Trump Discards ‘Patriotic’ Mask For Meeting At Trump Hotel | The ReidOut | MSNBC

President Donald Trump on Monday seemed to give mask-wearing his strongest endorsement yet after months of wavering over whether people should don face coverings in public to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Later that day, he was seen at his own hotel not wearing a mask around a group of people. Joy calls this the ‘craziest damn thing in the world today.’ Aired on 7/22/2020.
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Trump Discards 'Patriotic' Mask For Meeting At Trump Hotel | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. He will be dragged out of that White House so quick it will make his head spin. We have to stop entertaining this, it’s not going to happen. HE WILL LEAVE or be TAKEN BY FORCE.

  1. Donald Trump, all words no action:

    Still won’t wear a mask unless it’s for the photo op
    Still threatening to remove funding from schools unless they reopen
    Still won’t implement a nationwide mask order
    Still trying to slow down testing when it needs to be sped up
    Still hasn’t bothered to implement a nationwide track and trace system
    Still hasn’t closed the border to Russia

    1. I am no fan of DrUMPf.
      It is said he has a germ fetish.
      Thats why he doesn’t shake hands. We have seen him try.
      Let him get sick. Help the voters with their choice. Maybe he won’t see the election.
      Someone should smuggle a carrier in close and often. Till nature take it’s toll.

  2. How we all can’t wait to see November arrive and start trying to forget what the nightmarish years of the Trump presidency were like.
    The whole world finally wants to wake up

  3. Problem with a mask but no problem with a wig
    Use the wig as a mask
    Pretend its a beard
    Ssee it as a presidential task
    Also wearing a wig is weird

    1. i don’t think it’s a wig, but instead he has REALLY thin hair, he went on a show and they messed with his hair, he dyes it blond to hide the balding because it camouflages so well with his pasty scalp, add bronzer to look alive, and oversized clown suit with extra long tie to hide the fat, if he spends time in law enforcement custody, then we’ll get to see the real final trump. but it’s likely he doesn’t like the mask because he’s always so sweaty and it might affect his bronzer.

  4. Joy.. check out the lady to his left.. when he can closer, she covered her face with a mask.. 🤔

  5. Vote all of them out on November 3rd.

    We need HELP from the specific states to accomplish this: Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey & various others where GOP representatives are up for re-election. Vote Blue. Vote all of them out!

  6. He is truly a child. “I want pudding! No, I want ice cream. No, I want a cookie!” It’s insane!

  7. “Mr. President masks are popular””I’ll make a patriotic mask announcement””Where’s you mask sir?””the garbage!”

  8. I appreciated that he was, probably unintentionally, honest enough to include dictators in his “as I greet” list.

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