Trump 'Doesn't Know What He's Doing Or Talking About': Brett McGurk | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Trump ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing Or Talking About’: Brett McGurk | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Brett McGurk, former special presidential envoy to The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, talks with Rachel Maddow about the disturbing gap between what Donald Trump says about the situation in Syria and the actual consequences of Trump's foolhardy decision to abruptly abandon Kurdish allies. Aired on 10/16/19.
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Trump 'Doesn't Know What He's Doing Or Talking About': Brett McGurk | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. So Putin is responsible for the EC now? I thought the American founders came up with this brilliant idea. How wrong I was.

    1. @Mind Freshener I’ll eliminate the national debt. Yes, he promised that, and the deficit is higher than ever. I will release my taxes. Another lie. Everyone will have great health insurance, and it will save money. Lie. How many times do you have to be screwed before you get it? And besides that, you interpretation of this being a good thing is wrong, and all the people who actually know anything are saying so. You are naive and wrong.

    2. @Mind Freshener Except when it comes to his pal that tin-pot, tent dweller and tent wearer Saudi murderer where he sent 3,000 US soldiers… An oh yes, he did keep ALL HIS PROMISES… specially the one about that he will run Washington DC, like he runs his business– like a crook.

    1. I feel like he was told what the PKK is like yesterday, and all it took to get him to do this was for Erdogen to tell him they are “The Kurdish Worker’s Party” and “Communists”. He seems to think we’ve been working with the PKK as well, which is amazing in it’s own insanity

  1. You all must know he did all this for Putin. Simply because Putin told him to.
    No plan. No strategy. No clue as to what he was doing.
    We really must find out what Putin has offered him.

    1. @T Electronix Correct. Putin has taken advantage and ,may have been consulted. The direct beneficiary however are Erdogan and beyond that Assad.

    2. @Brett Irving That’s about the size of it. Flynn, Giuliani Trump . . . and how many others has Turkey got hooks into? nod on which Parties in which house and what committees do they serve?

      If you think the normal pre-Trump swamp s clean on this – think again. Erdogan’ s a crook. He’ll be looking for other crooks.

      Trump will squeal like s pig when the Feds put him under pressure. Maybe the whole rotten edifice will come down. Should be quite a splash.

  2. Trump is the worst criminal in American history, with the Russian oligarch funded current republicans a close second.

    1. @Mind Freshener What promises has he kept, name one? actually don’t bother you’re just going to BS the answers.

    1. @Mainely Very good that you keep track of them, comrade. Put all the names on your list, it will come handy very soon when it’s time to lock them up into camps.

    1. @Mind Freshener How many hundreds have been murdered with more to come. You’re OK with this or doesn’t it matter because they’re mostly brown and we’ll get the oil.

    2. After you Click on the link posted Click on the hyperlink to see the names, everyone. Gaetz and Jordan voted NO. Not including Cummings , 13 did not vote. Absent? WTF???

    3. Mind Freshener yes, really. Any sane and competent leader would have consulted the military experts on how to bring troops home “alive”, and not in boxes. You may have missed the part of this broadcast indicating that our troops are stranded without an evacuation plan. Mr Trump has ceded US supremacy in the region to his boss, Vladimir Putin and Turkeys Erdogen just so he can put up some Trump towers in Moscow and protect his properties in Istanbul. Feel safer now? Our troops in Syria are not expendables, but living breathing human beings.

  3. That was the most accurate and honest assessment of Donald Trump’s leadership that I have ever heard from ANYONE who has worked inside the White House with him. Terrifying.

    1. @Sophia Lewis Why? Traitor Barr, Moscow Mitch, Fox, Nunes, etc.
      This is a textbook example of propaganda’s effects.
      Plus NRA ca$h from Russian oligarchs.

    2. James Fox – this is what the rise of fascism looks like. This could get a LOT worse if he (and all his henchmen) don’t get thrown out of office.

    1. @Blank Blank I know that but Trump & his actions are judged as Americas actions, personally I have met hundreds of Americans & have only met about 4 twats All the rest were genuine

    2. @Mind Freshener He did that with no consultation no plan, no time to prepare. Just overnight we’re out. How many people will die from this latest incompetence. How many soldiers will be injured or worse. The region is now unstable, how do you think that will affect the global community. ISIS are now free to ramp up there attacks. Did the public REALLY vote for that?

    3. @Doc Malthus I know that But Trump represents America & his actions are classed as American actions, still 2020 next year so hopefully …..

  4. Stop calling him commander in chief! He’s a Putin asset! He’s all about self interest with zero concern for our troops or the American people! Disgusting!

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