Trump Demands MAGA Faithful Boycott Coca-Cola. But Is He? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. His circular system does not run on blood, but Diet Coke. It’s gonna hard for him to find a replacement.

    1. Pepsi Cola Diet Caffeine free tastes good to me…My family and extended family have switched. We’re just too white to drink Coke anymore.

    2. @dathpo


      My whole family’s off it. So are our black friends. They’re too white for woke a cola too.

    1. Get your FACTS straight…Only 5% of that stimulus for INFRASTRUCTURE is going to bridges and roads,..less than 10% went to stimulus for the people…The rest is FREE for Corporation “earmarks”…They are NOT transparent…I don’t know where you get your news…

    2. Plus, I’m an Independent…I joined the NOW 42% of Independent voters…and BOTH parties need to clean their house…MOSTLY the Democrats…and clean the SWAMP of degenerates that should of retired 120 years ago..

    3. “Racist”…”Russia”…”Russian bot”….”Qanon”..”conspiracy theorists”…”uneducated”..”hillbilly”…What else is dug deep in that simple brain of yours”…did I miss one?

    4. Gotta admit the Republicans are right about one thing…When the Dems can’t win an argument…then you’re a “racist”…Haha. .So TRUE.

    1. Cokemandering: Trump gerrymandering lines on a map with a sharpie size fit for a blind hippo, while sipping on his 9th diet coke of the day.


    2. @b c Mr. former President sir, would you like a salad with your order? The Shamrock shake was last month.

    1. @My Tale : Never said he did. He just invented Cancel Culture. Smarter people than him gave it a name 🤷‍♂️

  2. Too lazy to move the bottle of Coke during his Boycott Coke photo op.
    And THAT’s the guy you republicans thought would be the savior of America?

    1. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden… 👈😁….

      ….and when the “girl scouts” come
      riding on 😁👉 AF1, then we’ll be
      “cruising” 👈😁

    1. @I am a pig eyed traitor That is in love with Putin
      Well he is the second biggest polluter specialising in verbal effluent but screw him. I’m talking about the environment!! We have to do something people!!

    1. Yes, but immunity after covid only lasts about three to four months. He was pretty sick when he had it, and probably wanted to avoid having it again. So he took the vaccine.

    2. Joycelyn what about the 1000s of children being sexually assaulted at the border right now?

  3. “I don’t stand by anything.” -Trump
    That was one of the very few times Trump actually told the truth.

    1. What about the 1000s of kids being sexually assaulted at the border, and this is what you focus on, I hope you are against rapping kids and don’t support the assaults going on right now you are not even thinking the children at the border matter, why is it because they are not white why won’t you stand up to it, how are you involved in this?

    2. @Uriah Heep
      It would take a good sized “mountain”,
      to make you “disappear”….👈😁…

      Get a job…👈😂…

      ….and a “diet”…👈🤣…

    1. Wonder if Adderall fizzes up like mentos when you mix the 2 together? hmm…what if you mixed Adderall, mentos and coke together? i think i invented a new drink called the adderall fizzy? Enjoy! (Warning: the surgeon general has determined that man-babys like Trump should not drink Adderall fizzys while operating heavy machinery….or while being president of the United states of America…or even being a twice impeached former president of the the USA!)

  4. If Donald “Get me a Coke, please” Trump can’t give up Coke, neither can Don “pink eyes” Junior. 😁

    1. @Chris P Bacon Trump has already been photographed hiding a coke bottle behind his phone after he said to boycott.

  5. Quitting Coke is harder for some people than quitting smoking. People aren’t just going to stop drinking it.

    1. @Rod yeah you’re a hillbilly. Gtfo. It’s a global brand. No one cares about crying Trump and his blind supporters. They know you prefer kool-aid anyways

    2. that’s no ordinary diet coke…. that’s an adderall fizzy! (Adderall/Mentos/diet coke)

    3. It’s not coke ita caffeine they are addicted to xD now they just have to find a source they can get a hold of haha

  6. Just as he told his supporters before the riot. “Walk down to the capital and I’ll be with you.” I said it while he was the president. He can never be wrong because the man will tell you yes and no in the same sentence.

    1. Wow this is what you people report on how pathetic.what a man to have put the fear of God in you girly type men who were scared of Trump a real man 😆

  7. “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and *I’ll be there with you”*

    Everyone knows that Donald’s a man of his word!

    1. BS. The give away was when he said “walk”. Anybody with a brain knew better then that. OK, that explains his worshippers too.

    2. @Stair force one Big guy Look how the real DUMB people try to to convince themselves that the problem is with everyone else.

  8. Why am I literally laughing with a Deep jovial Bellow at the end of this video?!🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😭

    1. Because he’s out of office. Had he still be president (God forbid! And He did) we’d find all these now hilarious things irritating and infuriating.

  9. This was the same guy who sent his droolers down to ransack the Capitol, told them he’d “be right there beside them”, them hightailed it to the WH to watch his Jerk-wad Rebellion on the TeeVee.

    1. @David Warren Do you believe Americans would commit insurrection without guns ? I mean you literally sleep with them …

  10. “I stand with you” and ” Do as I say, not as I do” all over again. And the faithful believe.

  11. Trump heard about Coke’s challenge to be able to tell their bottle by feel in the dark and thought they were making fun of him again.

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