Trump Era Maxim: It Doesn’t Matter How Great The Car Is If You Can’t Drive | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Era Maxim: It Doesn't Matter How Great The Car Is If You Can't Drive | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow points out that at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump bragged about the preparedness of the United States. Unfortunately, the incompetence of the Trump administration meant the U.S. could not take advantage of that preparedness. Aired on 12/5/2020.
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Trump Era Maxim: It Doesn't Matter How Great The Car Is If You Can't Drive | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

104 Comments on "Trump Era Maxim: It Doesn’t Matter How Great The Car Is If You Can’t Drive | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. He’s the most ignorant person to ever be president!!!!!

  2. If you ever want to see how NOT to put out a fire on an aircraft carrier deck, watch the USS Forestal footage. Or the last 4 years.

  3. *”If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics” — Stalin*

    That’s where we’re at with this pandemic & the trump “administration” …

    • @Kristi Helton – since this went over your head, the relevance of the quote is not about hunger, but about the *indifference to mass pandemic deaths.*

    • It didn’t “go over my head” it is a completely stupid comparison! Just like my response… The reality of what is actually happening has gone over the heads of many of the American people…it’s tragic. But, it’s been obvious that given the best opportunity the American people can’t even get it together enough to fix it. That’s not the president’s fault…it the fault of ALL Americans…both democratic and republican! Arguing over bits when there’s a whole pie on the table!

    • @Richard Barber he’s sending food and correspondence every week here. Our entire town receive food. I honestly don’t know anyone who is not receiving it….I wasn’t trolling, I was just stating fact…are you saying you are not receiving anything?? We all get them here….


    • @Kristi Helton NO! A PRESIDENT IS THE LEADER OF THE NATION. HE GETS THE BEST ADVICE FROM THE BEST SOURCES AND L E A D S the nation to the BEST outcome Possible. That requires commitment to something other than a golf score. Integrity, compassion, teamwork with EXPERTS, A MF PLAN and hard work. 5 things (of 500) responsible adult traits NOBODY EVER SAID IN THE SAME SENTENCE WITH the name of the Loooooser. Ever. Never.

  4. The worst it is that he doesn’t care. Just cares about himself

  5. And throwing out the pandemic handbook didn’t help either.

  6. Patrick Kingfisher Kennedy | December 5, 2020 at 2:31 AM | Reply

    “It will disappear, one day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” Words from an EPIC FAILURE who SURRENDERED to a pandemic and LOST the popular vote TWICE.

  7. Well, there’s being unable to drive and then there’s just deciding to drive the car into a wall to see what happens…

    • Margaret Jackson | December 5, 2020 at 10:50 AM | Reply

      @Kristi Helton your president???….what did he do?????

    • Also you can drive drunk and not have a plan on where to go!

    • @Margaret Jackson he’s personally provided food for me and my family… everyone in our town received full food boxes every single week! It is full of the best meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and milk and other milk products like sour cream and yogurt….no one has had to sign up for it. It has been being delivered here since March…..we have all been provided with free covid-19 health care and have had cleaners and sanitizer provided. I don’t know where you live but we in our community have been completely provided for.

    • Problem is Trump is driving right over the American people.

    • The Connoisseur | December 5, 2020 at 2:48 PM | Reply

      Have a good laugh about Trump before he leaves office. See
      Donald showing his incredible biceps and proving his awesome IQ ! (-; (-;

  8. EMPOWERMENTalist | December 5, 2020 at 2:36 AM | Reply

    *Donald Trump is such a cheap car salesman…*

  9. A Rainy Weather | December 5, 2020 at 2:42 AM | Reply

    Is the study debunking his Obama left me unprepared talking point? 😳😳

  10. Don’t You see that He’s fighting For a Job that He doesn’t want..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Torvil Åsulv Støle | December 5, 2020 at 2:51 AM | Reply

    “USA, we are rated no. 1 ..for NOT being prepared…”

    • Torvil Åsulv Støle | December 5, 2020 at 8:04 AM | Reply

      @Trish Brown Right on, Trish!

    • We were prepared by President Obama, he even tried to brief Trump on what to do before Trump took office. Trump simply ignored the whole thing and lied.

