1. Jonathan to President Trump. President Trump you know the Russians are supplying the Taliban in Afghanistan with weapons to kill American soldiers… Trump’s response you know we supplied the Afghans with weapons to fight the USSR Russians in Afghanistan..Trump is compromised Putin has got photos of him doing something really Embarrassing or worse.. Trump has got to go in November..

    2. @James Johnson Respectfully separation of church and state….. also what gives any MAN the right to decide what I chose? Do you think you would feel like that if you were raped by your father and told you had to carry that child? If one man was raped and impregnated things would be so very different.

    3. The comment is funny ,but is scary that a so called super power is first in deaths !
      Also his knowledge of John Lewis ,and comments ….

    1. blue03r6 I saw another comment of yours where you say you’re a Democrat and can see through the BS. I don’t believe that, pretty sure you’re a Republican. You sound like one of them who blame Obama for everything, but enough of that. You said there’s no facts about Coronavirus… what facts are you looking for? Is social distancing a way to prevent the spread of the virus not a fact? Death toll? Wearing a mask to stop your microscopic germs from touching another individual when you sneeze or cough? H1N1 has OBVIOUSLY killed more people than this virus. Think about it… H1N1 was first recognized in 1919. From then to now, its a long time for it to not have a bigger impact. Now this virus, started to make a big impact on the ends of 2019. That’s only been some months ago. MONTHS! Not years like H1N1. Come on. It’s like a snowball. The one that rolls the longest will be the biggest. You can’t expect one that has just started to become as big as the one that has been rolling for years. You said “The media and doctors keep saying numbers, but there’s no proof.” First of all, what proof does a person like you want to see? Pictures of dead people? Go to your nearest hospital, or find one, and go inside in it and tell us how you felt after your visit inside. My family members have cought the virus unfortunately. My brother also felt sick, got tested, but turned out he didn’t have the virus. Test came back negative. About the cremation, to be honest, I don’t know about that one. But there are pictures where people get burried. Not everyone is cremated. Your proof is on the Internet. Look at multiple sources next time and not just the one you wanted to hear next time.

  1. _”We are lower than the world.”_
    Yes, thank you for that, Mr. President…. We couldn’t have done it without you.

    1. @Terrell Osborne Me too don’t know if I could sleep tonight – heaven help me, this is too funny.

    1. The Obama rodeo clown has the title currently. He wont part with it. Its literally the only thing he did other than stealing a several hundred million net worth from the US taxpayer.

    2. Hes a bottom 3 president for sure. He’s down there with Buchanan and Hoover. I had him at bottom 5 but after covid, he beat out Bush Jr.

    3. Nobody, I mean nobody has lost an election by a greater number of votes than me …everybody says it I’m the greatest loser…..

  2. “he didn’t come to…”
    This president shows a good memory (for particular cases only though)! Nothing else…

  3. 3:00 Interviewer: Tells Trump he’s referring to death in proportion to population
    Trump: “You can’t do that….”

    1. Becoming Temperance = hahaha ,He gives you million of dollars ? If not how do you know.Iook up ,the faces of these 3 workers of CNN which was said to be paid by Xí yin Ping .

    2. Loneplains Drifter = as they found nobody ,competent ,to compete with Trump ,They present Biden so that He accepts to have somebody backing him( Obama ).Hahaha He do not even find a competent man so They try to destroy Trump…first with the hand of Xí yin Ping ,by His gift Corona.Even the most eminent scientist does not know a thing about corona ,how to treat it why this new wVe( Xí is sending a new one via his Chinese spies ?because Trump out of the white house ,The Chinese economy resumes its strength ,the one belt one road will spread the loot bigger .the USA in the hands of Xí (the coming Master of the world) ,Hongkong mastered,Taiwan reunified ,VietNam Cambodge Laos colonised ….

    3. Both Joe Biden AND Trump can sound like idiots at the same time you small minded fools. Just because you don’t think someone can level criticism doesn’t mean what they said isn’t true. And maybe what you say is true too. TWO THINGS CAN HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME.

  4. This …… is the President??

    No wonder the US is doing so badly compared to the rest of the world.

  5. Reporter- “Mr. Trump, any comment on reports claiming you’re the least intelligent and most dishonest president in history?”

    Trump- “it is what it is”

  6. He should have said: “Don’t blame me! The virus came from China, blame China, l am just a guy sitting in the White House! It has nothing to do with me!”

  7. This man is 70+us old and to say, he doesn’t know the late John Lewis is unforgettable. God don’t like ugly.

    1. You should always watch the raw data without CNN opinions and chyrons’ BS. They make their tongue sharp as a serpent’s, and under their lips is the venom of asps.

    2. So excellent to see an interviewer that did not engage in the dance of “How Great I am” and the spin ..

  8. Trump couldn’t care less about John Lewis, George Floyd and even Herman Cain. Anyone else see a theme here?

  9. Trump: “It’s under control as much as you can control it.”
    America: “Given you can’t control it, it’s not under control.”
    Trump: “It is what it is.”
    America: “So is November 3rd.”

  10. Trump on John Lewis: “He didn’t come to my inauguration.”
    Trump on Ghislaine Maxwell: “I wish her well.”

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