1. U Republicans who donated all that money to his convention, ask him where’s those funds going to now …..

    1. @marquis de queensbury MDQ. Did you know that he can legally keep the money? So no need to embezzle but because he is is dumber than a bag of dead frogs, he will still probably try. He won’t go to fux, oan are wagging the finger!

    2. @ky store Well, he has to pay lawyers to keep all of the lawsuits paid. I heard he has paid out 16 million dollars defending his precious secret tax returns, and keep the whores paid off . And keep Melania quiet while he tries to take over the world. The lawsuits just keep coming for this douchbag.

  2. Calling Florida a “flare up” is like calling World War II a minor disagreement between nations.

    1. Lmao. I cant wait for the Trump defenders to come defend him “I tOlD mY pEoPlE sLoW tHe TeStINg DoWn PlEaSe”

  3. Listen to this guy.

    I’M 👏🏾 NOT 👏🏾 FALLING 👏🏾 FOR 👏🏾 THE 👏🏾 OKIE 👏🏾 DOKE 👏🏾.

    Neither should you.

  4. Who wrote this phony speach they messed up that had him mistakenly say he cared about people I don’t know how they’re going to fix this

  5. He’s reading and he stills sounds completely off the map. Imagine his staff having to listen to this guy every day. I salute these people, they are care takers for a crazy man…

    1. @Martin Goyette Okay, when this clown is out of office, they won’t be able to get a job anywhere…that’s what happens when your plans are short sighted.

  6. And his minions are cheering and saying “See, what a great president we have!”

    1. Yup … it’s kind of sickening lol … I thought violent movies would desensitize me To others feelings .. but nope trump tards took care of that lmao

  7. trump wants us to believe that HE looked at HIS team and HE told them they should cancel?? more like THEY came to him and said this will be catastrophic…

    1. He probably did want to cancel, he was looking at another Tulsa-level PR disaster. Growing numbers of GOP congressmen were saying they weren’t going to attend due to COVID, so as a face-saving measure, he ‘magnanimously’ announces he going to cancel it ‘to protect people’.

  8. Trump cancels the Republican National Convention but he still wants kids to go back to school 🏫 how dumb can you get? Oh right children can’t vote!

    1. But children can still be molded by their “pappies” to get excited about guys like trump being in charge 😂

    2. @Khelisie Salvatore  I abhor Trump, and I agree that more young people should be politically active. you, however, are NOT the example I would use. judging from your grammar, your vote counts for about as much as my dog’s. not to mention that “deciding who to vote for as a family” completely undermines your original premise that people should think for themselves. now go enjoy your coloring books and let the adults talk. and please don’t try to debate me; I’d hate to have my “as handed to me on a silver platter slayed like the Christmas goose”. I’ll let you figure out exactly how much is wrong there.

    3. Trump cancel the national convention because of the threat of the Trump virus but it is perfectly okay to risk the lives of kids and teachers by sending them back to a brick and mortar school house. Possibly take the Trump virus home to their families.

    1. @Jen Sweeney You must be Tump’s speechwriter, because he sounds like you write! Why bother writing comments all day, troll, if you are not making any sense.

    2. @0 0 That made a lot of sense, not!
      You are criticized for your ignorance and you just proved it.
      Trump did declare ‘I love the poorly educated’, that’s why you are a Trump lackey.

  9. “They said, Sir …..” pathetic..pathetic..pathetic
    He has no f’ing idea what he’s saying , just words … no comprehension.

    1. @Mike He wants to save face after that Fox News interview. He got destroyed and I bet he doesn’t go on Chris Wallace’s show ever again.

    2. @Mike Oh yes and the reason is obvious: the Republicans have started yelling at Trump behind closed doors. He is literally destroying their party and we have an election in just a few months. They may have threatened to nominate someone else, if Trump doesn’t pull out of this tailspin.

    3. Tessmage Tessera Maybe he should have done a turnaround 6 months ago before almost 145,000 died from the Trump Virus

    4. Sally Stavola there are three types of narcissist and he fits into ALL three groups,seriously.scary eh? I didn’t,t even get the last part of his ramble,hope I don,t have to listen to it more than once more to get it.at times his ramble is so dangerous and full of such racist crap one can,t even BELIEVE what came out of his mouth,,,like noooo I must have heard wrong .he doesn’t, give a crap about one single child except baron ,is baron going into any kind of classroom or any kind of close group activities? I doubt we even have to check any facts about that.trump has never apologized for any dead citizens or hurt ones or sick ones,and he won,t because like you said he.s too narcissistic,they never say sorry sincerely and seldom in a phoney way.i say LOCK him up for the criminal he is before his handlers have him labeled incapacitated due too a mental health condition, oh don,t even get me going,,,,,,,,too late,it wouldn’t,t surprise me if they have him semi doped up to sound like he,s slipping up mentally because he and his cronies know it,s gone too far down for them already.plus put all his cronies in prison too,they have all been doing lawless things and getting away .ohhhh I should not have got started ,thankyou for stating the facts that got me there anyway.have a good night and be safe….

  10. It’s a little late to pay lip service to public safety when he’s dodged all responsibility for the pandemic for nearly 6 months.

    1. I’m thrilled the convention will not be here in Jax. We don’t need the chaos…we have enough to contend with already!

    2. Keep in mind that is where he will reside post WH. Floridians will suffer from violent tornadoes, hurricanes and floods all bc someone or something from above distaste this tRump being.

    1. Yeah right now. Why does everyone think he can’t read? He reads in the video but I guess libs cant see whats in front of them

  11. Sinking ship lol ,I guess he finally believes the polls and knows he’s going to lose in November.

    1. and he had a quote saying: “He’s the least racist you will ever meet…”, still makes him a racist

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