Trump Destroys Another American Civic Institution With Debate Performance | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Trump Destroys Another American Civic Institution With Debate Performance | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow wonders whether and how the U.S. can restore the civic institution of neutrally moderated actual debates between candidates with contrasting political ideas. Aired on 09/29/2020.
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Trump Destroys Another American Civic Institution With Debate Performance | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



  2. Trump supporters would love every minute, this is exactly what they like to see, because they think Trump can do the same with foreign powers to get what he wants. SO CRAZY

    1. @Liberal Tears What’s a bith? He did not perform well, He performed like the schoolyard bully he is. Sounds like you might be just like him.

    2. Meanwhile he’s played like a Stradivarius by every two-bit dictator he’s crossed paths with simply because they use his biggest weakness other than stupidity against him and flatter him and fawn all over him and then ultimately get what they want for free

    3. The only thing he gets from foreign powers is money, we still don’t know what he gives them in return. Eventually we’ll find out about all the secrets he’s given up.

    1. Debate takeaways:

      1. Chris Wallace fought hard but lost fight by decision to @realDonaldTrump
      2. Biden’s favorite son was Beau, not Hunter.
      3. Jill Biden hid behind mask, Melania did not.
      4. Democrats grooming is for mail vote election chaos, Trump knows it & will be ready.
      5. Biden looks ill, Trump looked tanned, rested and ready.
      6. Biden allowed to interrupt, Wallace chastised Trump.
      7. Police support Trump, none support Biden.
      8. When Wallace stayed out of it, Trump won by 3 1/2 years over Biden 47 years.
      9. Trump had a mask handy, Biden did not.
      10. Biden is the Democratic Party, Democratic Party is dying.
      11. America apparently had a recession before Covid-19 & no one knew it.
      12. There is a difference between unsolicited mailed ballots & solicited absentee ballots.
      13. AOC & Pelosi will be upset that Biden does not support Green New Deal. Or does he?
      14. Trump is a brawler, Biden is a name-caller.
      15. With 4-5 exceptions, Fox is CNN.
      16. Trump had facts, Biden had talking points.
      17. Biden will pack SCOTUS.

      They Know Who Won: Thoroughly Defeated Democrats Urge Joe Biden to Cancel Future Debates
      The immediate takeaways were that:
      ** Trump was taking on two politicians
      ** Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump 76 times to just 15 times for Joe Biden
      ** Joe Biden couldn’t answer a question
      ** Joe Biden’s name-calling was disgusting and inappropriate
      ** Joe Biden made 33 false or misleading statements
      ** Democrats have to lie to the public about their policies and plans because they are so unpopular and destructive
      Democrats left the debate thoroughly defeated.
      They know they lost. How do we know that?
      Because top Democrats are now all calling for Joe Biden to cancel any future debates. They Know Who Won: Thoroughly Defeated Democrats Urge Joe Biden to Cancel Future Debates

      HUGE! Hispanic Voters at Telemundo Say President Trump OVERWHELMINGLY Won Debate 66% to 34%

      Ohio snap poll 75% Trump 25% Biden.

      The C-Span poll declared Trump the winner with over 230,000 people voting

    2. @Marshall Ray Trump reelection playbook

      1. Declare yourself above the law
      2. Use racist fear mongering
      3. Appoint AG loyal to you not the American people
      4. Fire US Attorney’s
      5. Fire Independent Inspector Generals
      6. Demean and ignore US Intelligence community
      7. Pack the Federal Courts
      8. Politicize the Department of Defence
      9. Purge your party
      10. Get rid of accumulated experience and exterpertise in Government
      11. Reward Donors/Cronies
      12. Coddle Dictators
      13. Create Scapegoats
      14. Denigrate and ridicule all critics
      15. Conjure up conspiracies
      16. Downplay real threats to the Nation
      17. Encourage Armed supporters to Liberate the States
      18. Bribe other Nations
      19. Use right wing media machines
      20. Suppress the vote
      21. Seek to prevent mail in ballots
      22. Get Putin to hack into US elections machines
      23. If it still looks like you’ll be voted out, try to postpone the Election
      24. If you’re voted out, refuse to leave
      25. Declare victory

    1. This is how Trump acts, and his mental decline increases every day. Soon they will roll him out with a bib and a drool cup around his neck.

    2. When you have nothing to say OR have the belief that the presidency belongs to you, you will act like trump and offer no concrete plans for the future and nothing but blunderbuss, false information, and rudeness in the present.

  3. This is pretty predictable. Trump is just trying to rile up Biden on national TV and then paint him as a lunatic. If you are in the Biden camp, all you gotta do is try to keep your emotions in check. For a moment I thought Biden might lose it when Trump brought up his son’s drug problem, that was an absolutely despicable move even by Trump standard.

    1. @jimbo your in the cult moron and Jim Jones koolaid is on you. Can’t switch is around no more desperate foll, bwaaa ha ha.

    2. I know people from abroad was laughing at Trump but that doesn’t surprise me they’ve been laughing all the time

    1. Since he prattles on and on, lying at his Klan rallies uninterrupted, center of attention, he was confused that Biden actually did have 2 minutes to speak uninterrupted. His behavior was that of a first grader at best. At least they raise their hand.

    1. Yep. I would even say put them in soundproof booths with speakers in them so they can hear everything. It would be fun to watch Trump running his mouth even when no one can hear him. Better infection control that way, too. The booths can be close together so they can see each other better.
      They should also be told to take notes if there is something they object to, and then give them time to make their rebuttals on their own turn.

      As for keeping time, I don’t think they should be shut off automatically. Have a light on their podium when their time is up. Let them finish. Keep time cumulatively. At the end, add their unused time to their closing arguments. Deduct the amount of time they went over. I can see it now, “Vice President Biden, you have five minutes plus 12 seconds to make your closing arguments. Mr. President, you will not have closing arguments, as you have gone over by more than five minutes.”

      Biden: “Just like his finances.”

    2. Especially Wallace’s. His place in history is cemented as a partisan, deep state shill.

      America was watching, the world was watching. Game over.

    1. LOL. That was really funny.
      Dump is such a loser. He will have a nice time in the can after he is kicked out of the WH.
      I just can’t believe there are still people believing in this ball of excrement. He is such a stain on the USA.

    2. According to his sister, Trump hired someone to take his SAT test for him. And we have seen multiple times that he is unfamiliar with words, he can’t read or say many of them correctly. I just wonder what his IQ really is, since he’s not a good business person either.

    3. I reran those segments from the so-called debate to make certain trump really said those lines. You know, he always has the best words! (When you’re looking for a laugh)

    4. Yes,definitely don’t use the word smart with trumpty dumpty. He’s too stupid to realize his stupidly and ignorance.

    1. @American Patriot It has been 4 years and still no future policy plans from the right, except Deep State, Qannon, the left, the Dems. How bout This is my plan for…

    1. @Urek Mazino I have a feeling the impeachment trial would have been a whole lot different than it was. That man had integrity, whereas Trump can’t even spell it. It’s a shame he died

  4. The pre-planned tactic of trump is to disrupt when biden was talking, giving him no space to express his views.Remember trump is a demon.He will do anything.

    1. @another found sheep there is a close up photo of the side of Trump’s head that shows a white patch…bud, the only sheep I see are people like you. Actually you’re more like parrots .trained to incessantly repeat trumps narrative..same stuff day after day. Repeat lies often enough and they become your reality

    1. He’s leaving soon. He will be voted out of office in November. He will fly away from the whitehouse in January. His base is 44%, there are more of us sane people, than his cult followers. Have and keep faith in us, the Americans who love our country, our rule of law and our democracy.

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