Trump, Fox News Misinformation Affliction Complicates Covid-19 Response | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Trump, Fox News Misinformation Affliction Complicates Covid-19 Response | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Donald McNeil, science and health reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about the challenge of convincing people whose minds have been poisoned by misinformation to take Covid-19 seriously, and the idea of appealing to "thought leaders" like Fox News hosts that following scientific recommendations is in their interest. Aired on 12/2/2020.
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Trump, Fox News Misinformation Affliction Complicates Covid-19 Response | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Listen to this man he speaks the truth even for the morons who voted for Donald but we all know you cannot fix stupid it’s Sad

    1. The guy was basically saying don’t leave the opposing side behind. You agreed. But, as usual, you continue on and insult your fellow Americans who practiced their right to vote for whoever they want to. Wow, the logic.

    2. @RockabillyPhil Butler ‘your one of those stupid dumb sad people’ I’d rather be badmouthed by a loser than be a loser.

    3. @K. House You can fix ignorance with education if the student is willing to learn. As Frank Zappa said, “A mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open”. You cannot fix stupid.

  2. Wow! It’s crazy when you have to warn/ tell people to think for themselves and not follow a particular person or party. Smh!

    1. @Patrick Van Rinsvelt Well at least you thought for yourself and went against the views of others. Doesn’t matter as long as you are capable of thinking for yourself regardless of the outcome. Some people just go with tradition.

    2. @Patrick Van Rinsvelt I think we should stay away from businessmen acting like politicians for a while.

    3. @Patrick Van Rinsvelt The Republican Party, in my lifetime, has made it easy for me to vote for Democrats, by default, even though I’m not a member of that party. I might have voted for McCain in 2000, but Dubya won the nomination.

    4. @Leon Armstrong They are perfectly capable of thinking for themselves when the March Madness office pool comes around. But I agree with you that people are not making the effort to consider different options on national and world issues with the same zeal as they approach picking winners of 63 games in a basketball tournament. Multiple polls have shown that, in particular, Trump voters want an authoritarian leader who tells them instead of asking them what should be done, thus absolving them of the difficult task, and it is difficult, of sorting through different options on different issues rather than grasping at the easiest way out, which is relying on their feelings and what someone who sounds confident on TV tells them to think. I can remember when news orgs reported the news. They had one pundit (Chancellor, Severeid, Bill Lawrence, for example) and a hundred reporters. Ditto newspapers. Now, there seem to be a hundred pundits, including reporters who are forced by interviewers to opine on what they report, to every pure reporter. Without any talking heads telling us how to think back in the day, we hashed out our opinions on the facts we had heard: over dinner, at family reunions, in front of the water cooler, in bs sessions in college. Now, too many people start with their conclusions and go to TV or the internet in search of facts to support them without verifying them or vetting them for logic and consistency. As long as they have heard something that sounds like information — “Donald Trump weighs 238 lbs. and is therefore not obese” — and they want to believe that Donald Trump is not obese, they will believe Donald Trump weighs 238 lbs. and get angry if you ask them to prove it. I’m still not sure Trump had COVID. If he wanted to prove that the virus was not so dangerous, not even to a 74-year old, obese man, wouldn’t it have made absolute sense to call in Dr. Fauci, have Fauci administer a PCR test and share the results with the American people? Instead, Trump had doctors signing non-disclosure agreements. (Why is Trump so fond of hiding information about himself?)

  3. brilliantly said, ty mr mcneil and dr maddow. i know, but will any of them actually do it? they seem willing to let their own viewers die and do so with no remorse. remember their ‘take one for the economy’ comments to the elderly made early on…

    1. Yes, there will be many who will not take the vaccine for different reasons but the bottom line is that they’ll keep the virus and the deaths going.

  4. The 3 “waves” is more like 3 steps. Each one higher and higher . The country never got down to a reasonable level to reopen in the first place

    1. Our despicable and incompetent goper governor,Abbott in Texas followed tump like a good bootlicker and reopened our state AGAINST the cdc guidelines. We hadn’t mitigated and suppressed the curve and he wouldn’t mandate strict enough measures or mask wearing and BOOM we reopened It’s been an overwhelming and terrifying debacle ever since. We also have tons of lazy, self righteous deniers that only care about their personal liberties and freedumb

    2. @N N – Rachel Maddow is one of the finest of our professional journalists. In other words, your message is fraudulent and homophobic pinky.