    • The Connoisseur | December 5, 2020 at 2:49 PM | Reply

      Have a good laugh about Trump before he leaves office. See
      Donald showing his incredible biceps and proving his awesome IQ ! (-; (-;

    • @JB 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
      Pretty sure a lot of Americans would rather be in oz right now

    • @adrian lee I began to have a very superficial interest in US politics back in 2016. I recall saying to my colleagues at work that I hoped trump wouldn’t become president because frankly, I didn’t like him. They reassured me that he would be unlikely to even win the republican primary. I watched in horror as the 2016 votes were counted. Since then I have watched from a distance. like being in the comfort of a movie theatre as the worst horror shows play before you. The period waiting to be sure Biden had won the election seemed to be months. Now, I am like 80 million American citizens, just hanging out until January 20, seeing Biden inaugurated and hopefully trump being forcibly removed, from the WH, just to give him more shame. I hope that soon the virus no longer dominates the country. Stay safe and best wishes for what should be a healthier and happier year.

  12. “Johns Hopkins is I guess a highly respected place”
    That right there says all you need to know. Mothertrucker doesn’t even know what Johns Hopkins is. smdh

  13. What’s worse than failure, is blatant indifference.

  14. Watch what Trump said. He didn’t know who John Hopkins is.

    • The Connoisseur | December 5, 2020 at 2:48 PM | Reply

      Have a good laugh about Trump before he leaves office. See
      Donald showing his incredible biceps and proving his awesome IQ ! (-; (-;

    • @sonia julie Trump on coronavirus: ‘People are really surprised I understand this stuff’ “Maybe I have natural ability,” he said, referring to a “super-genius” relative who was a scientist.
      Campaign finance: “I think nobody knows more about campaign finance than I do, because I’m the biggest contributor.” (1999.)
      TV ratings: “I know more about people who get ratings than anyone.” (October 2012.)
      ISIS: “I know more about ISIS than the generals do.” (November 2015.)
      Social media: “I understand social media. I understand the power of Twitter. I understand the power of Facebook maybe better than almost anybody, based on my results, right?” (November 2015.)
      Courts: “I know more about courts than any human being on Earth.” (November 2015.)
      Lawsuits: “[W]ho knows more about lawsuits than I do? I’m the king.” (January 2016.)
      Politicians: “I understand politicians better than anybody.”
      The visa system: “[N]obody knows the system better than me. I know the H1B. I know the H2B. … Nobody else on this dais knows how to change it like I do, believe me.” (March 2016.)
      Trade: “Nobody knows more about trade than me.” (March 2016.)
      The U.S. government system: “[N]obody knows the system better than I do.” (April 2016.)
      Renewable energy: “I know more about renewables than any human being on Earth.” (April 2016.)
      Taxes: “I think nobody knows more about taxes than I do, maybe in the history of the world.” (May 2016.)
      Debt: “I’m the king of debt. I’m great with debt. Nobody knows debt better than me.” (June 2016.)
      Money: “I understand money better than anybody.” (June 2016.)
      Infrastructure: “[L]ook, as a builder, nobody in the history of this country has ever known so much about infrastructure as Donald Trump.” (July 2016.)
      Sen. Cory Booker: “I know more about Cory than he knows about himself.” (July 2016.)
      Borders: Trump said in 2016 that Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he was endorsing him for president because “you know more about this stuff than anybody.”
      Democrats: “I think I know more about the other side than almost anybody.” (November 2016.)
      Construction: “[N]obody knows more about construction than I do.” (May 2018.)
      The economy: “I think I know about it better than [the Federal Reserve].” (October 2018.)
      Technology: “Technology — nobody knows more about technology than me.” (December 2018.)
      Drones: “I know more about drones than anybody. I know about every form of safety that you can have.” (January 2019.)
      Drone technology: “Having a drone fly overhead — and I think nobody knows much more about technology, this type of technology certainly, than I do.” (January 2019.)
      Your right he would never say anything like that!

    • @islandbee THAT’S your “evidence”?

    • @islandbee More link to sht news. Stop eating from the trash.

    • Carrie Edwards | December 5, 2020 at 6:34 PM | Reply

      @feckineejit Best expert at lieing

  15. “… a global model of how to ‘bollocks’ a pandemic response …” … go Rachel, you truth it gurl !!!

  16. Everyone around him is just as guilty for enabling and never calling the BS out.

  17. Rated #1, most prepared, best resources,… and yet….. The wrong person showed up for the job. 🤔
    And lots of people died…

  18. “Don the Con” has been the worst president in American history…Roll on January 20th, can’t come soon enough… 😉

  19. What do you expect, when you elect a child for and adults Job.

  20. This country couldn’t possibly have had a more incompetent “leader” during this crisis.

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