Trump Fires DHS Cybersecurity Chief Who Debunked Voter Fraud Claims | The ReidOut | MSNBC

President Trump has fired Chris Krebs, the director of CISA, over Krebs' statements debunking various myths about 2020 election voter fraud that were advanced by President Trump and his allies. Aired on 11/17/2020.
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Trump Fires DHS Cybersecurity Chief Who Debunked Voter Fraud Claims | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. @Tina Lynn god bless take care of your family trump is a child with nukes codes be careful love you all 😔😔

    2. If you can’t see the SIN or the “strings”, I pray for you to see the Truth.
      Because Obama was also one trying to slowly destroy the US,, Biden is just another corrupt political puppet.
      Trump exposed the SIN of them.. Truth Beholds!!!!! The Plan has been set in motion…. The News will change forever.

    3. @Richard Johnson I certainly will, that’s the EXACT reason I want Trump to drain the swamp of all the corruption.

      If Biden slithers in, do not let him get close enough to take a big sniff and caress your children.

      G O D B L E S S U S A L L

  1. Trump will not be happy unless he burns the house down on his way out the door. Sadly, he’ll make sure we all lose.😠

    1. @roger waters
      This is how you recognize the criminal, he stirs up unrest so that others do the dirty work…
      There is something wrong with him at all, only you lemmings don’t notice 👎

    1. @NY B A nice distraction from the ensuing madness. ” Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”. Have a nice, and peaceful Xmas. Take care… I’m from Scotland and have been to NY more times than I care(Remember) to mention. I LOVE the place.

  2. Donald Trump is criminally insane firing the best man that did the best job around this election to see if it was done right what’s with that

    1. @Freedom Life how does it make sense that democrats have lost nearly every sigle race for house and senate to Republicans, yet Biden wins?

    1. @Mike Smith He might try, but based on his track record of shooting himself in the foot, I think he’ll accidentally nuke his own willy instead.

    1. Keep in mind 70 million & change voted for him. Police officers, district attorneys, employers, fire fighters, hate groups! The division strikes @ the of a just society. Right and wrong is now suggestive base on who you voted for. I hate liars!

    2. @Darq Knite I have zero respect for anyone that voted for the POS regardless of their role/place in society. I agree that they’ve tried to confuse, twist and drastically either blur or completely obliterate the line between truth and lies. It’s disgusting! Thankfully those with a working moral compass and conscience know the difference and it’s quite clearly black and white. Trump is on borrowed time and it’s almost up.

    3. @JES Here’s the thing. He is on borrowed not them. They’re bias will change lives unjustly. We have a difficult challenge ahead of us.

    4. @Darq Knite I agree. The cult of Trumpism is something that will definitely take much longer to undo or vanish. I think once we’re rid of him and his constant rhetoric, the truth and facts will be much easier to see and acknowledge. It’s hard to fathom that this level of narcissism in a leader could exist even today and be this pervasive. Disturbing at best.

    1. yes and he not even this he can do right. In my opinion Krebs can sue the government for being fired bc of fake reasons mentioned by Trump on Twitter. Even by the President who could fire him well without any reason. But not with lies. My opinion!

    1. That’s why no one wanted to join his administration from the outset of his taking power, in fact many of those jobs were never filled.

  3. Of course, truth is just not something trump can’t handle… trump knows nothing, but to lie and create chaos…

    1. @John Cameron somebody saying there’s not voter fraud doesn’t negate the the fact that there’s actual physical evidence to the contrary saying that there is you’ve spent the last 4 years trying to claim Russian collusion when there was none and now are upset when we found out that you guys tried to rig the election and want to claim that there’s no proof but yet there is somebody’s opinion is not a fact you need to stop listening to MSNBC and their opinions and start getting actual facts it would help you not sound like a moron

    2. @Brian420687 Oh, Brian… you are such poor loser. If a judge rules there has been no fraud and throws out all of the so-called cases because the the GOP lawyers can’t provide a scrap of proof… there’s no fraud. Stop bringing up the “no collusion” claim. Firstly…it’s not illegal. Second… Meuller found evidence of Russian interference and “troubling” connections to the Trump campaign. The reason, as stated in the Meuller Report, that his majesty wasn’t charged with other crimes, was due to his majesty’s position as POTUS. Did you read it??? I did. Educate yourself.

