Trump Doubles Down On Claim He Can Order US Companies To Cut Ties With China | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Doubles Down On Claim He Can Order US Companies To Cut Ties With China | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Citing unspecified Congressional action from 1977, Trump again claimed that he can order U.S. companies not to do business with China. Our panel tries to make sense of the president's dubious claim.
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Trump Doubles Down On Claim He Can Order US Companies To Cut Ties With China | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

85 Comments on "Trump Doubles Down On Claim He Can Order US Companies To Cut Ties With China | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. philpott kentucky | August 24, 2019 at 2:41 AM | Reply

    Our president is a moronic man-baby.

    • Arthur Anderson | August 24, 2019 at 8:25 AM | Reply

      Lol…your president sure is. A president for the poor working class uneducated white males, for the college educated middle class white females, for the mid western farmers, for coal miners, for steel and union workers(in some instances). Ohhhh for the “we’ve been left behind forgotten” crowd. These are the tropes that voted for this “person😈” and now will be the sufferers of that bad decision.

      *VOTE BLUE UP n DOWN across the board in all positions that are running. Knock the “senate” out of the Senate Nov 2020.

    • Arthur Anderson | August 24, 2019 at 8:27 AM | Reply

      @Urmy Sunn Sunnrrff
      Because we all need to know what he’s doing. If not?? Lord help us!!!

    • Urmy Sunn Sunnrrff | August 24, 2019 at 9:38 AM | Reply

      @Arthur Anderson the fact that Trump is still in office is even more concerning.

      Why the Fk is Trump still there?!

    • Justin Credible | August 24, 2019 at 11:20 AM | Reply

      You can leave out the man part.

  2. Oh how desperately Trump wants to be a dictator in chief. Pathetic

    • There is a dictator and chief his name is xi Jinping. Yall are ok with losing 8 billion a year to China.
      Y’alls biggest problem is not Trump it’s yourselves. A Harris supporter will not vote Biden, a Warren supporter will not vote Booker, see where I’m going with this? A Bernie supporter will not vote Biden. Who ever the nominee is you people are so divided that you will not agree with the nominee on election day unless it was the one you wanted to get in, therefore people will sit out the vote. It’s not who I supported so I’m not voting for that person.

    • He’s trying to save the country and our economy against a country that has taken advantage of unfair trade relations for decades.

    • Carol Lamb
      Trump is a genius. Trump has more press and continues to accomplish more then any other president of our wonderful country

  3. Just imagine what the apocalyptic reaction from Trump supporters would have been if President Obama had declared himself the “Chosen One.”😲😨
    Hannity would have ran out to Rockefeller Plaza naked, doused himself in gasoline, and set himself on fire. Kellyanne would have ran out of the white house barefoot to the nearest tattoo parlor to get a Mike Tyson tattoo on her face. Alex Jones would have gouged out his eyes with his bare hands. Mike Pence would have divorced his wife, and then declare his undying love for Rupaul, before getting down on one knee and proposing to him. Trump would have divorced Melania, shaved his head bald, gotten married to Rosie O’Donnell, and then immediately move to Kenya.

  4. Can somebody just please throw a net over this lunatic and drag him out of the Whitehouse?

  5. Dumold tRump can’t get ordering a can of soup right. His golf shops stock nothing but Chinese made clothing.

  6. Been warning since before Trump became FAKE President that he would turn USA into a dictatorship. Trump is VERY close at making this a reality !

    • Hazzycakes I think you’re being way way to generous

    • Susan Sullivan | August 24, 2019 at 8:58 AM | Reply

      @fried spaghetti Wow you didn’t see this coming with his wanting to be a dicktator. When he started calling himself th donald was when he started to lose it.

    • If Trump does loose the next election he is afraid of going to jail. If he looses I bet he will try to leave the country and go into hiding. That’s why he’s doing everything he can to stay in power.

    • DUGAN925 no kidding!

  7. Ditch Moscow Mitch and Kremlin Donovitch

  8. chiquis shortdog | August 24, 2019 at 2:54 AM | Reply

    Trump ” ordering” US companies to do Anything is ridiculous and UNAMERICAN

    • The lion and the lamb | August 24, 2019 at 6:46 AM | Reply

      UNAMERICAN is on point ! To say what he said is unbelievable ! ( Mind-blown)

    • BETTERWORLD SGT0589 | August 24, 2019 at 7:38 AM | Reply

      The Fuhrer has spoken!!!

    • @spherical seeker I believe that is one minutely possible outcome. One that he and is followers believe they can make happen. That somehow he can spin this around as Great political and ecomomic strategy. Based on his current status of having the lowest rating of any president in our history, his winning in 2020 would be the result of voter influence and corruption or an Act of God. Oh wait, that would be himself electing himself wouldn’t it?

  9. He has zero Authority to stop USA companies/businesses from doing business with whoever they chose or what country. For example H Davidson our bike Icon was forced to Europe to still be viable. MAGA hats r made ib China. Just resign Trump

    • Johnny Mauchline | August 24, 2019 at 8:42 AM | Reply

      CUBA 🇨🇺

    • @Gary Berger Lol, I think (though I can’t remember where I read it so please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)they’re made in India so he’s probably safe in that front but I think a lot of Ivanka’s stuff (and probably a fair amount of other Trump stuff) is Chinese manufactured so he’ll have to be careful about that. I don’t imagine he’ll believe that the rules apply to him though so he’ll probably be fine.

    • @Alan Baird The MAGA hat was made in China until it was pointed out that hat was made in China due to the tage on said hat. I believe the majorly are still made in China, just some being contacted to US company just to throw his base a bone. It cost way less to have them made in China which mean more money into his pocket compare to these make in the US. That POS love money. Would not surprise me a bit that some of the Southen border wall money will get kickback to him. Or that we get 18 inches of wall and not 18 feet of wall.

