Trump Coronavirus Failure Makes Americans International Pariahs | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Yeah, and Trump can only prop up the stock market for so long before it crashes. Probably going to happen by the end of this year

    1. Not to mention real estate prices will crash too. The one silver lining that central banks are seeing right now is gold. They’re buying it up head over heels.

  2. I don’t blame them! It makes no sense that we are leading when it comes to cases and deaths. I don’t truly feel safe or completely well informed about the virus because of the efforts by Trump to not provide citizens in America with access to testing.

    1. Reconquista: Hinduism Not helped by your strange ideas about freedom and rights. Very childish really.

    2. @MJB For Trump yup! A full three or four miles of wall. It’ll take a few thousand years to complete. VICTORY!

    3. @MJB For Trump Frankly, I would have preferred to spend the money on medical care, and that was _before_ Coronavirus. There’s not even a need for a wall at this point. No one would want to come here.

  3. Most Canadians want their borders closed to the US until the US has a better handle on the pandemic. Sorry.

    1. Don’t apologize…can’t blame Canadians for wanting to protect themselves. If only we had decent leadership to protect Americans…and enough intelligent Americans to protect our country…

    2. We germans too. You can take soldiers away but new filthy coronacariing soldiers arent welcome🖕💩🤣

    3. @Marie Berthiaume oh please went there many times. Banged a few French canadians in Kingston. That county sucks

    1. Well daah! When you prioritize the talking points and media coverage over the problems, for political short term gains. Of course it will come back and bite you in the a**. Don’t wait for the rest of the world to follow the great wave you are dead set of riding. Not all of us like that kind of surfing.

  4. Man, when t’rump wanted to make America first, little did we know it would be first in Corona deaths.

    1. @Kravlona Russia half the death of the USA from coronavirus all in Democrat ran new York! 😁😃😁😃😁

    2. @Bud Fudlacker actually, around 30%. But who’s interested in facts right? Yeah the first hit States are the richer States with big populations in their metro. Poor Republican States shouldn’t have any excuse to get cases but, look where they at now.

    3. @Kravlona Russia nah, just a quarter of that…30K. New York has 1/4 of the entire country’s deaths. Talk about being #1.

  5. Rachel has articulated precisely how Canadians feel now about USA, that proximity to USA is a major liability & why the border must remain closed.

    1. Rachel is nothing but a leftist propagandist. Remember 2 years of “Russian collusion”? Haven’t you learned anything?

    2. @MJB For Trump Deluded? Nope, I teach cultural studies at a University, and I’m privileged to have an outside perspective on US politics. No news is taken at face value, but if you sift through enough opinion, then you can clean up the unbiased facts. My complaint here was that Maddow (and many others) then tell you what to conclude from that information, rather than leaving the opinions to the viewers. Where I come from, being socialist isn’t something people misinterpret in fear, and I’m so very proud to be a left wing progressive, just like most Europeans who have taken an interest in politics (and the huge body of Americans who think similarly, but don’t identify with that same label, thanks to misinformation)… I get the impression your mind is made up though. ‘Freedom’ for everyone that agrees with you or looks like you? Everyone else lies…mmhmm
      Go and put your mask on.

    3. @Jay K Haha indeed that was a well made point thank you for sharing your perspective on this mess

  6. It’s such a shame, as under any other administration the US would have been leading the world on its handling of Covid 19 pandemic, instead under Trump the US is showing the rest of the western first world what not to do.

    1. @Barry Chung Trump yanked a bunch of funding from the CDC and put that clown, Redfield, in charge of it. Redfield is a religious wingnut so he is not entirely a competent scientist.

    2. @Chief Tahchawwickah what is wypipo? White people? I am german. We have better than US bcs everyone has an insurance. Its not only private

  7. America trump has turned your country into the biggest embarrassment in the western world right now and people still want to vote for him it just doesn’t make any sense

    1. Those that vote for him follow his example. They ignore information they don’t like, and have no intention of striving to be better people. They believe they’re the smartest, toughest, most mentally sound people and will lash out at anyone who says otherwise. It makes perfect sense why they vote for him because Trump is the fool’s idea of a strong leader.

    2. people stuck with hitler to the very end too – makes zero sense

    3. Only if you watch the propaganda networks of CNN/MSNBC do you think the USA is an embarrassment. The desperation of the democrats and the complicit media are entertaining at this point.

