Trump, Giuliani Lies Are Basis Of New Georgia Voting Law, Republican Lt. Gov. Admits | Rachel Maddow 1

Trump, Giuliani Lies Are Basis Of New Georgia Voting Law, Republican Lt. Gov. Admits | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow shares a clip of Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan, a Republican, stating that the impetus for the new Georgia voting restrictions is the set of lies spread by Donald Trump and particularly Rudy Giuliani that the election was flawed. Aired on 04/08/2021.
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Trump, Giuliani Lies Are Basis Of New Georgia Voting Law, Republican Lt. Gov. Admits | Rachel Maddow


  1. is it just me or does the news cover Trump more than they’re currently covering Biden????

    1. @Mary Jones no they don’t. That’s fake news spread by Trump and his muppets.

      Meanwhile Trump is rumored to have paid for up to 8 abortions and when asked about it he didn’t answer the question.

    2. @Swirvin’ Birds
      It’s been 17 hours in this thread…

      That’s about 60 “dismemberments”
      worth of “work time”…

      120 “Arms”
      119 “Legs” 1 was too “mangled”
      60 “Torsos/pieces of torso”…
      Zero “skulls and brains”, cause
      they all got crushed…….

      All “available” for sale
      in the “marketplace…

    3. @Swirvin’ Birds
      Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….
      …and if you wanna serve this country
      stay away from BENGHAZI…


      If you want to serve
      don’t talk about “BENGHAZI”…


      Don’t be a “RACIST”
      and say the “B” word….



    4. @Swirvin’ Birds
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…

      …and, like they say on TV, I wanna
      see that YOU get ALL the BENEFITS
      that YOU DESERVE…..….

      Call that “1-800” number
      on your screen for medicare….….

      If you are
      “coming across the border”…
      call “1-666-DNC-VOTE”………

  2. I guess now, I can go on a plane without ID. Take out a book from the local library without ID. Drive a car without ID. Buy a beer without a ID. and so on!

    1. @Charles Demarest further more people making this out to be about black communities the Democrats know they got that vote on lock this no id nonsense is about getting the illegal alien votes they as always don’t care about black ppl

    2. @Charles Demarest doesn’t matter if they are rights moron, you cannot discriminate in private business. So if asking for ID is racist (lmao) , then no one public or private can ask for one. So I say we start suing these private businesses that ask for ID using their arguments that it is discrimination. Let get this argument laughed out of court so then we can shame anyone who uses this baseless stupid logic.

    3. @Charles Demarest “Nope, bearing arms is a right, not purchasing them.”

      Do you really think a statement like that has any place in an adult conversation? The subject is far more nuanced than reductive literalism like this.

      Or do you have precedence you can provide? I would be curious to see. Because your argument, to me, comes across right about the level of “you have the right to bear arms, not ammunition.”

    4. @Charles Demarest You don’t have a reason to whine about why the voting booths should also be treated as a food bank handing out food and water to everyone waiting in line. If your worried about getting hungry get a loaf of bread, or whatever you fancy to eat, and throw it in a backpack, and for good measure get yourself a bottle of water, fill a bottle of water from the tap, and throw it in the backpack. Expecting the voting booth to be your private restaurant where the poll worker hands you a menu to order your food, with beverages like you want to order McDonalds Big Mac with fries plus a drink while standing in line to vote. There is no reason for polling stations to also provide you with food and water.

  3. Media Matters is not a group of “checks and balances”, they don’t care about “the truth”.

    1. @Marseilles Vieux How many BLM protesters attacked the capital while congress in session to try to stop the government from certifying the electoral votes? It wasn’t peaceful and saying it was is a delusional statement.
      And if you follow the conversation when Mr. S said “Their sole duty is to deplatform Republicans.” That I was giving just two of many examples that the right wingers were doing what S was blaming the Democrats of doing. But we all know what IOIYAR means. So it sounds like you need to follow the context of the conversation.

    2. @lance carona (Unedited) you are incorrect on all counts. You still have not answered my question. I will give you a
      ‘hint”… Do your research instead of listening to race theory reports… And to add to the question, how many “actual” people died from altercations at the peaceful protest?And how many people have died at BLM riots?
      I do not know what IOIYAR means, you need to stop assuming your hate privilege on others. YOU need to follow “the conversation.”

    3. @None of your business I know most of Fox News is news. It is getting less and less trust worthy, but it is still mostly trust worthy.

    4. @JJ Tall Thank you for talking about yourself like that.

      The Fox News thing was a joke if you are to stupid to understand that.

  4. The dislike to like ratio always cracks me up, like do they understand nobody’s falling for anything they do?

    1. @Enduro Ways said: your pretty dumb if you don’t know what the subscribe button is on YouTube”. Smart enough to get over over 200 people to hit my subscribe button. While only creating for YouTube around 30 minutes on two days or less in a week and holding a job. You only got one person to hit your subscribe button. It’s a wonderful case of “Look who’s talking.” Looks like I am smarter than you by your own words. 200 >>>>1, and hardly even trying to get there. Tell me if you don’t know what numbers are and I could get you connected with some people who teach math.

