Trump Could Lose Florida And 2020 Election With This VP Pick, Dems Say | MSNBC


  1. Any of the women mentioned are capable enough, bright enough and dedicated enough to be president. Enough said.

    1. @Ronald Harris Biden’s “second banana” will likely be your next president. So…. yeah, it matters.

    2. @Ronald Harris Trump is going to turn China into a land of “ghost cities.” Biden will sell America to China and then we’ll see what happens. MSM is doing a great job keeping you Americans away from the truth. Wake up, before it’s too late!

    1. I would also happy to see her as our VP. I hope he won’t pick kamela Harris. She is very annoying

    1. Oh .. ?? Did you know (Australia) my country and India a close .. and USA are part of the 5Eyes ..and Trumps Close now with Modi in INDIA ..and WHo’s an OLD ALLY of INDIA .. RUSSIA .. We all on the same team when it comes to China ..

    2. Crypto /Hydra ..oh really , is that why China has imposed tariffs on our products ..stated that racism has increased out of control especially against Chinese students only to have those students absolutely deny it ..those willing to risk the ire of China of course , from the undercover students there to do chinas rough stuff…warned their citizens not to be tourists here …complained bitterly about Australian naval vessels steaming through the south China seas , so claimed as owned by China …China is China , they just want to bully and bruise their way and it’s not a pretty sight …

    1. Any of Biden’s VP possibilities would be over 100 times better than the current useless cardboard cutout that holds that position.

      They would also be over 1000 times better a choice than the fraudulent squatter occupying the White House.

    2. @Brian R. . . . and your opinion is based on ???

      Why do I know you’re a George Sorros SHILL?

      . . . or do I just chalk your baseless comment up to the Marxist Education you received?

      Please try again. 😊

  2. I hope Rice is Biden’s pick, though all his picks will be better than Trump. A manager at a Dairy Queen would be better than Trump.

    1. @W V I absolutely agree with you on what you said about Obama but he did more bad than Good..
      Thr were 7 Million people on Food stamps under obama..Who now aren’t on Food stamps
      Obama cut funding to AIDS Organizations and For Detox Centres for Opiate addiction which Trump secured $6 Billion for the Opiate Epidemic
      I’m not the only one who voted for Obama and regrets it..Thousands of Black People regret it..
      Obama Pardoned Over 250 people including some Terrorists
      Obama gave Iran Tens of millions of dollars on a Crate..For what?
      Obama didnt do what he said he was going to do for Minorities..
      Obama also added $3.5 Trillion to the National Debt his first two years
      2.5 Million more jobs for African Americans
      Thrs no denying that..
      Also we know this.. Biden isnt Obama
      Biden is a Man who Failed twice before running for the Presidentcy
      Biden has Plagiarized JFKs and Neil Kinnocks Speech word for word
      Obama also added $3.5 Trillion in Debt his first 2 years..Trump also added To the National Debt..Mostly because People lost jobs because of the Virus.No?
      Did you know that thrs a Book written about Obama being Possibly the Worst President ever?..I dont think he was to be honest..He did do some Good the ones you listed

    2. I think that would be a horrible pick. Basically an Obama ticket that many people won’t vote for or care to show up to vote for. I’d rather any of the other women compared to her. She’d be my last choice

    3. @Bobby B I stopped reading after your regurgitated “YEAH! YOU WATCH CNN!” nonsense. You might want to take a step back and realize that people are capable of forming their own thoughts without watching CNN, and that people get their information from other sources.

    1. We also need very strong Dem leaders to remain in the House and Senate to strengthen and maintain the majorities we will finally gain there. And they were already duly elected through hard fought election battles in their respective districts. So Biden should not just go and pilfer too many good people from that “easy” pool of resources either. We must be much more strategic than that. Also, a Senate seat can often last much longer than a temporary cabinet position in political career terms.

