Trump Ditches ‘New Tone’ On COVID-19, Pushes States To Reopen | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. oh boy, i just want this to be over. no more trump, no more covid, no more barr no more of that disgusting WH press secretary.

  2. tRump got his wish, to let the virus wash over the country. Yet, the Deplorables are supporting him. SOON!!!

    1. @Michael Dulong it’s not the same in every country. New Zealand been done with the virus cause they took it seriously and didn’t call it is hoax.

    2. @Michael Dulong then you send a video that someone continues to say “the left” and has conspiracy theories. No thanks. Fact is, Trump didn’t take the virus seriously and 150,000 Americans are dead because of it. PERIOD!!

    1. @Donald Trumpy Please tell us English isn’t your first language or worse your only language.

  3. “we will see what happened to them” WHAàaat? Is POTUS threatening other elected officials here?

  4. TRUMP: “We’ll see what happens.”

    Well Mr President, we are seeing what happens and it is NOT good.

    1. @cforte0423 Do you know that if Florida was a country it’d be in the top 10 of most infected countries in the world? Since you probably don’t know, Florida is a state.

  5. This so-called presidential Administration is totally delusional this is what you get when you have a person that grew up in a bubble with no consequences for his action!

    1. He has one tone and a small number of talking points off script, he has and will never change that. The other stuff is him reading a reality show script like a robot, and those words have no more connection with reality as they do on any of those shows.

    2. And posts like DumbF*** is what you get when somebody’s been brainwashed and can no longer come up with a rational thought not sourced on the Fake News Media.

    1. Because he may not have enough power yet to have them killed, but he can probably get them fired from their jobs. But If he’s reelected in 2020 ,he may have enough power by then.

    2. @Lez Charisma Yes but Journalist don’t make a lot of $$
      & Such a position is hard to get & TRUMP the baby man Has removed ( Or just ignores )
      People who ask to Tough of Questions.
      Scarry times 👻 we are living in
      The Wolf 🐺 is at the door.
      Vote Democracy
      Vote Biden !!!

    3. @Lez Charisma You act like Journalist are Highly paid in a cushy job .
      They are not & how this baby man dictator has Acted is Disgusting.

  6. It’s like American is on a deadly roller coaster ride. I want off!! Wise up to this virus and vote blue 💙

  7. November is coming people take out the trash! This crap is getting old! BS administration!

  8. “Perhaps you’re old enough to remember last week.”

    It’s so sad it’s not even funny the anchor opens with this.

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