Trump Criminal Probe Investigation: What's The Latest? 1

Trump Criminal Probe Investigation: What’s The Latest?


Chuck Rosenberg and Ayman discuss the latest in the criminal investigation of the Trump Organization.

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  1. He really thought he could shoot somenone on 5th Avenue.
    It is time to show him that he can’t.

    1. He never thought he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue. He simply knows his base is too dumb to know when its intelligence is being insulted.

    2. @Don Phillips Something is different about this time for Trump ! NY his home state will indict by the end of the year and convict Trump soon after .NY is gonna be the state that does Trump in

    3. @Philoctetes No doubt! His covid response is probably the greatest single presidential failure ever.

    4. @Don Phillips This is more or less day 110 of the Biden administration. So far we’ve gone from from Trump smirking and sneering at the possibility of him being held accountable to him facing a Grand Jury. If you call that “nothing happening to him” talk to him, Trump.

    5. @Don Phillips Nothing happens to any of them and they all have lists of crimes that do not get revealed. Hmmmm have any of you studied government? You would see how they work together and the people are not always their priority. They stocked up before we starved and fought over Toilet Paper. None of them had to wait in line. Hmmm perhaps that’s why there was a shortage?

    1. @Fishing God: just make sure donnie’s, and his offspring get orange jump suits that are made in china.
      The hypocrite in chief once answered a late night show’s host question about the amount of goods that are made in China, and imported to the USA, donnie said, “well, they need jobs , too.”

  2. Best part about this is the guy who demands loyalty, whilst showing none whatsoever, entire life now hinges on the loyalty of others.

    1. @Speed Racer The guy who can’t hold his tongue on ANY issue… brags about the most ignorant things… and he says he’s going to tell on everyone if he is brought into court?


    2. Well well,looks like you guys are having a party. I was an independent for all my voting life because i thought that the right way is a perfect balance between the right and the left. But no elites in that party. Ross Perot was the Last hope but both sides gave him and his family death threats. Then laughed at him and called him crazy for saying that. All of you are ignorant that you need a right and a left to be balanced. BUT NO. All of you want to destroy each other. I wish it were just here but it’s a global pandemic right now. Carry on with your party. PEACE

    1. @Hugh G Rection i can’t speak for everyone but Either with or without trump i plan on voicing my opinions. He taught half of America to stand up and speak out. Whether it’s right or wrong in your eyes is not your call. We WILL NOT be silent anymore.

  3. Excellént news! Thé more information they put in front of prosecuter, thé better! Trumphe is as slippery as they come, mâke your case as *slip proof* as possible.

    1. Little bit partial to state prison in New York or some other place unlikely to ever have a Trumplican who would pardon Trump. But Trump’s death works too. Even if it’s by old age. Though if it’s prison, optimally I’d prefer Trump get solitary confinement for life with no communication privileges at all for the duration of his sentence.

      Just read something and I’d like to add: Biden, pack the supreme court and ram through a law saying that you can’t run for the presidency if you were incarcerated at some point and the supreme court finds that your crimes are sufficiently disqualifying. Then have the supreme court find Trump’s crimes sufficiently disqualifying.

  4. What they’re doing is making sure all angles are covered. No stone left unturned. More & more, Weisselberg is under a lot of pressure to flip. As for Trump’s argument using the presidency as an excuse for immunity, that will be thrown out. The actions by Trump did not have to do with national policy but personal civil suits.

    1. Yet they never tried to leave any stone unturned for all the criminal acts Biden or his son do which were obvious. God bless you and all the other Satan lovers. You will be judged soon

    2. @jason lanier Satan lover? Hahahaha ya right. This coming from a loyal sheep like Mary had a little lamb. Only its Donald had a gullible sheep. Said it before & will say it again. Donald is the living example of the 7 Deadly Sins. Guilty on every one of them!

  5. Your viewers think he is going to jail. Man, this is fun to watch. Hahahaha! ‘The walls are closing in.’ Hahahaha!

    1. Don’t know who, if anyone, is going to jail. Maybe all of them, maybe none of them.
      We do know that hundreds of millions of Trump dollars will be spent and that’s good. There will be months of intense stress and sleepless nights and that’s good too.
      It isn’t likely that Trump will go to jail due to his age and mental condition and that’s not good. It is likely that this will break him financially, emotionally and physically, or health wise and that’s very good.

    1. @Mark M Its OK he is well used to liberal witch hunts. First 2 didn’t work out too good for ya, did they?

    2. @Carl Fisher The first two impeachments were decided by politicians. These charges are criminal and will be decided by a jury of his peers. There is quite a difference.

    3. @Bruce Bryant all liberal witch hunts. You think AG Letitia James is an unbiased moderate? Fool

    4. @Carl Fisher Is that why you think Cyrus Vance is investigating Trump? Just another liberal witch hunt? Not tax evasion?

    5. @Bruce Bryant Love it how you hope and pray Trump did something wrong, how he lives rent free in your head.. If his last name not Trump, liberal Attorney General not goin after him.
      She will have better luck indicting and prosecuting Cuomo.

  6. Trump’s two impeachments were decided by politicians. These charges are criminal and will be decided by a jury of his peers. There is quite a difference.

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