Trump doesn’t denounce white supremacy, says Proud Boys should “stand back and stand by” in debate

Trump doesn't denounce white supremacy, says Proud Boys should "stand back and stand by" in debate 1


U.S. President Trump said Proud Boys should 'stand back and stand by' when asked to condemn white supremacists during the first presidential debate.

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114 Comments on "Trump doesn’t denounce white supremacy, says Proud Boys should “stand back and stand by” in debate"

  1. What happened to retirement at 65?

  2. this sounds like 2 children arguing

    • @Lucien and unbiased

    • @Patrick Ryckman trump trying to interrupt biden to get biden to talk about the same three things trump wants to talk about. Sounds like you didn’t watch the debate. If you have comprehension issues you should rewatch the debate and take your own advice.

    • @Brandon B I cant qwhite see why you don’t think trump should be held at the standards of a normal person. It should be qwhite obvious, just can’t put my finger on it.

    • @xCestLaVie1 we weren’t watching the same debate obviously…Trump only trying to get a sane word in edgewise, between Biden rambling and Wallace cutting him off.

    • @Pal VB what policies did trump propose, ill wait

  3. looks like 2 against one debate

  4. This debate was like watching Saturday night Live on a Tuesday

  5. They should’ve called Chapelle to be the mediator of the debate.

  6. He already gave his answer, platinum plan

  7. mute their mic so only one person can speak

  8. This whole debate is just the moderator going “let hi- let him- let him fin- alright mr pres- MR PRES- MR PRESIDENT we are not-“

  9. I am really hoping for lightsaber combat soon.

  10. Just stop scrolling here. The rest isn’t worth it. Unless you are here to revel in chaos, please turn back.

  11. America is batshit crazy.

  12. Anyone else notice the bowl of worthers & hard candy on each podium?

  13. They should have paintball guns at these debates.

  14. Joe “I got my start at Delaware College.”

    Delaware College “No you didn’t we have no record of you ever attending here.”

  15. The dude “mediating” or whatever his purpose is was absolutely awful

  16. they should do a fight to the death between these two and the winner gets presidency

  17. I think Trump argued more with Chris Wallace than he did with Biden.

  18. Hip fire VS can’t fire

  19. I think everybody knows what’s happening here

    • @H D Who gets to decide that.

    • @ChubbyBunny Rivera Took over Canada. Looks like its civil war time up here. Canada got really savage really quickly cuz these fools have been in charge for 5 years.

    • @Benton Goodhunter it’s Trump’s fault that blm movements destroy cities and that democrats let them do it? Makes sense

    • Benton Goodhunter | September 30, 2020 at 2:55 PM | Reply

      @Bryce Arians there is no misinterpretation here. Trump is known and can be quoted many times for racist rhetoric he is also thanking and advocating for these extremist groups

    • @Benton Goodhunter proof? Biden is known to have said a multitude of things that are objectively racist.

  20. Wait a second, Is Wallace running for the Presidency, why is he the one debating Trump?

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