    • But he thinks he does because he’s latched on to those words of – “being the most powerful man in the country.” And in his moronic mind he thinks that includes dictating to what private business sectors can and can’t do.

    • Vincenzo Valenti | August 24, 2019 at 11:34 AM | Reply

      Actually, he can “tariff” them to the point they leave China anyways.

  10. They only thing Trump can order is fast food.

  11. China needs to impose tariffs on Trump brand merchandise being exported to the US

  12. trump is as big a fraud and a mor6n like we’ve never seen before..

  13. I’m sure the megalomaniac in oval office LOVES the fact that he can cause people to lose millions simply be tweeting. He’s clearly a sociopath.

    • Totally sadistic

    • While he makes money trump doesn’t care ,the shutdown and now the trade war when there is nothing left for him to ruin , is it then people will say I didn’t see that coming , enough is enough the chosen one is bankrupting America just like he did with his companies

    • @Rob Johnson
      You could make billions by shorting the stock market if you knew what Trump was about to tweet 10 minutes ahead of time.

  14. Please flood social media with photos of trump products made in china!

    • @David Hale So Trump ordering American companies to cut ties with China is an example of Trump wanting less government control. HAHAHA

    • @nuffsed TRUMP poop bags

    • Mario Off-Topic | August 24, 2019 at 12:24 PM | Reply

      @jim Moore He doesn’t. He used quotes and added that it is sarcasm. Please read the whole thing before bashing him.

    • @David Hale
      Reference your post:
      _“If he’s in control of me seeing this he’s not doing a good job at controlling it blah blah blah…”_
      I was about to reply to you on this post and then I saw @Deep Dish’s reply to you:
      _“you’ve proved nothing, except that your chin has tanning lotion on it, in the shape of trump’s balls”_

      So, I thought to myself, “Case closed, there’s nothing more I could say to add to that!”

  15. payrickjhowley | August 24, 2019 at 3:15 AM | Reply

    Hypocrite, will this apply to products he and Ivanka have manufactured overseas

    • @Skyprince27
      I won’t be affected because I’m moving to Canada soon 😁I’m going to live in Canada for a years and eventually settle somewhere in London. I think that question should be directed to someone BORN and RAISED in America with no plans to leave. I’m just here in the U.S temporarily. Has no bearing on me…and to be honest with you, I usually don’t even buy made in China goods for myself…I SELL THEM😁

    • @Ghana Mafia
      Great plan!
      Hope you get up here and set up before the tariffs go into effect. There should be a fortune to be made short-term!

    • @Ghana Mafia
      If you have a big chunk of cash, you should be able to buy huge amounts of Chinese goods from now until November 3, 2020, here, then sell them later, at much higher prices, after Joe gets in and kills the tariffs.
      (Guess you have this all figured out already, eh?)
      Would be curious to know what entry means you’re coming under?

    • @Ghana Mafia
      London, ON is a lovely area, I know it well…

    • No, it doesn’t apply to her line which btw she changed the name in hopes to stay afloat by fooling the American people.

  16. Supernautiloid | August 24, 2019 at 3:25 AM | Reply

    Corporate fascism has officially arrived. Welcome to totalitarianism.

  17. Roland Moreno | August 24, 2019 at 3:31 AM | Reply

    Thinking he could order company to stop doing business with China. He should lead by example with his hotels and golf clubs.

  18. This is exactly how he “managed” his inheritance ,didnt earn it ,no appreciation for it and just feels entitled and is completely incompetent

    • @unmolested mind 6 bankruptcies ,chapter 11″s went a billion in debt , cant get a loan in the USA and isnt worth anywhere near his claims and threatens to sue anyone who hands over financial. Records . LOL he bankrupt an effing CASINO. Only a loser loses with a casino. People literally show up every day and spend millions of dollars

    • @unmolested mind Every single business in the art of the deal book has failed ,the man is a failure he would have starved to death if it wasn’t for that inheritance

    • @unmolested mind
      👄You got that wrong!! trump LOST $10B in ten years…that’s called “doing it all in!”

    • Freewheelin' Franklin | August 24, 2019 at 9:21 AM | Reply

      @Youthin Asia
      Whenever it’s mentioned that Trump failed with a Casino. I like to point out that he did so at a point in time where Atlantic City, and parts of Nevada, primarily Vegas, were the ONLY places in the ENTIRE country where you could gamble. The law actually made you go to him if you wanted to gamble & he still failed.

  19. Hmmm sounds like a wanna be Dictator, Out of the Dictator playbook.

  20. The Electoral College was created to protect us from electing this exact type of person president. It failed us and needs to go.

    • Even Africa is ahead of us. Whoever gets the most votes, win. This electoral college doesn’t belong in 2019.

    • I disagree and I am not a republican. The electoral college balances the differences between the large states and the small states. I for one do not want California dictating the outcome of an election any more than they do. The real problem is that the Democrats have ceded the rural areas to the republicans, also the effects of gerrymandering and voter suppression. To give trump some credit ( I am not a trump supporter ) he did campaign in more states than Hillary.

    • @Jon Nelson They already get a huge dissapprioriate representation in the Senate. Huge! Why should Wyoming get two senators while California only gets two. That’s borderline insane. Yet I’m not calling for that to change.

    • We the people are sick of straight white old men being in office. We want CHANGE again. DOWN WITH THE DICTATOR! Stop the oppression and let’s give socialism a chance! WE CAN WIN THIS EASY THIS TIME AROUND. ONLY TWO REPUBLICANS RUNNING CURRENTLY AND SO MANY GOOD DEMOCRATS THAT ARE WOMEN OF COLOR TO CHOOSE FROM. DO YOUR PART!

    • Amen, my brother!

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