Trump Economic Adviser On What Happens When Americans' Benefits Run Out | MSNBC 1

Trump Economic Adviser On What Happens When Americans’ Benefits Run Out | MSNBC


Trump economic adviser Kevin Hassett says that "we've given people enough cash …. which they can go out and start buying stuff with if the economies open up and so there's a chance for a really positive outcome." Aired on 06/11/2020.
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Trump Economic Adviser On What Happens When Americans' Benefits Run Out | MSNBC


  1. This guy always has a condescending smirk on his face, like he’s actually gleeful over this situation. And – he didn’t answer the question.


    2. @crapitalrecords freek sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people guess how intelligent you are, rather then open your mouth and let them see you are at the lower end of the spectrum.

    3. @brian gardner to businesses, not the people, but hey I figured Rus trolls would know that….try dancing that bear better Rus.

    4. @Barbara Witchey Guess you didn’t notice that GE is still going down the tubes….without either one. Gotta love who people blame instead of reality. Corp greed Barb, Crop greed…less product for more money, less service for more money, products with limited lifespans to replacement needed…etc…all for the bottom line…greed ( O wait its called capitalism…especially unfetter capitalism like republicans love)

    1. You know that they are trying to delay it until the election. They will do another check. (Expect 250K US deaths by then…)

      Expect the next check to be sent through the mail in late October. Trump will have his picture put on the enevelope and it will have a caption that reads ‘Only the best for you! Vote for me! I’m you’re favorite assclown in charge!’

      The check itself will say ‘Endorsing this check obligates the signee to vote Trump. Violation of this agreement may result in substancial loss of your assets and severe public humilation. (This is how Putin got me. Yes really, put that one the check.)’

    2. @brian gardner You still Trolling brian ?
      Again I will point out that you are what they had in mind when they coined the term


    3. @brian gardner “The gov already did 4 trillion of something.”
      Most of which went to big business not to main street thanks to Republicans.

  2. So they are going to leverage the states that need to stay closed to save lives to open . Republicans value the dollar over life every time .

    1. I agree, but the damage is already done ( to save lives,understandable so ). I can only wonder what is open, big corp ( supported by Trump) like Walmart, Sam`s, Nike, etc…not too many local small businesses survived covid-19 or they were not approved for aid cause big corp took most of it.

    1. Is anybody in the tRump administration in touch with reality? Including the Mango Mussolini himself?

  3. The rich could not wait on the economy to open back up and let consumers start to spend again so you give them millions of dollars of our money to make sure they stay afloat and tell us we have to wait and see how things are going before you approve another stimulus. Republicans only care about the rich and wealthy.

  4. What are you asking anyone on Team Trump for? They created this mess and have no clue how to mitigate.

  5. A lot of companies are taking advantage of this terrible situation,just hiring low wage desperate people to replace their higher paid employees whom they aren’t calling back ! I know I am one of them,have been replaced with a person they are paying $5.00 less an hour! good ol capitalism in America !!

    1. That’s because it’s welfare and bailouts for the wealthy and connected and THE HARDEST capitalism for the poor and desperate. They did the same thing in ’08, if You still had a job they threatened You with taking it and having nothing, or, take a pay cut. Hence why wages have been stagnant, yet CEO and executive pay and bonuses have continued to rise. The money is only supposed to flow ONE way, to the top.

    1. I have a theory that cartoons simplify the concept of justice into a game of revenge. Simpltons think that the president is king, thus it enables a goon like Trump to run.

  6. Oh..that’s right..many states are back to normal. Fat chance. Just because they may be open does not mean they are making money.

  7. Why does Hassett always have that dumb grin on his face? He could be telling you your parents were just killed in a car crash and he’d be like:

  8. What bubble does he live in. 50% of the Americans have enough money saved in the bank. What?

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