Rick James5678 : fascism always has referred to right ideology. Learn history. Read.
      (Books, not blogs.)

    1. @Eastern Woods thats right. The majority of covid 19 deaths are lib tards. It is what it is. Or we can say good.

    2. @Robert Alan you know, I was mostly GOP not so long ago. But I served, oaths and honor matter to me. No party or person is more important than the Constitution or is above the law… so I couldn’t support GOP/Trump further… then Trump/GOP negligence started killing family members and now I am almost militantly opposed to the GOP/Trump.

    1. @OSKAI read that they will lead the self-chosen One to the highest tower n tell him to ‘ fly ‘.

    1. @Robert Alan Women love buying fragrant shampoo for their hair. it certainly is not unhygienic smelling and touching clean hair..unlike the Pus*Sy grabbing Trump. That’s sick!

    2. @Nolan an old man, he should know.
      He failed to know that Puerto Rico was a state in the US. Yet another time, he said he just met the president of Virginia?!!
      Virginia is part of the States where he himself is the president of. It’s unbelievable he’s so ignorant.

    3. That’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

      Democrats listen to what the scientific experts say. Joe Biden is staying safe when possible, minimizing the risk for himself and others, all the while doing online interviews, etc.

      Republicans think it’s all a hoax. The boldly go out there, no mask, no distancing, holding rallies.
      And getting their folks killed doing it.

      Make fun of Joe Biden, Radwulf. We don’t care.
      It’s sad that there’s such a division along party lines when it comes to following medical advice. But the longer this farce goes on, the more affected (and infected) Republican voters (if they haven’t died by then) will realize that “their” party apparently doesn’t care very much about their lives, and they’ll vote blue.
      It’s already happening. Former swing states are firmly leaning Democratic; former Republican leaning states are becoming battleground states.

      What I don’t understand is that people like you, Radwulf, apparently a Trump voter, are not concerned about the disastrous political defeat that Trump is causing with his actions (and more so inactions); let alone the horrific human cost.

  5. Florida is ok to vote by mail because there’s a lot of old people that voted for him in 2016 and he wants them to vote again.

    1. There were a lot of old people who voted for him four years ago, now some of them have died of old age, and he murdered some of them with his response to Covid-19, his base is shrinking, his world is getting smaller every day.

    2. Old people in Florida may not have to worry about voting. trump’s death panels are taking care of that

    3. there aren’t enough of them old folks left in Florida thanks to trump’s non policy and DeSantis’ assinine policies.. the “hoax” virus is killing voters there at an alarming rate. also you can thank mr hannity for that along with trump

  6. Considering what’s waiting for Trump in the near future, he should make his acceptance speech in front of a federal prison.

    1. Actually, the Dems are more concerned about serving time in prison. If you get out of your emotions and take a look at some documents, you would see this but hey

    2. @Miranda Holland now that is fake news! Trump and his supporters project onto others what applies to them.

    3. @The Blade court documents are fake news? If that’s the case, where should I go to get accurate news?

    4. @Miranda Holland you mean court documents like Flynn’s or stones or Cohen’s? Those are real documents. What court documents are you referring too? The ones by the fox news “judge”? There are no pending cases in real court. At least not for democrats but an awful lot for Donnie and friends.

    1. Hold a Black Lives Matter Rally at same time.. He can then show how he does more for the Black People than any President in History.

    2. @Rick Roth what a great idea!! Boy would that throw sand in the gears. Do you think Barr would call in the “Storm Troopers”?

  7. Every time someone says he shouldn’t or he can’t HE DOES! He has coopted and corrupted every single political norm!

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