1. I guess OZ just got tired of his show. Can’t for the life of me think he could run for Senate in Pa. and win. But he’s got the orange messiah’s vote so who knows? I hope the republicans don’t win.

  1. It is so embarrassing what politics in this country has become. We are in 2022 and they are still talking about an election that has been settled they need to move on it’s ridiculous.

  2. Fun fact: this was the first time the Pennsylvania Republican debate opened with a prayer dedicated not to God, but to Trump.

    1. @MyShi DonStinkDan Barker has an awesome book called, “God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction”. It discusses all the despicable verses in the Bible.

  3. If only exchanges were about policy & helping make lives better for American people. This shows how out of touch GOP priorities are.

  4. I’ve been a GOP’er all my life, and I will not vote for a trump endorsed candidate. He’s a plague on the GOP, not it’s savior.

    1. @Humphrey
      Both stupid parties say the EXACT SAME THING for EVERY SINGLE election…. and you’re still falling for it??😂🤣

    2. @SweatyPickle not at all. You the one that said it was peaceful then. But somehow forget who pulled the troops. And we didn’t attack Ukraine. I actually personally don’t think its any of our business but I do know some Americans that feel like Russia is our best friends over night

  5. How anyone could vote for any of these beings is beyond me.
    Lookup the Con plan if they take Congress back. More relief for the haves and more liability for the have nots.

  6. Lock Trump up! Lock him up! Lock him up…! 🤞🥳🤞
    And lock up his cronies too – Barr, Cruz, Gaetz, Greene, Giuliani, McEnany… 🚨🚔🚨

    1. Boebert , Cawthorn, Don Jr. and Eric, Ivanka and Jared, Graham, McConnell, Rand Paul and Kevin McCarthy too.

    1. You must sign away all of your critical thinking, honesty & dignity to become a Republican politician.

    2. @Cheezy Krafts My father invented a number of devices, to aid in surgery. But, he never cashed in on them, and donated the proceeds from his patents to Planned Parenthood. Oz has an MD and MBA, my father had an MD, and MA in engineering. He was never as rich or famous as Oz, but did a lot more to help mankind.

    1. Why? Ignore these clowns and vote for John Fetterman. Fetterman is the real deal. A real man, self made, hard worker, street smarts and academic smarts. No nonsense, doesn’t bow down to corporate money. I wish Fetterman was running for senate in my state.

    1. @iwan willemse Who can we blame, the educational system? Seems common sense is rare and uncommon these days.

    2. Us Americans have had enough of the man democrats have running around the White House in diapers and listening to the Easter Bunny for guidance.

  7. Not a Pennsylvanian, not a legitimate medical professional. Endorsed by Trump. Three excellent reasons to elect the Democratic candidate in November.

    1. but you’re more likely to go on blaming the latest invented boogeyman of your ilk. have at it. face-palm

  8. I’ve never been a Dr. Oz fan, but thought he was always friendly, nice and respectful. Guess that was just for show.

    1. @surely you joke, mein failüre Did the pillow guy get his education in prison? Oz went to Harvard, UPenn and Wharton. As he got an MBA at same time he got an MD, we know what his ambitions were, to make money.

    2. Dr. Oz would beat Conor Lamb. Fetterman would beat Dr Oz, just as the polls show in both cases i just mentioned.

  9. I lost all respect for Dr Oz years ago! Fitting he would be endorsed by the most corrupt and ignorant president our country has ever seen!!

  10. Wow. If this is the best the GOP can do for candidates, they’re party is really in the dumpster.

  11. I have been a republican since 1980 when I voted for Reagan’s first term. I vote for trump’s first term. I have only cast 2 votes for dems in my life. I will never vote for anyone who supports/supported trumps attempt to stay in office after OBVIOUSLY LOSING the 2020 election. Trump has proven himself to be one of the worst Americans alive.

  12. republicans are so brave and full of words when they are not under oath, otherwise “I don’t recall”, “I don’t remember”, “5th amendment” 👌

  13. How embarrassing for the GOP. Fully grown adults simping to a man who lost them the House, the Senate and the Presidency, all in one term.

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