    2. @sam-online seeing you triggered enough to copy paste the exact same comment on multiple channels is sad. Ima go ahead and call projection on that, big dog.

    3. @Patrick Huyghe If you work for Google, then fix the freaking subscription and subscription video feed issues and I will retract it and apologize. Generally, every time google says they are going to improve something on youtube it means they are eliminating a feature…probably something that uses server space. I’d like to think you’re a straight shooter, Patrick…but the company you work for is a major player in the censor/cancel culture and not noted for their veracity…you know?

    1. @Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!! just because a few losers tried to loot it doesnt mean the whole republican party supports it… that is like me saying you looted small businesses over the summer

  5. rachel maddow?lololol i thought that was vanilla ice….or the love child of john travolta from grease and the fonz

  6. Dekalb County, GA : 1.3 MILLION mail-in / Drop box ballots. They don’t know which is which because….


    1. @Michelle Taylor Simply recounting but not auditing says nothing about validity of votes

    2. @Paul Rath gee..i thought it was funded by chavez and venezula…he never gives up…even dying 10 years ago

    3. @Marcus Tullius Cicero so the presidential vote was the only one that involved fraud???….hmmmm if democrats were that skilled at it, they would have won all elections

    4. @Marcus Tullius Cicero then what happens to the validity of other republican folks that indeed did win? Not hearing anything about that despite being on same ballot. Weird…

    1. @Radio Kaos The election was legit, valid and officially counted by both GOP and DNC poll workers and politicians. No fraud happened.

      End of story.

    2. @Radio Kaos The GOP now has the right to overturn the election results in Georgia as it’s in the umbrella titles bill claiming to be about voter id. I see what ya meant now. Hope that helps

    3. @Jeff Padgett No it doesn’t. It needs the count in votes. If people are determined enough, they will vote, Democrat, Republican, Third Parties, anyone. Yes, some people cheated and voted more than once, but they’re a small number compared to the total, and they got busted by wait for it… Voter ID and voter rolls!

    4. @Radio Kaos for example “These laws will disproportionately harm Black, brown, and Native American voters. Legislators tried to pass even more onerous laws — like canceling vote by mail but preserving it for the segment of the electorate that tilts white and more conservative — but faced a sustained and effective outcry.”

  7. Wow!! THE MEDIA HAS THE GUTS TO TALK ABOUT LIES WHILE LYING TO PEOPLE 100% THE TIME! I have to tell you I don’t trust them at all!!

    1. Remember when Pravda in the USSR was disbelieved by most Russians because they KNEW the “news” was biased? Well, we have now reached the same point in the USA.

    2. @sam-online says the little sub, keyboard warrior. But hey, your everything a snowflake aspires to be, so you better get back on that D, little sub.

  8. “It’s totally normal for a candidate to get 96% of a vote dump at 2 am guys, there was no fraud caught on camera. Pay no attention to your eyes, we’ll tell you what to believe.”

    1. @Robert Comtois exactly. trump has cheated at everything he’s ever done. he can’t even play golf without cheating!

    2. @victor armand there is proof, videos like the one Project V has of that man bragging about the absentee ballots he harvested with stacks of them in his car on the way to the polls that even now has The New York Times in a courtroom fighting a defamation lawsuit for saying it was lies. There is the 2 am count that was completely unconstitutional and done without someone watching. The A.P. calling it before the count was in. The 35 cases and arrests in Georgia. This was the most blatant fraud yet. Judges just turning down cases without even hearing why the charge was brought. The TIMES printing a story on the obvious slant in MSM to make Trump the bad guy. There wasn’t even an attempt to hide the bias. If the MSM is on your side, you are not the resistance.

    3. @victor armand ‘ “ModelLights democrats didn’t say that.’
      What are you smoking, you incredible dumbasses?
      DEMOCRATS stopped counting in these states, as Trump was 700K ahead in PA. THEY announced it, you morons.

    4. @Joshua Aaron if it doesn’t hold up in court, it isn’t proof. lots of the judges were republican and appointed by trump himself. you can’t have it both ways. trump lost, fair and square.

    1. @hwan hee Progressives don’t have any critical thinking skills that’s why, they’re all bandwagon idiots.

  9. Why won’t Maricopa County let them look at the paper ballots. They say they can only look at the pictures are we all five year olds

    1. @D J what you think there’s gonna be a civil war? That ain’t gonna happen this whole thing will keep going back and forth just like it always has. We will win some and you will win some. We are stuck in a endless cycle with our horrible two party system.

    2. @Swanny Dabs Again, WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE AND WHY WASN’T IT PRESENTED AT ANY OF THE 62+ COURTS – MANY WITH TRUMP APPOINTED JUDGES?? What’s surreal is that there are still dim wits beating this long dead horse and claiming there’s still evidence to come out! Deal with the loss, Snowflake and quit embarrassing yourself online.

