Trump Fear Of Prison Could Push Him Toward Resignation And A Pence Pardon | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Trump Fear Of Prison Could Push Him Toward Resignation And A Pence Pardon | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow points out that of the myriad ways that Donald Trump could be made to leave office early before he can do any more damage to the United States, one he may actually pursue on his own is resignation if he sees it as a way to avoid criminal prosecution. Aired on 1/9/2021.
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Trump Fear Of Prison Could Push Him Toward Resignation And A Pence Pardon | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @John O’Brien Humm …love of country …again I ask what did you win …with 1 / 2 population looking for Russians under there bed ….other 1/2 know election was rigged
      …you do know no paper (laws) rule people , only their consent and you don’t have it

    2. @Silver Trucker I’m sorry but Mexico should have given that contract to Chapo and we would never have gone through these horrible five years. I don’t like violence but I am buying a gun to protect my own. Trump and his supporters have changed the game. Biden better be real careful, he is up against alot of hate.

    1. @whatever itis Funny, l happen to be a Corrections Officer at a 24hr. lock down Super-Max Facility. Here BLM has a whole other meaning !

    2. @whatever itis l don’t know anything about airports 125 years before planes, your boy biden probably said it? A couple kids in the front row got him all worked up in a lather? C’mon man, you know, the thing, cornpop, roaches & leg hair……..Filthy creeper !

    3. @stone hombre have you forgotten your moron in chief telling the world about airports in 1776…the entire world laughed. Enjoy your time in jail for sedition.

    4. @JOSE Morass Isn’t that what Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, etc. did—lie under oath? If you’re a President you get impeached, but if you’re a friend of the President, lying to cover for him, you get a pardon? That doesn’t seem right!

  1. I don’t feel that resignation is enough. So he gets off, by resigning his job a few days early? NOT enough!

    1. @B woodward : another fat chance when we should have all learned our lesson from the Civil War which was, no state has the right to secede once they become a state of the “More Perfect Union.”

    2. @B woodward : even worse when the selection of electors with the call out by vp Pence using the Electoral Vote Counting Act of 1876 after the 1876 election with virtually the same conditions existing then as it does today where Pence has the complete authority to accept or reject the elector vote count under this act; and he got scared off from doing this because of the breach of the Capital. Everyone went into panic mode, meeting in secret from 8pm till 330 the next morning, declaring Biden/Harris the elected heads of our government. We have no idea who objected or not and with the panic, everyone just caved to the conventional way of certifying the electors. The real fight should have been in the joint session instead of with the protesters. The protesters really ruined the chance for Trump to be president elect with the final vote count becoming a plurality of 232 Trump, 222 Biden. Under the 12th amendment of the constitution this would have happened. All the battleground states would have had their electoral votes denied to either Biden or Trump with this resulting plurality giving the presidency/v-presidency to Trump/Pence. It really happened before also with the 1800 election where electors from Georgia were in dispute and Thomas Jefferson as vp and president of the senate just declared himself president instead of reelecting the incumbent, president John Adams, with Jefferson vp under Adams.

    1. The fat golf-player with the red cap can ask his friend Putin for asylum , just like Snowden did. Mexico will pay for the wall , the psychopath’s followers all screamed.

    2. @Emily Curewitz
      I don’t think he was ever allowed to call him by the first name. I think he’s always has to call him, mr. President

    3. Pardon will not protect him against NY state crimes.
      And GA crimes for election fraud.
      But he can please insanity for state crimes. That would certainly work.

  2. If Pence pardon’s him, Pence should be arrested for being an accessory after the fact. The blood will be on HIS hands, too.

    1. I Agree with you. Pence should be charged as a Crimanal if he Pardons Trump. This is dead wrong how are Government gonna allow this President to get away with his crime ftom being Pardon by Pence. Pence already agreed that Trump shouldn’t be Impeached or charged as a criminal. This is Unjust by are Government.

    2. @Alfonso Serrano After all they’ve done, they’re actually claiming Dems are being divisive by going after Trump. It’s despicable!

    1. @TMC CLIFFORD Definitely, but I guess I meant the people in his formative years failed him. They created a monster.

    2. @S G Oh yeah, We forgot about the 370,000 dead Americans. from the pandemic he doesnt give 2 craps about. Gotta give him kuddos for that big honor. Wall has to be built around Capitol now (due to him), he supports Police?? I don’t think so. Flag at White House not flown at half staff. He tried to get the VP and Congress members gravely injured or killed. Have to give him the honor of biggest weakest baby, wanna be dictator. Yes, he has done so freaking much, hasn’t he? What a total loser. Hope the guys rots in prison and goes down broke!!

    3. @S G Hmmmm, you sure bout dat, bro? I think Trump has already done it – and by this I mean ruined society and democracy as we know it. I know grieving takes time, but I hope you soon accept that Trump conned all of you, leading you to believe he would fight for the working man’s rights. You do realize he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth? He knows you’re all sheep. He used you.

    1. Exactly! If Pence had a little more courage, he should have
      enforced the 25th amendment immediately after the invasion!

  3. the thing is he is assuming that pence would pardon him… wouldn’t it be funny if he did resign and pence denied knowing him…

    1. i feel like pence genuinely wouldnt pardon him tho, pence supposedly had family in the capital when it was attacked and seems to be less and less aligned w trump, and trump has sort of thrown him under the bus for it, so no loyalty there. not sure tho well see

    1. @Symon Templar Deep Down Symon, I believe 85+% of breathing Americans will DEMAND it. And like a shop lifter can’t be arrested until they leave the premises, I’m not saying Biden will not be allowed to take his public oath. It will seal the deal. ALL Constitutional efforts have now been exhausted.

    2. Yeah, republicans also say that holding Trump accountable will further divide the country. I think Trump did a pretty good job of dividing the country all by himself.

    1. Your not giving him much credit, a weasel has enough brains to manipulate his predicament so as to avoid jail

    1. US Senator Hawley is brave and took a heroic step to the right side of history.
      Antifa was crawling all around the rally and were the ones vandalizing the windows as seen in the video where the Trump supporters kept trying to stop them.
      Antifa in the videos the main stream media aren’t showing, show them being brought in by busloads and with police escort.
      The Washington mayor should be ashamed for her sedition against the USA
      The steal was real and below is important proof
      Affidavit that foreign influence flipped the significant votes.
      This is the affidavit that should give homeland security the authority to stop the steal by prohibiting a communist Chinese party agent (biden)into the highest seat of power.

    2. It is because there is no way out for Trump. He can’t be pardoned for State crimes only federal. His goose is cooked. That is why he is getting the crazies to wreck the White House. He isn’t going to do work he can con fools to do for him. He doesn’t care if they get arrested. It is just something to laugh about with his rich friends. Like a king who sends his subjects into certain death. Fewer mouth to feed and listen to. How many will die with covid? Just watch the clock.

    3. @Emily Curewitz Impeachment can continue after Trump leaves office. There’s time. Gotta make sure he can never hold public office again.

    1. Well, just like his lies. Once you start lying and trying to cover it up, you lie more. You have to keep going. It’s addictive.

  4. Trump’s last issues/acts of undermining lawful elections and the “will of the people” and clear obstruction of justice and sedition is QUITE different than Nixon’s attempted bugging of the DNC. Trump’s damage is SOOOOO extensive and deep that it is not pardonable. That’s like saying one would pardon Hitler.

    1. reap what each sows…..sooner ,,,or …in this case (mental) L A T E R ….he will dissolve into nothing……

    1. Oh your talking about that failed businessman and grifters who had a tv show and thought he was the most famous man alive well now he is more infamous than bin ladden or booth

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