Trump Defense Attorney: ‘The President Did Not Engage In Any Language Of Incitement’ | MSNBC


    1. @Dog Poo Fairy So you mean bring his supporters near the capital and pointing that way had less to do with the attack than Biden doing nothing.You my friend make so much sense.

    2. You should watch the actual trial from today. They totally took this out of context and presented the only part that didn’t hurt the dems cause… but I highly recommend you fast forwarding 38 minutes into today’s impeachment… this is a misrepresentation of the defense, regardless if you agree or disagrees

    1. I’m glad someone said it. I couldn’t believe the stuff they were coming out with. They accused the prosecution of doctoring evidence.

  1. “There are numerous officials in Washington who have indeed used profoundly reckless, dangerous, and inflammatory rhetoric in recent years”. And yet, as far as I can recall, none of them resulted in a mob of terrorists storming into the Capitol chanting “Hang Mike Pence”. Funny that…

    1. @Lion Home When those who supported Trump rioted, and went to state capitols armed, to protest sensible public health measure, and planned to murder a governor, Trump praised them, and never said one word against the horrible things they did. In fact, he encouraged them to fight on. When BLM protests/riots were violent and ugly, Biden condemned the violence. I live in Portland, where the Chabad was burned down, so I know the BLM/antifa riots were truly racist, vicious and ugly. But, Biden never encouraged violence, and Trump did. (And, here, the riots continued even after Biden was sworn in, so were not done by Biden supporters.) If you cannot see the difference, I feel sorry for you.

    2. @Jock Young the last I checked nobody on the right is trying to burn down statues,, looting, rioting, deplatforming, censoring, repealing Constitutional Amendments, banning books, cancelling people, getting people fired or any of the other multitude of violent, illiberal authoritarian tactics all coming from the left

    3. @Deborah Freedman anecdotal evidence is absolutely worthless. crying over milk that never spilled is absolutely worthless.
      The FACT remains that the only people killed in the Capitol Hill protest were Trump supporters, that the Capitol Hill Police Officer died of a medical condition the day after the protest.

      And none of this is even remotely comparable the seven months of BLM and antifa riots, arson, murder that resulted in the deaths of 40 American citizens, four police officers, 400 injured police officers and a billion dollars in damage from thousands of burnt and looted buildings across the entire nation.

    4. @Lion Home
      I don’t know of any liberals who do those things either. You are hating a caricature. A fantasy you have created to justify your own partisan hatred.

    5. @Lion Home
      Do you even listen to your own hypocrisy? You try to claim that Brian Sicknick didn’t die as a result of the attack, because of something you heard Tucker Carlson say, and then you parrot the lie about BLM being responsible for 40 deaths, when you have no idea how those people died. Do you not see your own bias?

  2. The part about this argument is that even if Trump didn’t intend anything to happen it did. Like it or not there’s well over 100 people that have been arrested for attacking the capital building that all have said to reporters that they believed that they were just doing what Trump asked them to do. If Trump didn’t incite insurrection then he is extremely good at convincing people to do it even when he is not trying to.

    1. @FLASHBACKS INTO You keep trolling… and your side keeps losing. Over and over again. Funny how that works out, huh..?

    2. The only evidence that the Democrats have produced is what Trump said publicly, which means staff in the building would’ve known if Trump had incited insurrection. But they were shocked when it happened, almost as if Trump didn’t incite insurrection at all.

    1. It was locker room talk. I’m 62 years old and every man I ever knew spoke about the P word all the time.

    2. @The Truth Is Out 777 what you believe it was romance in your past 62 years is considered sexual assult in any developing country legal system.

  3. Trump wasn’t saying fight to preserve the country. He was saying fight to tear it down. In 2016,nobody stormed the capital and never attempted to do so

    1. @Marciai Garcia So how exactly were a bunch of backwoods illiterate sh*tkickers in their fascist cosplay gear and megaphones going to ‘look into voter fraud’? Go on Marciai, educate us.

    2. why is everything you people don’t approve is “fascist ” to you people? where was this “fascist ” when BLM and antifa were forcing people in street to use their salute?

    3. @Hyuuga Kro Well, my starting point with the term fascist would be a person who has beliefs that tick the bullet points of the dictionary definition. Regarding race, free press, authoritarianism and a desire for a one party state. If you were to google the term , it most certainly will not be defined by the desire for fair treatment from law enforcement for a person of colour. If you then google ‘antifa’ you will see that the term derives from ‘anti-fascist’. Complicated stuff obviously. I don’t wish to look down my nose at you but I do marvel at how there are tens of millions of American adults who remain oblivious to simple things that a half educated eight year old in Europe would understand.

  4. He could be saying blah blah blah and they still won’t impeach him. They could not care less for the life’s who were lost or damaged. He destroyed so much and they could not care less. It’s very sad to see.

  5. *Let me tell you a story from my country Germany: Hitlers first coup failed in 23. In 33 it did not. Thats it, that’s the story. Bye* 🙂

  6. So when rudy followed up with “let’s have trial by combat” I’m sure the whole crowd mused deeply on the nuance of metaphor before… violently storming the capitol? 🤔

  7. This is an insult to every decent person in the world; we saw it coming but could do nothing to prevent this monster exacting his revenge.

    1. So everyone saw it coming and yet the staff who work there just went in like any normal day right? I’m sure you can see there’s a major flaw in your argument.

  8. Republicans should ask themselves, what if Obama had incited an insurrection? Would his impeachment be unjust or unconstitutional? Hmmm.😞

  9. *”We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!”*
                      – Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make america grate agen 2020!!!1!

  10. The problem with Trump’s lawyer’s argument, is that there was literally nothing left to fight for. The election was over. The only thing that remained was for Pence to count and certify the electoral votes. So the only thing they could’ve been fighting for, was to bring a stop to the counting of the electoral votes. And violence was their only option left.

    1. @Lion Home the rioters over the summer were NOT trying to overturn an election nor were they incited by anyone and those riots were from the far right. Those 40 that died were NOT related to any summer riots/protests

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis tell your pathetic deflections to the families of the 40 American citizens who were murdered !! and the four police officers who were murdered!!! slaughtered in the thousands of businesses that were looted and burned in the billion dollars of damage created by the senseless violence of 7 months of BLM and antifa riots

    3. @Lion Home Since the BLM/antifa rioters continued their violence, at least here in Portland, even after Biden had been sworn in, they were clearly not Biden supporters, so any death and destruction they caused cannot legitimately be laid at Biden’s feet. There was a successful coup in Myanmar, are you going to blame Biden for that too? As to a sham witch hunt, Trump’s attempts to get an insurrectionist mob, to steal the election, was well documented. We’ve seen his speeches and tweets. Your sad denial of reality, does not make the truth a sham.

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis no one was stupid enough to think they can occupy capitol building and overturn the election, People are the country not a building and people did die during antifa and BLM protest. Is one building worth lives of the countries citizen?

  11. When the jury is rigged, a defendant is less concerned with insufficient, inadequate and outright incompetent representation of counsel.

  12. Nothing wrong with “fighting” actual corruption and oppression. Everything is wrong with “fighting” for a lie

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