    3. @Joseph Krieger Like i said , Democrats are very delusional and it’s very sad that they would rather believe A Obvious lie than the truth , but Democrats will be what they are


    4. He know more than u think u know. God want to extend his grace for America. If Joe Biden win first he won’t last long we the people who stand for constitutional right will impeach him. God know how corrupt Joe Biden and democrats party are

    1. So, tell us… Do you truly “believe” that Biden is all “righteous”? lol…

      REAL Fact: tiny-joe lied about his college record, plagiarized college work, and speeches.
      – quote from joe biden while video taped in 1988: “I’ve done some dumb things, and I’ll do dumb things again.”
      well now, that’s NOT a very confident/competent demeanor for a “LEADER”, is it!? LMAO!!!

      There is more “DIRT” on Joe-Blow-lying-cheating-corrupt-politician-Biden, than many of you think.
      Many of you have been living inside your closed up stagnant box AND being shown digital lies, exaggerations, and being censored from the real world.
      Trump exposed the SIN of them! Truth Beholds! The News will change… We shall all behold the Truth.

    2. In the 80’s Biden was the joke of late night talk shows with his wild claims and outright plagiarism of the speeches of others. Talk about the population dumbing down.

  4. Oh no. I’m very concerned. This is awful to hear. I’m literally crying for fear of losing my freedoms and the demise of our democracy.

  5. Why can’t anyone stop him by putting their foot down & say “No” he isn’t fired & you can’t do that!? How can anyone fear him more than the devil?

    1. Remember, the Senate GOP, all 49 of them made it possible for this agent of evil to stay in power during last year’s impeachment hearing, despite hearing all the facts.

    2. because dummy… its his constitutional right to hire and fire who he pleases. its amazing how little you people know about the constitution

    1. We have several at work. I mean they are my coworkers and a few of them pretty good friends but when it comes to Trump.. yeah they sure are ignorant.

      Answer – they explode when confronted with truth 🤣🤣🤣 Want to play chess? 😃 Tomorrow, I am tired tonight – make sure you have spare vacuum tubes 😃

    3. Very well said. Unfortunately you still have to live in the same country with them. Hopefully under Biden presidency, more dialogue can be opened up. Think ISA need a 3rd or 4th party, 2 party system is so dividing.

  6. Getting fired by Trump doesn’t look that bad on your Resume. Everyone knows he’s unstable, petulant, spiteful and tyrannical.

    1. Can’t Get It Right – Yes whatever you don’t agree with: FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS! You people need to get some new material.

    2. ​@Can’t Get Right Why on Earth do you insist on watching MSM anyways. LOL
      I’m American. Tired trump isn’t fighting for me. Tired trump only fights for himself…AND HE’S LOSING!
      America isn’t fighting against anyone anyways. This facist, trump, is just feeding you people misinformation & fear. Live your own lives. Why do you need some failed business man, trump, with Chinese business ties, trump, to tell you how & what to feel.
      P.S. God bless President Joe Biden & the beautiful Vice President Kamala Harris.
      #trumpLiedPeopleDied #trumpManslaughterCount

  7. Trump is pulling the ultimate “can’t win won’t play.” He’s got nothing now so he’s torching the whole country.

    1. foosgoalie – The Dems / Big Tech torched it with their election interference, hundreds of millions of dollars paid to swing state judges, and much, much more. Justice will prevail! 72 Mn Americans have spoken — *Trump 2020* 🇺🇸

    2. @Mike Smith Keep telling yourself that… Sooner or later your going to have to suffer withdrawal from all that Kool-Aid you and all the other cultist and addicts called (r)epublicans that have overdosed on his bulls**t over the last 4 years and come to the realization that the Orange Baby’s term ends come 20 Jan 2021….

  8. This “President” is such an embarrassment to America. I’m Ashamed to be part of this country at this moment.

      Answer – they explode when confronted with truth 🤣🤣🤣 Want to play chess? 😃 Tomorrow, I am tired tonight – make sure you have spare vacuum tubes 😃

    1. @Mike Smith Congratulations for recognizing you are a cult member. Now your cult leader needs your donation for his campaign debt.

    2. @rudy sheen He has his knickers all tied up because he got second place .That is silver in the Olympics. He has alot more number 2 in him than number one ,.Just ask the black lady he hired to change his diaper

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