'Trump deserves to go to jail': Ex-Trump Org. exec on looming criminal charges 1

‘Trump deserves to go to jail’: Ex-Trump Org. exec on looming criminal charges


Barbara Res, former executive vice president for the Trump Organization, talks with CNN's Jim Acosta about the possibility of New York prosecutors filing criminal charges against her former employer. #CNN #News


    1. @Andrew Pinson Do you realize that those networks unlike CNN have mostly so called opinion (lies) people. They are not actual Journalists who went to Journalism school and follow those dictates. You know like verifying the sources and story before saying anything. Murdock is known for the more outrages, the bigger the ratings, and most important MORE MONEY.

    1. @Allofgospel you need to read the disclaimer on Baxter’s web Real raw news is FICTION FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES, in other words it all BS!

    1. Trump has no problem taking his supporters money so what’s your point? I mean he’s a supposed billionaire.

    2. @Ellen Smith Trump had no problem taking money from his charity for kids with cancer and taking money from people that enrolled in his scam university Trump university and everybody else he scammed out of money including the taxpayers don’t you dare talk about morals Trump is the most amoral person in the country. Your hypocrisy is showing.

    3. People who worked with Trump have to prove themselves. Cohen did. He went to jail. This woman has not earned my trust, and if you trust her, you are a fool.

    4. She had no choice…” do as I say..or you are fired” let’s see who will help this religious bigot, hate monger …BAD HOMBRE

  1. This is a setup!!! If she is really patriotic to America she would expose Jarred and Ivanka too! Jarred should go to jail so as Ivanka!

    1. What about Sleepy hair sniffy Biden and little hunter?? They’ve mingled in far more heinous crimes. Plus Hunter is racist. Oh and let’s not forget about “Cumo”. What do these people have on Trump? Not a damn thing. It shows you all are brain dead. Zombies.

  2. not real news these are opinion shows on the news network…Just about every news group out there has this type of show and multiples of them..If it was a real reporter you would notice things different in how they release there information..Because they’re held under a different standard because of laws.. Sadly most news media groups have become like this ,,,people are taking them as actual facts when they’re not

  3. All his people will probably wind up in a white collar prison. That will be a vacation for them. Golfing everyday.

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  5. You too a criminal if he is, as you have worked with him for 18 years even after realizing about him.

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