Trump ‘Furious’ About ‘Underwhelming Crowd’ At Tulsa Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. This is just the start his next big rally he could have a big turn out you know like 20 people and he will say it was a big turn out

  2. Why would the TrumpCult be afraid of protesters at the rally? The left doesn’t carry firearms to their gatherings.

    1. @Cassius Simpson You’re confusing. I thought you were a liberal champion. Conservatives should just look up conservative and liberal in the dictionary and decide which sounds better. I prefer progressive–it sounds better, seems more accurate, and it’s better marketing.

    2. @Dusty Rains you want to see whats going on right?. Local news stations just do their job. That’s where the truth is. Afraid to see what is really going on?

    3. @Dave S Not true but you guys are a little over the top with some of these statements….! The radical left is who I am baffled by not someone who is liberal or dem but the radical left is a cancer that needs to go away

    4. Look, my mindset is love and laughter Howard…. For instance;

      I just had my left foot amputated after fighting 2 years to keep it, but it’s a good thing!
      I have paperwork to file hyphenating my middle name to Eileen……………..

      I was thinking Irene, in honor of the “bat stew flu” (my fav) but THAT would be racist! 😑😑😑🙄


    5. @J S I don’t mind looking at local news stations, but I am not going to comb through any of them to prove or disprove your earlier assertions. You made some pretty hard to believe assertions without any evidence. A link to an article within that local news site, demonstrating any of your points would be enough.

    1. Harry Talachy Please don’t encourage Trumpnuts to challenge protesters — his lot are the ones who think an assault rifle is their best argument

    1. 🌀🌊🐬🌊🌀🌊🌀🌊🌀🌊🐬🌊🐬🌊🌀🌊🐬🌊🌀🌊🌀😜🇷🇺💂🎃🐢🐷

    1. @Harry Talachy One can only hope. So, let’s vote 🗳 him out. No more King Trump, & he can take Barr (apparently his little personal attorney)
      With him.

    2. @Beamer Mcgee this time trump supporters will be embarrassed to vote because his rally was a flop & was a coward hiding in his bunker!

  3. 46 sec: That awkward moment when you didn’t have to camp out in front of the arena all week like a dummy. Looks like this rally weeded out all the dullards that still support Trump, which appear to be dwindling in numbers

  4. Gotta say that those kids have come along way from dissecting frogs to dissecting politicians.

    1. Well, it is their future. Not much future left for me. If I get another good ten years, I’ll be lucky.

    1. I don’t know man….given the current financial situation at hand many would take that check…

    2. Say that to these senators who protect the president: Moscow Mitch, Coward Lindsey and etc etc etc

    3. @Dark Paladin
      They’re all shameless, well apart from Miss Leninsey Graham, she’s ashamed of her sexual proclivities.

    4. @rnstoo1 They do it because they know what they call news is, Corporate theater. A Ratings game they are just actors , they know this . We should too

  5. Trump: “Stop counting CoVid cases, there’s to many of them”
    The World:———-MoRon———-

    1. @rnstoo1 Yes indeed! I watched the pre-rally LIVE coverage and saw, with his back to the camera, (no mask), a young father holding his daughter (no mask on her either). Hubby and I looked, saw very few masks in that thin crowd. All I thought was, “WTH”?

  6. The empty seats being blue probably made him even more mad. In such scary, sad times, to see a man that needs constant praise to boost his fragile ego, this his makes me so happy.

  7. Meanwhile over at Faux News just this morning…
    “Trump campaign says fire marshal’s count for Tulsa rally attendance was ‘wrong'”.
    These people are NUTS!!!

  8. Having an indoor rally with thousands of people, many who aren’t even wearing masks, is just irresponsible.

    1. True, but it’s happening everywhere. Everywhere you go, there are irresponsible people not wearing their masks, wearing the mask under the nose, etc…it’s unstoppable.

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