    1. Biden and the Democrats deals were made with Chine and are the ones who help provide the COVID 19 American people have died for greed and power, and no collusion with Russia and America it was China and America under Biden watchful eye and Gates and Fauci who should be tried for treason he plays both sides of the fence in Politics.

    2. @RockabillyPhil Butler Baseless conspiracy theory. BTW, Fauci is not a politician, he’s an epidemiologist.

  5. Wasn’t there a nurse who said she had Covid patients gasping for air who refused to believe that they was sick with Covid? That’s an uphill battle..

    1. @Mike Smith I will pray for you Mike. For God to grant you wisdom and put you back on the righteous path. For you’ve been fooled and follow the Devil.

      I hope once Trump is gone, you once again embrace the light, science, and facts.

    2. Those people do not know much about anything and trump’s propaganda is their source of “news”. Hmm, deadly combination here.

    1. @Brian Nave Job growth has been remarkably consistent since the end of the recession in 2010. The 3.6 million jobs added in the 19 months since Trump took office are roughly comparable to the 3.9 million added in the previous 19 months under Obama. Likewise, unemployment has steadily declined. And wages have inched up at a slow but steady pace.

      On a graph of any of these metrics, the period before Trump took office is virtually indistinguishable from the period since.

      “At best, you would say it’s been a continuation of a steady trend,” economist Austan Goolsbee told MSNBC.

      Goolsbee, who had Hassett’s job early in the Obama administration, challenged the idea that things suddenly improved following Trump’s election.

      “I don’t see how you come into the game with 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, your team is already ahead, and you’re like, ‘I won this game.’ “

    2. Murdoch has been evil all his life. He really screwed up our newspapers in the UK. He turned into a “King Maker”! and whoever he liked in politics got the best press

    3. @Brian Nave The “dominion fraud” has never been brought up in court. Trump’s legal team has never mentioned any cases of fraud in court. Were you not aware of that?

    4. @Brian Nave ok let me explain how the machines work. After a voter enters the information into the machine, they get a paper printout of their entries. They then give it to a poll worker. Then BOTH are counted and must match. They do. Secondly, you think the Dems stole the election through fraudulent ballots but you don’t think they would have remembered to take majority of the Senate?

    5. Show me proof of his criminal acts that is solid, if you cannot then you are, as most people who think like you, products of hate, bias, and the media. You just want to be part of the crowd who have been fooled so you can get attention and feel like you are part of something. Try thinking for yourself.


  7. Trying to reason with them about vaccines after the face mask debacle is like poking a fork into a live wall socket, twice. You just know it’s going to be unpleasant.

    1. @Michael williamson : Trump is praying he can take credit for something, before the clock runs out. That’s all. You know it. I know it. We all know it.

    1. Donald Trump doesn’t care who died, he already has said that he is not going to be responsible for the Covid 19. He blamed China for it. Further more the one who infected is the old people’s, poor peoples and immigrants. He wants all this group of peoples to died. Because to him all these are liability to the country and the welfare system.

    1. @Gary Craig please explain what you mean separations at the of thats Trumps doing. That is the law..which is a Congress thing..and one enacted and followed starting prior to Trump. It has been shown those photos of cages they always blame Truno for were built during the Obama admin..there are pics of him actually walking thru the facilities seeing them. Was apparently okay to do then. The bleach thing..that made no sense to me. Trump was saying chloroquine was potentially helpful..and the Ford Hospital study in MI backed that up when given early in combo to the right to population. While bleach works wonders for most pathogens..and is added to drinking water in small amounts safely when in field environments etc..he never said drink bleach. And the woman who gave her husband the fish tank cleaner was arrested for intentionally killing him as even she wasnt that ignorant.

    2. @Sah Di in my country we were devastated by the 25 deaths due to underlying conditions once covid ravaged their lungs! If we HADN’T worked together and quickly as a nation to rid it of this terrible disease that number would have been in the thousands! You seem to look at this as numbers and statistics, maybe you should look too the American families that could have avoided tragedy this year if the government had of protected it’s people. Nothing YOU say can give these families solice or bring back their loved ones. Think about it, it’s one thing to say 95% recover but if you or your wife your kids grandparents are 1 of the 5% those numbers and stats don’t mean sh*t! Please stay safe, and stop trying to tell people that the numbers are good in any way!

    3. @Gary Craig oh im with you on not injecting it (assuming you mean bleach)..but adding it to water to purify..been there done that many a time. Im no connoisseur of water…but the small amount needed makes it better than the taste of chlorine pools:)

    1. @Roy Muse Right, as you point out, it’s not just Trump, it’s the cult like mentality of his supporters that defend Trump no matter his crimes, no matter his attacks on the Constitution, our Democracy, or our own citizens.

