Trump Declares Political Journey Is ‘Far From Over’ | MSNBC 1

Trump Declares Political Journey Is ‘Far From Over’ | MSNBC


Former President Donald Trump delivered his first public speech since leaving office at CPAC. The GOP leader says he has no plans to create a third party and his political journey is far from over. MSNBC’s host of “American Voices” Alicia Menendez discusses what this means with NBC’s Ali Vitali, staff writer for The Atlantic McKay Coppins, and former Florida Republican Congressman and MSNBC political analyst Carlos Curbelo. Aired on 03/01/2021.
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Trump Declares Political Journey Is ‘Far From Over’ | MSNBC


  1. donald you’re political journeys will soon be over soon.
    Just as soon as justice puts him and his family behind bar’s for life.

    1. @V L donald dump is a coward of stupidity fake and fraudulent disgusting individual.
      He knows his republickin party and his own family are held hostage to him and his self worship.

    2. LoL, clicked over here! And Yep, still obsessed by previous administration! Why keep talking about it? Let the voters decide? What the problem? Who are you trying to reach?

    3. @D11Dozer Why anyone would support this lying crap from him is sickening. Everyone can see right through his b/s immediately, except his supporters.

    1. That is an insult! To all tangerines! Oranges are the best fruit! I enjoy them best with vodka! LOL
      I trust fruit more than that fat @ss p.o.s. they call “trump”

  2. Why is the media so amused by this dangerous and traitorous demagogue? It just isn’t funny or entertaining anymore.

    1. @kalki 100Ks of more Americans dead by his poor leadership denying and then promoting behavior that spread the Covid virus, lying and inciting Americans to commit treason, and siding with authoritarians on the world stage putting millions in danger. Out of power he has emboldened domestic groups to commit violence as their defacto leader by his lies.

    2. @Dan Burnes so many lies in your post. You sound like the hateful media. Your brainwashed easily right? Explain to me something. Did trump cause the capital riot????? Tumps poor leadership so you blame deaths on him?? So i have a party of 30 and we all we get infected, is that trumps fault???? When will you blame people? And also you must have a nice work from job

    3. @kalki You are responding in a way that I don’t think you are a troll so I will answer to some degree, but likely will not continue since you are probably fairly solidified in your beliefs. One, I don’t care about media, I care about truth and information. Leadership and character matter. On inciting the riot, 57 out of 100 senators believed this to be the case in the most bipartisan impeachment trial ever to convict a president. Liz Cheney, a staunch conservative, like myself, made that call. I have read that 60% of covid deaths were preventable if managed appropriately on a federal level. Trump is a lying, cheating, moronic want to be dictator with no virtue. He is damaging not only the GOP, but America in very irreversible ways.

    4. @Dan Burnes 60% of deaths were preventable?? so i have go out for Christmas and new year with my family. And they get infected and die. Thats trumps fault they died, right? Only in your mind. What you want trumps to do ?shut the whole country down? No one works. Everyone gets 2000 monthly until theres no more virus?you must want the USA to die . inflation would be a huge problem. Maybe Impose what china did to its citizens lock them up and not let them out?? Only in your fantasy. But you can believe every thing wrong with the world is trumps fault , the media thought you well.

  3. 2024 ya sure 45 going to come with that big beautiful health care package he promised every two weeks for four years and y’ all had a republican senate

  4. The former French president went to jail but of course America won’t do that !???he needs to be in jail not president !!why Cohen is in trouble but not Trump something wrong with this picture!!

  5. Stop giving Trump a platform. He has nothing to add to the conversation. Deprive him of the platform he craves and he will no longer have an influence. He acts more insane all the time

  6. There’s something seriously wrong with trump who lies with ease and equally wrong with those who accept them knowing he’s a total liar.

  7. “Low energy”? Yeah, hundreds of his most vocal supporters are in prison instead of at CPAC.

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