Trump Declares His Political Journey Is ‘Far From Over’ | MSNBC 1

Trump Declares His Political Journey Is ‘Far From Over’ | MSNBC


Former President Donald Trump spoke for the first time since leaving the White House at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Trump revived false claims denying the reality of 2020 and said his political journey is "far from over."» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump Declares His Political Journey Is ‘Far From Over’ | MSNBC


  1. Hmmm no obvious orange tan and extreme sun drenched blondish hair. Yeah not to worry Trump. New York will catch him. They got John Gowdy so they’ll get you! Cannot wait

  2. Hey GOP – tired of winning yet? Lost WH, Senate, House, Georgia. Remember what happened. to Germany when they blindly followed their trump? (I refuse to capitalize his name)

    1. You tires of losing yet?. Troops back in Iraq. Just bombed Syria another war again so Obama 08. Giving only 9% of relief bill for the people the rest to other countries an corporations. Gas going right back up. We seen this before. Oh next the house bubble burst. Better invest wisely. You could be rich

    1. I am not sure Trump will serve much time for LYING but Tax Fraud, Bank Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Election Law Violations, Conspiracy to commit sedition, and lastly 12 counts Obstruction of Justice in Mueller case.

  3. Subject/verb agreement escapes Trump and his friends. Has he revealed his college & high school transcripts along with his tax filings? Where’s Trump’s birth certificate?

  4. i love how he said they are coming in the tens of thousands just check out the news. I mean hasnt he been saying for 4 years that the news is fake?

  5. I’m so tired of this man. The last few weeks without him have been a relief, why can’t he just be happy on his golf course in Florida?

  6. Lets see Mango Mussolini get past the many civil and legal litigations he is currently facing and coming his way. Justice matters.

  7. He ought to be more focused on the “legal journey” ahead. Especially since lawyers don’t like to lie under oath and lawyers really like being paid for their work. Good luck Donald.

  8. USA has always had the strongest military. Why does he act like he’s doing something that’s never been done or said before?

    1. Stanley Hache. You are a CNN/MSNBC kool-aid drinking lemming. You should really start to think for yourself. Blink your eyes twice if you want to leave the leftist cult.

    2. @Darth Ichthys I am able to think for myself and I listen to what comes out of the pieholes of these sniveling idiots.

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