  8. I don’t blame them one bit. The United States is a joke (and an infected one) because of Donald Trump.

    1. shows you how intelligent those hillbillies are that support trump , when he said ” slow down the testing please ” they all started raising those placards that read make america great again and cheered

    2. @Rich Winder the fact is he doesn’t care about the 2.5 million or the 123k deaths, it’s all about him he’s still not cared for anyone it’s all about his rallies. it would be karma if he caught the virus and end up in ICU on a ventilator trying to breath

  9. In essence, because of Trump, we are the scourge of the world, the leader in coronavirus deaths, in coronavirus cases and we are the laughingstock of the world thanks to Trump, holding two rallies, one on June 20 with 6,200 attendees and June 23, with 3000 attendees, both not requiring social distancing and the wearing of masks in states with exponentially rising in infections. We are truly pathetic.

    1. *It also means we’re essentially trapped in here with the virus AND that Cheetos-flavored madman.*

    2. Don’t worry, my american friend! Here in Brazil we are trying hard to get this “championship” from you.

    3. @Miss Faz Tudo I highly doubt you can, we here in the United States have 120,771 deaths and 2,325,970 as of June 23. By the way, I was originally from Surinam. Brazil, Russia, and the United States might be banned from traveling to Europe. I don’t think anybody could take our championship away from the United States, our president Donald Trump is the world’s laughingstock, the worst, dumbest, and stupidest leader ever elected.

    4. @marcus tjon Exactly. According to June 24 2020, the US has the most cases in the world. It recorded 2.3 million cases n est 120, 000 deaths.

      Even European countries have now banned all Americans traveling into their countries.
      Probably most countries are doing likewise. American travellers are unwelcomed… they’re undisciplined, don’t want to wear masks n don’t care for others’ welfare by not social distancing.

  10. Yup. None of our countries are going to be letting America in nor will we be visiting. Trump has let America become a global joke.

    1. wiser3754… also true but only because they are some of the worst offenders.
      I can’t see any countries getting a Pass unless they can consistently prove no cases or a vaccine is found.
      Kia kaha

    2. @R Wags Vaccines are only so potent. The vaccines for influenza at best has a 40% sucess rate. You’re also forgetting that Trump is an anti-vaxxer despite cheering for a Covid-19 vaccine.

    3. wiser3754 But it is worth mentioning that Sars-cov2 has a slower mutation rate than influenza virae. Mutations in the viral genome pose a problem because with vaccines the mechanism of action typically includes the detection of viral proteins by the immune system. If a virus mutates rapidly the immune system can fail to recognise changed protein structures and the host can be infected despite being vaccinated. Also you should not underestimate an immunity of 40%. That can make a huge difference. If we assume that herd immunity is achieved at 60-70% immunity and a vaccine would only be 40% effective, you would just need some simple measures to reach something we could call a de facto herd immunity. Like wearing masks while shopping which, to be honest, is a cheap price for stopping the pandemic. At the same time the percentage of immune people caused by infections add to the immunity rate achieved by vaccination.

    1. You have to protect yourself and your families. Dont listen to him but to health experts. And tell your family. Hes super incompetent and walks over corpses

  11. So much for trumps America being the best in the world the rest of the world don’t want us now and who can blame them

    1. @wiser3754 I certainly hope so, as in they can get it sorted, I am not American, but I take no joy in seeing others suffer, in fact I get sad and emotional. But I fear Trump and his cult will do everything they can to drag the country down with them, at the expense of other in their country. 🙁

    2. wiser3754 ; Yep, the mighty US has been lumped together with Brazil and “the authoritarian Russia”

  12. America, you MUST hold Trump accountable for all the damage he has done to your country. He should be in jail already – not causing more damage.

    1. @Chief Tahchawwickah Good luck with that – I think you are kind of out numbered, but it is worth a shot. Btw, I wouldn’t live in America if you paid me.

  13. This should not be shocking to the US, your president is totally responsible for this virus getting out of control, for a man who gets tested every day and has a wall of tested people around him, telling the American people you don’t need testing so much, wake up!

    1. @SmileMan64 aka BenjaMan64 how would you like the walls sire? With fine wine or bunnies, lots and lots of bunnies?

    1. Yeah, we have Americans saying they are going to Alaska and stopping in Canada on the way through. I wish we would put a stop to that. They want to ignore the virus, fine, but stop putting Canadians at risk.

    2. @jim lang that’s just ignorant and narrow minded…grow up…I don’t blame other countries after how horrible america is at fighting this…we definitely aren’t uniyed.

  14. I’ve been saying this for months, that America would become a pariah and will be left behind in a global recovery. Looks like the rest of us will start to move on without America for a while.

    1. From superpower to “shithole country” (as Tonald Dumb called somany other countries) in 3 short years… that’s “winning” … a tremendous success, nobody has ever seen it before…

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