Trump discussing pardons for his kids and Rudy Giuliani 1

Trump discussing pardons for his kids and Rudy Giuliani


As President Donald Trump's time in office comes to a close, there are reports he's considering a number of potential pardons for family members and his attorney Rudy Giuliani. CNN's Kaitlin Collins reports.

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    1. @santa fe, bantayan island life it wasnt even joe bidens laptop lmao it was hunter bidens (his son) that showed business dealings that was completely legal but immoral to do. Its illegal if joe got a cut as “the big man” but i haven’t heard updates yet

      Edit: also childish Trump and boring Biden

    2. @santa fe, bantayan island life you know they investigated the laptop from the blind computer repair guy Hunter took 3000 miles to get repaired and left with supposed incriminating evidence on and Rudy would not release to the fbi and found nothing, the evidence was literally fake notepad “emails” saying hey dad wanna do crimes, you have to be a troll or just dumb as rocks

    3. President Trump has already won the 2020 United States Presidential Elections. I will personally be slipping and sliding on liberal tears when the official announcement is made.

    1. @GetHooked
      Trump is a white supremacist because he believes in white supremacy, not because he pardoned a turkey.

    2. @Makaveli
      He shouldn’t need protection if he’s innocent. It won’t work anyway, the State of New York will prosecute him regardless.

    3. @Makaveli
      Trump lost by 6 MILLION votes. The largest loss in American history. I don’t think the left needs to make anything up to make him leave.

  1. “We hold these truths be self-evident, that all men are created equal, except the president, who is above the law.”

    I don’t frickin’ think so, buddy!

    1. Who told you this is true and credible info? CNN is saying “according to some source”, and that “source” could be full of SHT, if this source even exists…

    2. @Viktor Sv Full of SHT like the people in the “sworn affidavits” alleging election fraud? I mean, you could be right but here’s the thing: whistleblowers exist. When they’re on the side of the most corrupt president in US history, they’re usually just cultists who’ll say anything and risk everything for either a moment in the spotlight, a spike in their Twitter followers, or because they genuinely think they’re helping Trump “stick it to the libs”. Whistleblowers who point out Trump’s corruption are just adding a little more to an already giant pile of evidence we already have! So I would wager that this source does exist and is telling the truth. Don’t blame me! You sided with the criminal president! Of course you’re going to find a lot of news about him distressing. You may even choose to pretend it’s fake news if that helps you sleep at night.

      Anything else?

    3. @Viktor Sv
      They literally showed a video of Trump saying he would do this himself. “We’re trying for another 4 years. If not, I’ll see you in 4 years.”

      How is it fake? You WATCHED him say that.

  2. If he was thinking about it, then it just mean that his family has done something that will be exposed once he steps down (or forcefully boot out)

    1. As a Trumptard, I must tell you it’s a preemptive pardon, because dirty Dems will make up charges.
      Us Trumptards have answers for everything.

    2. Exactly! Also you can’t pardon some one who isn’t charged with a crime!! So Trump knows they are all criminals!

    1. @Citizen’s USA you obviously do not believe that statement, otherwise you would not support throwing out the ballots of 80 million of your fellow citizens. If your ballot counts, so must theirs. You missed the point here, 80 million people can out, in the middle of a pandemic, specifically to vote out Donald Trump. So, now the question becomes why is he doing all the things he is doing? Inciting violence, gutting departments of the Pentagon(ICIS Taskforce), pardons for his children, pardon Flynn. Why? Start looking for those answers and while you puzzle that out, what happened to all those billions for Covid relief?

    2. Why would you be so stupid as to believe CNN claiming to have a source Trump ever talked pardons for anyone? Especially after project veritas just told Zucker during his phone call that veritas has been listening to every call for the last three months, and proves CNN communist ties to both Russia and China and fake news! Zucker is overheard just two days ago telling his people to lie about this very story!

  3. “Preemptive” means actually that they could do then what they want…..and would get away with it! Suits to Trump! Send this guy and his cronies to Siberia!

  4. I thought everything was a hoax, a huge scam, fraud … now he needs to PARDON his children, Giulani and himself ???

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