  3. She Gets My Vote… Women Are The Future Of Governance in This Country… As They Should Be.

    1. Yes break out the popcorn and pretzels and watch because it is going to be good and I’d like to see one of them snatch Trump bald headed!!! Hahaha I would pay to see that!!!
      Trump thinks he’s playing on a reality show anyway, this guy is not right upstairs. He is wacko, stay healthy if you can and take care of your family😷😷😷😷😷🇺🇲

    2. When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
      ― Thomas Jefferson

    3. @gerald jonhson
      Richard Barber gives castrations for free, you might want to consider that. You clown👉🤡🤡🤡

    1. you like the fact that Demings has a 27 year background in law enforcement yet, the Florida PD has announced their full support for Trump. What a joke. MSNBC and other networks should keep up with these polls and numbers where you show Trump losing, and again the result will be the opposite. BLM terrorizing small businesses, violent riots all caused by BLM and Antifa, Democractic leaders not doing anything to protect their citizens, not doing anything to protect the innocent children that have been killed so far by the hands on BLM and Antifa, mayors joining their support with the rioters, I could go on and on and on…. I’m sure all these will 100% get Biden elected.

    2. @alexmathayes1 I see the Trump “sky is falling”, stoke fear, Boogeyman political ads are having the desired effect. Person Man Woman Camera TV……I get it…..that has to be the secret brain waves signal that Trump sends out to keep his cult followers “Zombified”

    3. The social work background would help broaden the administration’s perceptions of the problems facing most Americans. Her law enforcement background would be useful in driving reforms and reducing the militarization of police departments across the country.

      Around 90% of 911 calls do not require the responder to have a gun.

    4. @Brian R. thank you much for saving me the trouble. Im low on patience these days. Much appreciated… stay safe…

    5. @Antionette Wilson – Always glad to contribute.

      Stay clear of those COVIDs out there, and here’s to coming up with a successful vaccine for COVID-45 in November.

  4. It would be nearly impossible for Biden to choose a VP that would not be qualified and help the blue wave cause. VOTE!!

    1. Spoken like a true white supremist….. Democratic republican both or equal arms of white supremacy…. No reparations for foundational black Americans no vote from black society…… Racist white America will have another four years of trump.

    1. The fact that she has not been involved in the presidential primary is a plus.

      Kamal aHarris could be a good choice, but her sister really botched the Senator’s campaign strategy and did a bad job of debate prep.

      Amy Klobuchar has too much personal baggage and is just too remote a candidate to draw support.

      Ms. Demings would help draw a lot more Florida votes to Biden. Trump and DeSantis have already helped Biden in that state by exponentially driving up the Florida COVID-19 cases and deaths.

  5. Val Demings should be Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President. She has law enforcement experience. She’s smart tough and knows what she’s doing. Biden wake up.

  6. Count me as a Floridian who would love to see Biden/ Demings in the WH. She’s smart, strong and fair, what’s not to like?

  7. Just because the polls say Trump is losing. Doesn’t mean you can skip out on voting. Vote as if your vote is the deciding factor!

    1. @Johnny Blaze its not in the bag! Same comment people said in 2016 and we were all in the bag smothered for the past 3 years! Vote, vote, vote!

    1. Either her or Rice. I would not lose a second of sleep at night if either of these women should need to assume the presidency at any moment. Side laugh: If Susan Rice is picked, the campaign signs will be fun. Everyone will want to be getting a plate of their “Biden Rice”. Yum!

    2. And contrast any of these women with the disaster that was Sarah Palin. OMG. The worst vetting in all of recorded American politics. The whole country was horrified at the thought of her becoming president if McCain could not maintain the position. And looking back, I hate to say this, but I think Palin would actually have made a FAR better president than Trump. She has his stupidity, but she lacks his vindictive and absolute corrupt pathologies.

    3. I don’t know everything about every candidate Biden is considering, but I agree. This lady would deflate Trump’s “law & order” crap, presumably help win the important state of Florida, and she just looks the part. She looks like a positive, intelligent and expressive person to me. Those childhood photos are classic Americana, looks like straight out of the 1950’s or earlier! No room for doubts about her being American from the Republicans, or being black from the blacks!

      I’m pretty sure some of the other top contenders are red herrings, just to waste the Trump team’s time on useless opposition research. They can’t be serious.

  8. Val Demings will be the most serious and best choice for Biden. She has experience. Legislative, judicial, executive.

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