Trump Fans Plot The ‘Next’ Jan. 6 This September In D.C.

MAGA leaders are openly planning an event in September that pledges to return to the scene of the January 6th insurrection to “demand justice” on the hoax theory the people indicted at the insurrection are innocent political prisoners. This comes as GOP leader Kevin McCarthy is threatening companies to defy lawful requests from the bipartisan committee investigating the riot. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the developments. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Let them come. Let’s put as many names and faces as possible to the traitors among us. The capitol will be protected.

    1. @donnie henderson I have a better idea, lets forget EVRYTHING your tiny brain came up w/ to make those absurd claims, based on LIES!

      Lol 500,000 weapons? Did you literally make that number up to counter my FACT about Trump and Pompeo 5000 released detainees, or did you ACTUALLY read the number from a factual source?

      Didnt China send the virus under “Trumps” watch and not Biden? Try again, you just sound mad AF that Biden IS your President. clown face!!! lol

    2. @donnie henderson republikklans are dangerous and so are gun happy police who murders unarmed black ppl over petty shyt

    1. It is not treason for them to come to the Capitol. It is treason if they do anything against the Capitol or attempt to interfere in the running of the government.

    2. @mark D’Agostino only if they commit a traitor’s act. We should not accuse people who have done nothing. Saying they want to overthrow is not committing a crime. That is called freedom of speech.
      They want us to attack them, to come after them when they have done nothing but be in Washington DC. There will be crimes committed in the city, no doubt. Trying to ignite the people on both sides.
      We must not play into their hands. It only takes one person going too far for this to ignite into something really dangerous. If they so much as walk towards our buildings or other people who oppose them then they need to be stopped. All the force necessary to stop them should be used.
      To make them guilty of a crime that has not happened is a slippery slope. Don’t you see that? If we are going to be a country of laws then we must follow our laws.

  2. I really don’t think Joe is gonna let it go down like the last time. The National Guard will be waiting this time.

    1. @B. Whitten If he loses over there the property is forfeit. Simple law, simple solution. I like simple when it involves that Loser.

    2. Yes Trumpty Dumpty was still in charge when his manic mob walked down that street. Last act of a maniacal wan2 be dictator/king/emperor. He told the guard “ don’t bother my supporters. Most treasonous act of anyone ever in that office.

    3. @Milton Bradley accoring to your numbers, almost 100% of them have been arrested lol!!

      “631 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection so far. ” – yahoo

  3. “Political prisoners” 🤦🏾‍♂️ what they are Seditionist and they should be charged with sedition not trespassing

    1. They are not seditionists per se… They are white supremacists who believe that the whites are losing control in this country and when that happens our country will be doomed. They are fighting tooth and nail not to let that happen.

    2. @Douglas Lucas you are ridiculous and your attempt to compare the two things is tortured at best but go off…..hahaha

    1. Black Lives Matter Democrats intentionally ran over a Female Police Officer breaking her leg with a Large truck last night during the Democrat Black Lives Matter Riots where the Democrats Burned and looted their own city in Philadelphia . 30 cops were injured. BLM Democrat voters Stealing and Looting …If the Cop tells you to put the Knife down you should put the knife down.

    2. @David Cohen the democrats couldn’t care less about anything or anyone.
      They will pander to anyone to get votes

    1. They were tourists. If you watched the livestreams, you’d know that. Member when the democrats stormed the capitol during the kavanaugh hearings and got into a chamber full of representatives? Those were terrori- I mean heroes.

    2. @Mark Mywords Seek Professional Help…Immediately! Seriously Dude?
      Who were the ones Carrying AUTOMATIC WEAPONS/ ROPES/CLUBS/KNIVES into the Capital AFTER Breaking Out Windows and Busting Down Doors? Let’s NOT FORGET BEATING Police Officers and Building not just One but TWO GALLOWS while Calling for the MURDER of the Vice President and Nancy Pelosi?!?!

    1. @The Patriot I guess you’ll be working side-by-side with the Taliban Liberals are literally domestic terrorists. They plan on attacking conservatives any Christians no matter what. Joe Biden just gave the Taliban 500,000 military weapons.

    1. @Just Whatever what about it? Even if we concede that what you are saying is true, it doesn’t make a second insurrection acceptable?

    2. @Just Whatever the media is not law makers Trump and the republicans right wing extremists is responsible for this mess. Media didn’t incite violence.

    3. @Bessie King Yes, they only tell part of the story. I remember the first report about George Zimmerman that he shot that kid in the back, that wasn’t true. Also, they falsely reported about Kyle Rittenhouse, that he was a mass shooter. We all seen the phone videos. He ran away and was pursued and cornered while hearing shots. Then they showed on the news where he lived. He was only 17 and a lifeguard. Evil media.

    1. How about Hawley he’s been really quiet!! Why?? Hum… we 👀👀 you!! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DEMAND JUSTICE!!

    1. @Bobby Valentino I’m not certain but from the footage I’ve seen, there were definitely people of asian and african heritage at the Jan06th coup attempt. Painting extremism as exclusively white or black or anything can only be a negative thing right?

    2. @Matt Willoughby Okay. But at least you recognized it as being a failed coup attempt. Insurrectionist do come in all races..

    3. @Bobby Valentino Yes. That’s my point. The lady heaped the blame at the feet of white middle aged men, and I’m that and I can see this was an attempt to unlawfully seize power by a violent mob of thugs.

  4. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” if they don’t believe they will be met with Force and the capital isn’t going to be protected this time they’re truly as stupid as they appeared to be on January 6th.

    1. @HalfCrazy520 false narrative? The deamorats have many peaceful MAGA protesters locked up still, while Heels up Harris bailed out blm , antifa rioters, looters, and the DA’s set them free for the real insurrection attacking fed court houses with projectiles, burning police stations, killing’s and many, many, more. MAGA patriots have always been peaceful. Jan. 6, was the result of the left allowing there terrorists to terrorize every peaceful assembly conservatives had and still do. The stolen election was the last straw. This time we will be addressing all Biden failures. His kids in cages, boarder crisis importing drugs and covid openly, rising inflation, the murdered soldiers, abandoned Americans, and handing the taliban a super power starter kit that YOU and I paid for. For those who believe this is NOT all a lie or False narrative we welcome you with open arms. For those who bring harm, we will not.

    2. @Joseph Mastroianni Can’t stop the PRESS it’s part of the constitution. America is so blessed, not to many dark places for you to hide and do DIRT, cameras everywhere.

    3. @Bessie King
      The press isnt part of the Constitution.
      I’M just a regular person in Boston media.
      We lie about massacres n stuff.
      PAGE 1 ON DESKS.
      The FakeNewZ.
      Way more valuable than a Constitution.

  5. “We’re going back…”

    Oh, so you were there the first time? I believe we call that a confession of guilt.

  6. This is what happens when the AG, MERRICK GARLAND, and the DOJ are silent and not maintaining law and order of the nation.

    1. James I bet im not the only one who cant wait to see that corrpupt orange madman lobbed into prison for the rest of his life.

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