Trump Disclosed Secret Weapons System To Woodward | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump Disclosed Secret Weapons System To Woodward | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


The president revealed to Bob Woodward in the new book 'Rage' that he had built a secret weapons system. The panel discusses. Aired on 09/10/2020.
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Trump Disclosed Secret Weapons System To Woodward | Morning Joe | MSNBC

84 Comments on "Trump Disclosed Secret Weapons System To Woodward | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Biden: “Duty, Honor, Country!”

    Trump: “Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV!”

  2. I am sure Putin has already been briefed on the “SECRET” weapons. Trump has to pay his debts somehow.

  3. I’m sure Putin heard about it before Woodward.

  4. “I’ve got the biggest most tremendous missile in all the land!” Not according to Stormy Daniels.

  5. If a military member had leaked that information they would be in the custody of the security police awaiting a courts martial.

  6. Da real Mr. Rogers | September 10, 2020 at 11:12 AM | Reply

    Folks get ready, if he looses, he will say it is all a hoax and will start a war in the US.

  7. Trump’s supporters: “But but but her emails”.

  8. “The likes of which we haven’t seen before “…if I had a dollar for everytime I heard that statement from trump…..I would be rich

    • Melissa Mitchell | September 10, 2020 at 4:27 PM | Reply

      Fenris Thursday, literally what I was going to say. 😄

    • “Believe me, it’s beautiful. It’s true”.

    • Let’s take this literally kids:
      If there are 365 days in a year and trump says this statement one time every day for four years, you would have:

      – $365 x 4 = $1460

      Now let’s expand our imagination:
      If he said this statement 10 times every day for four years, how much would you have?

      – $1460 x 10 = $14600

      Ladies & Gentlemen, please place your bets in the comments section below for the next four years:

      For more additional information, you better call Saul.

    • “Bestest…” – my child. Pathetic, tanned baby.

    • Exactly. He was just talking normally for him, boasting about how good the renewed nuclear missile system is. He wasn’t actually revealing a new classified type of system.

  9. Imagine what he tells people at Mar-a-lago when he’s playing bigshot.

  10. He didn’t want to alarm the markets, didn’t want to panic the the markets, not the people. He doesn’t care about the people.

  11. Who needs spy’s when our own president tells a journalist security information?

  12. Imagine what he tells Putin, Xi or Kim when he meets them in private!

  13. There is no national security for Trump, there is only an opportunity to boast about himself even though he himself does nothing.

    • TREASON!

    • 😉💥Four years too long for losing and witnessing the same unseen stable minded genius of no Foriegn policies, and only homegrown terror cells with desceptions formed by hipocrisy chores of a German shepherd descendant of Darkness instead, you know 😖💥💔💥⁉️🤢👐🤮👐


  14. “Psst….you wanna hear about some top secret weapons systems we’ve been spending trillions on Bob?”

  15. If he looses this election, he will reveal this to Russia. He is so vindictive.

  16. Remember what happened to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg when they decided to share secrets with Russia. Dereliction-of-Duty Donny deserves the same fate.

  17. If a reporter can get this bafoon, to spill his guts, can u imagine what he’s told Putin 🤯

    • Saying the USA has ‘secret weapons’ is like saying Dunkin Donuts has donuts, there’s nothing you can make out of it if he doesnt reveal what sort of weapon or what the weapon is.

  18. “I have built . . . . .” – LMAO – bone spurs couldn’t build a sandwich.

  19. His new weapon could be the covid-19 he’s accusing China about.

  20. If Trump talks like this to Woodward, just imagine his midnight chats with Putin.

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