Trump contradicts himself on Giuliani and Ukraine, misleads on Vindman

Trump contradicts himself on Giuliani and Ukraine, misleads on Vindman 1


CNN's Daniel Dale says President Donald Trump contradicted himself when he told Geraldo Rivera that he sent his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to Ukraine when just months before he said that he didn't.
Dale also fact-checks Trump's comments about Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and the the call with Ukraine.
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  1. When you lie its hard to keep it all together, the truth is much easier to remember

    • @Q C You’re lame as fark…Your ‘ha ha ha’s’ is as pathetic on the internet, as trump is trying to speak English…

    • @Don Rutter There’s something gay about Trump turds bringing up assholes huh?

    • @Smarter Black Bear poor you… defending the indefensible isn’t going too well with you simpletons ehh?

    • Håkan Bråkan Kråkan | February 14, 2020 at 9:25 PM | Reply

      @Azure Badger You are wrong about the Steele Dossier. First… it was initially payed for by Republican donors who wanted to investigate Trump. That has been testified about by the firm. As the donors—like every single Republican in Congress—just felt they had to find out more about Trump to see if he was a “horse to bet on”. The dossier reports gathered facts, but also rumors that had been provided by multiple sources. And it is clear about that not everything presented is facts. The firm and people involved in sponsoring the investigation became quite disturbed by some of the information. (And we know that some information were correct…. but maybe not that “golden shower”, although it wouldn’t matter if it was for those who pray at the Trump altar. Although the Russians are experts at “framing” people in such ways, to have leverage. “Honey traps”. They used it during the cold war, and are probably still doing it.) So it was turned over to the FBI. But it wasn’t used to initiate an investigation. The investigation into persons involved in Trumps campaign was already initiated. And there were no criminal investigation into Trump himself based on the dossier.

      It was the state department, not Joe himself, that decided to pressure Ukraine to fire the corrupt prosecutor. He may have bragged that it was him, but he didn’t have that power in his own. And the Republicans knew and were okay with it. They surely knew what Hunter was doing in Ukraine. It’s just stupid to believe that the Republicans were stupid themself and didn’t have knowledge about what the VP’s and other high ranking Democrats children does. Further… the EU, the IMF also agreed that the prosecutor was corrupt, and were as much involved in pressuring Ukraine to fire the And when he was fired, there were investigations into Burisma.. The EU provides more aid than the US, and Ukraine wants to become a member. The EU would not accept any scam that Trump devotees now suddenly, after so many years, say that the Bidens did. The Republican Congress, the Republican controlled DOJ and the President could have launched an investigation at any time for so many years. But they never did.
      And it is American institutions that investigates Americans. The FBI didn’t take the dossier as fact. And neither would they take an Ukrainian investigation as fact. And if there really were indications that Hunter had been corrupt in Ukraine… don’t you think Ukraine would have initiated an investigation as soon as Trump even hinted that he wanted Hunter investigated… just to please Trump and the US. And please EU if they dealt with someone that actually were corrupt. Further, Trump didn’t call for Ukraine to investigate Hunter… but only asked that they in media said he was going to be investigated.
      And still there are no real official investigation into the Bidens. Barrs and Giuliani’s personal investigations in Europe are not official investigations. Such are performed by the FBI and, if the FBI needs, they through official channels asks other nations if they can provide information (that they then evaluate).

      Sure, Hunter only got that job due to being the VPs son. Like Trumps children gains a lot of income by the same reason. And it was idiotic to take such a job in Ukraine. Like it is for Trumps children to have some businesses in Corrupt and adversary nations that can use those businesses as bargain chips.
      But to believe it suddenly is news what Bidens did in Ukraine is nonsense. What is being, or is about to be, investigated regarding business in Ukraine is something rather different. Like how a American tied business could get a mineral rights permit far to cheap. Why didn’t Trump ask Ukraine about those?! Was it perhaps because they are associates to Trump?!
      Sure… CNN is biased. And makes mistakes they shouldn’t in the tough competition between news outlets to report stories fast. But FOX is just way out in space when it comes to reporting truths.

  2. When you tell the truth, the story always stays the same.

    • @GunsAndPoker That’s funny.
      You hide behind a cloak of a badass Clint Eastwood..
      He’s way-cool.
      You’re just a little prick.
      Hiding your identity.. Jackass.

    • @GunsAndPoker
      Dude, I’m not small
      And I’m not a big dumbass like you.

    • @GunsAndPoker
      I’ve been in about 80 good fights.
      Wanna go?

    • @GunsAndPoker …
      When you tell the truth, the story always stays the same. Thanks.

      I see Avenatti..
      I see Roger Stone..
      I / we always hear trump lie… Enjoy!

    • @GunsAndPoker
      Your Deep States type of theory is still getting de-bunked..
      Andrew McCabe is fine…
      Roger Stone isn’t OK.
      Unless he removes that disgusting Nixon tattoo from his back.

  3. You can always impeach him……again.

  4. Yes just laugh off that Trump lies.

    • “I did not have sex with that woman.”
      “There are WMD’s in Iraq.”
      “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

  5. You got em this time Don, he might get removed from office for this

  6. The blonde called Don “John”.

    • @Max Paxton That’s his barroom name ya know. It’s “ Don John.” Lemon also goes by “stank fingers Don,” too.

  7. The man proclaims to have the best memory, better than anyone else! And yet Duh

  8. Omg 😱 this is it! Let’s impeach him . LOL 😂

  9. Lars-Eric Gustafsson | February 14, 2020 at 12:28 PM | Reply

    What’s a Purple heart, against a heel spur?

  10. This 💩 ain’t funny folks!

  11. “Truth and miscomprehention are the foulest of tastes to an insideous synthesists being” Dougal Quargg 1931.

  12. Trump has dementia, of course he doesn’t remember! Jack

  13. We need to know how much the trump’s are stealing, and from which agency

  14. Melissa Mckinney | February 14, 2020 at 2:48 PM | Reply

    The thing about the truth is, you don’t have to have a good memory.

  15. Fact checker extraordinaire🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Kenchiro Kenchiro | February 14, 2020 at 3:44 PM | Reply

    who cares…we should all know trump is a shthole long time by now

  17. The corruption of the Dark State . Dump Trump 2020!

  18. mcmanus family | February 14, 2020 at 4:00 PM | Reply

    These United States and The United States are at war with each other.

  19. Raking those consulting fees in Kiev, eh, Rudy? Corruption fighter my tuckus. It’s like tribute in the old country, my kraut, Mick friends.

  20. He has lied so much he can’t keep his stories straight.

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