  10. Nothing to hide yet the voter officials have fought every investigation tooth and nail, if it was honest and fair then what are they hiding?

    1. @Jon Ness The U.S. Supreme Court has as much credibility as the Nobel Peace Price, at this point.

    2. @Star Traveler are you aware of how many “deep state” and “kangaroo court” judges were appointed by Trump himself? I’m very excited to see some hard evidence, this kraken has been a real disappointment for five months now

    3. @J DAN Stay tuned. The truth is out there. Unless you take the red pill you will never realize the nature of the world you are living in. Your choice.

    4. @Biden is technically a dictator Trump votes being switched to Biden? Who watched that? What I saw was the election board following state law and counting mail in ballots AFTER the in-person ballots. Look if there was any type of fraud you speak of the Republican led election boards would have secured that information. And we would all have seen the evidence including the courts. Do you remember Giuliani stating to every judge that he’s not arguing fraud. That’s because lying in court will cost a lawyer his career and his freedom. What about Fox News, Tucker Carlson, and Sydney Powell all using the “It’s not our fault Trump supporters believed our lies” defense?

  11. So happy to see so many people on here are awake when it comes to the damaging MSM narrative! Keep fighting the good fight.

    1. There’s still so many brainwashed people, but as long as we wake up one person at a time, we can finally overthrow these gaslighting hacks called news stations.

    2. @J DAN Are you stupid? So no one hated on Fox News before Trump? And there are a million and one examples of blatant MSM lies right in our faces. It literally just happened the other day with 60 minutes hit piece LIE on Ron Desantis and Publix. 60 minutes literally edited out the truth in the most obvious and unashamed way. Disgusting and you people still fall for it. We have a huge problem in America and low IQ sheepish gullible morons like you are a big part of it.

    3. @FortNGrant 02 did I say no one? Did I say MSM was good and didn’t lie? No just that hating something because you’re told to makes you still a sheep. Go republicanramble your unrelated nonsense somewhere else

    1. And the “Peaceful” mob at the American Capital in Washington D.C. were “Hugging” and “Kissing” the Capital Police !!

    2. @Jon Ness I was there. People were praying, the cops too selfies, & it was like strolling through the mall. UNLIKE BLM no graffiti, no destruction of property. JOHN SULLIVAN/ANTIFA was the one who broke the windows and he got arrested & let off by Head Board Harris. I have selfies with DC police who confirmed the next day it was ANTIFA that created the violence. So your narrative is from TV who got it from someone who spun a story on it.

    3. These same people telling americans that Trump is racist and they actually believe them and think these news outlets are credible after being able to report a headline “mostly peaceful protests” as buildings burned in the background. News literally telling you what you are seeing with your own eyes isn’t violence, mostly peaceful”. Facts don’t attack points of views that are legitimate

  12. Look at the like/dislike ratio.

    We’ve had enough of this media. When can we start the forceful roundups? :/

    1. @MediaJunkies No actually a majority of people have the IQ high enough to see this blatant Liberal Propaganda. Obviously you dont. LOL

    2. Im telling you, these tyrannical mother fs only know one language, and we need to hit them back with some of their own medicine. The death struggle between communism and nationalism only ends when one or the other is defeated.

    3. @MediaJunkies At least YouTube still allows us to respond to their news stories. Yahoo suspended public comments on their fake news in response to all the conservative voices raised in protest. What’s hilarious is that we’re freeing ourselves from leftist bias, lies, and tyranny, so keep on laughing! LOL!

    4. @Star Traveler its really not even conservative voices…. its people who don’t want to be controlled like stupid barn animals

  13. If youtube gets rid of the dislike count as they have announced plans for, then no one will watch MSM videos anymore

    1. Honest question, what exactly would getting rid of public dislike vote actually do? I’m asking cause I don’t know and I’d like to be educated. I have noticed my feed is always filled with Seth meyers and stephen colbert and other late night shows.

      Anyone willing to educate me on what getting rid of dislikes would do, the how and why, thank you for taking the time

    2. @Eddy A. Psychology. It’s the same reason that polls are manipulated. People tend to align their beliefs with what is perceived conventional, or popular; most of us are conformists. You can use tools like polls or in this case the like/dislike counts to shift a person’s perspective.

    3. @Phil Spinelli gotcha. I read some stuff on the Google, it seems like keeping the dislike button is the way to go? Or not? It seems creators can still see the count, but I agree when you hit the dislike button you should be required to give a 200 character reason as to why so the creator can get feedback.

      So from what I’ve researched. The dislike button should stay to protect against clickbait. However it can be abused by dislike mobs…. A tricky situation, not just for Alphabet (Aka Google (aka youtube)) but for content creators as well. From what I have read it seems that getting rid of the dislike button would only benefit companies such as Disney, Comcast and AT&T and all of their underling companies

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