      Trump is the Devil, and the Devil’s greatest trick, was convincing our weakest and least educated, to stand against their own. Trump has been very successful at rallying the worst our society has to offer.

    2. @Roy Muse Trump wanted to become America’s first dictator, and his cult following seemed to want that very much, too.

    3. @Roy Muse You’re delusional, he didn’t debunk anything, he just got away with another crime, like he’s been doing his whole life. If you support that, poor you. I hope you didn’t send him money for the “supposed election frauds”.

  8. Just start a conspiracy theory that Biden is trying to prevent republicans from getting the vaccine. They will then demand to get it.

    1. @Michael williamson My bad… you did say “they” so clearly you didn’t mean yourself. The comment still stands though in regards to any republicans you feel don’t hold the same positions on topics like this. If they think Covid is real and deadly… that masks help… that white supremacists shouldn’t be defended… that kids shouldn’t be separated from their parents and kept in cages… etc, then they aren’t in line with the current republican party and their leaders any more.

    2. @101perspective
      1) Republicans (rather Trump supporters) do believe the virus should be taken serious. They just don’t buy into the 24/7 fear reporting from the media and Democrats. Of course, you do have those fanatics (as all political parties do) that don’t.
      2) the masks don’t offer protection as the media tells us all. There have been two studies that showed the masks didn’t help hardly any to stop the spread. Here’s one of the studies:
      3) To say that Trump supporters are white supremacist or believe they should be defended is ridiculous. Are you including the different races that have come out in force and voted for President Trump this election also believe white supremacists should be defended? To say President Trump is a white supremacist is also ridiculous. The media, politicians, Hollywood celebs, and athletes didn’t call him all the ‘isms until he ran for office. President Trump also designated the KKK as a terrorist organization and labeled lynching as a federal crime (which I thought it was labeled as such already). Of course, the designation of the KKK has to go through the process before it can be enforced.
      4) President Trump didn’t create the policy that has been used to separate families. The facilities/cages were put in place under Obama ( ). He also had a policy to separate families that come into the country illegally. In fact, the policy was put in place many years ago. Possibly under Clinton, maybe further back and removed under President Trump. If you don’t believe me, what does this video insinuate? It’s about Obama not halting the deportation for parents of kids who entered US illegally.
      And here’s an article detailing how US has practiced this policy for many years. Look at the date it was released. who was the President at the time? Bush. There was also some pictures that circulated around that showed cages and I believe children in the cages.. It was noted as being taken under the Trump administration, however, they were dated back during the Obama administration years.

      Again, I’m not trying to send jabs or anything of that nature. So please don’t take this reply as otherwise!

    3. @Michael williamson I specifically meant trump supporters. I am well aware that there are republicans who don’t and have never supported trump and his confederacy of conspiracy theory spewing dunces.

    4. @Michael williamson and i really don’t care anymore if those trump supporters get sick and die from COVID – i care about them people who legitimately cannot be vaccinated who will get sick when we cannot get to herd immunity through vaccination because 35% of our population is made up of gullible idiots

  9. Trying to reason with them about vaccines after the face mask debacle is like poking a fork into a live wall socket, twice. You just know it’s going to be unpleasant.

  10. The dead don’t know they’re dead, it’s only difficult for the others. It’s the same when you’re stupid.

    1. FACT 1 > Covid-19 PCR Test Numbers are 100% FAKE, and the so-called Pandemic is a CaseDemic based on the FAKE PCR Test Numbers. FACT 2 > Layers in Canada, Germany, UK and soon in the US are Suing over the FAKE Covid-19 PCR Test Numbers and ScamDemic FRAUD > Over 20 cycles give false positives (the CDC says over 33 cycles are useless, and Dr. Fauci says over 34 is useless) > PCR Tests in the US are set “mostly at 40-45 cycles” – meaning (Most if not all Cases based on this test are meaningless and useless) 100% FRAUD ~Yet, Fauci has not said a word about the FAKE PCR Tests driving the Numbers. Proof Links available for anyone interested, including Video of Fauci saying over 34 are meaningless. BONUS – Video of Global Court Case by Lawyer Reiner Füllmich > over the FAKE PCR Test

    2. @Ricardos Travels Lawsuits aren’t “proof.” Lawyers will litigate literally anything, as long as they get paid. Just look at what a fool Giuliani is making of himself.

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