Trump Fires National Security Adviser John Bolton | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Trump Fires National Security Adviser John Bolton | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he asked Bolton to resign after he "disagreed with many of his suggestions." Bolton had clashed with other top administration officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
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Trump Fires National Security Adviser John Bolton | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Lmao! I thought he liked hawkish people like Bolton. This guy is not consistent about anything. A true House of Cards.

    1. @Jacob D Only telling half the facts in order to make your point – a typical tRump cultist move. Yes, Obama did indeed have 3 different NSAs, but over 8 years/2 entire terms! tRump is going on #5 in 2.5 years!!! SMH. Trump should change his name to Comrade Chaos! What a sad & tragic joke his administration & staff are, as well as cultists like yourself who employ half-truths, outright lies, & obfuscation to try to make a point or look like you even know what you are talking about.

    1. Moving Forward —
      Only the very best, that’s for sure. Hey, only the greatest genius in America would know how to pick his horses…Oops! I meant to say people…From the secretary of state to the attorney general, this genius of a president picked the Be Best boot lickers in the country.

    1. @DeepForest sure keep telling yourself that as the leftwing plot to murder him because they know they can’t win using logic.

    1. Like all the other “acting” officials. #moscowmassacremitch was too busy confirming hundreds of conservative judges across the country.

    1. @Dark8Empress easy victory for Trump, go get your guns crazy leftists, take your best shot, thank god you losers can’t aim.

    2. @packetmonger23 the world wants the USA to have a civil war, when Tyrants die the world cheers!

      The world wants freedom from the USA, a civil war in the USA is peace in tbe world.

    3. @Golag Is watching you I have to agree with you on this. Let’s be exact: the world wants freedom from the USA foreign policies. American citizens (Patriots), for the most part, want freedom from an ever encroaching government on the domestic side. I hurt for the American people because a civil war is doom on a grand scale. May God have mercy on us all!

  2. Surprised Bolton is out; a man who is a cruel coward and bully usually can find a home in Trump’s cabinet; oh well, on to Fox.

    1. Bryce Brogan Yea they do but you probably only talk of the parts you disagree with. I doubt I will get a response from you but – is it not possible that the entirety of the media wouldn’t collude and decide not to report certain stories to keep their audiences on the hate train?

    2. Penny Hollifield I don’t like Fox too much because over half of it is not too far from CNN. With that said, the media *is* a complete propaganda system that Obama made legal back in 2013. And I see it’s working a little based off of some of the things I hear from others. Goebbels would have felt at home in the system that the deep state has set up.

    1. @DeepForest anyone who has been in business faces this dilemma. My Grandfather and father were in Business and made us kids do Engineering and Teaching for peace of mind. You should try running a business and see if your comment is any different. Buy US.

    1. @Apple Thor Mighty Thunder what are you talking about? How much crack have you smoked?! The world is happy that Bolton is gone perhaps now the USA won’t invade iran and start another war and massive refugie crisis’s.

      The USA is of course super weak, just look how diversity ridden and cucked by israel they are.

      You can’t even mention reality or the low IQ voters scream “anti semite” so they don’t have to use their brains.

      I for one Hope the USA collapses and NATO collapses too, Tyrants need to die and the people want to be free and perhaps get revenge on the USA, esspecialy in Europe your so called “allies”

    1. @bluto212 yeah, I just wish there will once more be a time where I know maybe 5 US government officials by name.

    1. Bolton wanted war in Iran. Let the russians deal with Iran. You know, all the way on the other side of the atlantic ocean.

    1. @gilligan c That’s about what it is. His children must have suffered terribly growing up with a father like that and now they are mentally deformed like he is.

    1. Yeah agree. That’s why this is probably a good thing. Less war can’t be a bad thing. On this one trump might be doing the right thing (even if his reasons are wrong).

  3. “You can’t fire me because I quit!”
    “You can’t quit because I fire you!”
    Just another episode of The Apprentice: White House Edition

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